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"sissy phone sex"New sissy wanting some training. I am told that Sissy Brianna has a wife, who trains him. He gets his pussy played with a dildo, real men come over and Brianna gets them ready for his wife, he is also a good cock sucker. I had Brianna suck some cock for me today,

Brianna was dress in pink ruffled panties, and a pink lace bra, pink high heels, red lipstick and nail polish. When I allowed her to suck on her dildo she was very happy, she was also grateful for me filling her up with the dildo too!  Seems like she craves being a cock whore.

It is good that Brianna’s wife cuckold’s him, I will be doing some more training, and improving on Brianna’s skills!

Mistress Andrea for your sissy phone sex!

Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

Yahoo ID: AndreasPlayful
Minimum 10 Minute Session $20.00
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"sissy phone sex"Mistress Andrea sissy feminization phone sex – had a session the other night with My little sissy faggot  Cassie which I had it dress up as a slut for. Before I get to the particulars of it’s dress up, I want to mention that I had Sissy Faggot order three chocker collars. Each collar is black velvet and has wording spelled out in fake diamonds; one collar spells out Slut; one spells out I Love Cock; and one spells out I Love Cum – the spelling of Love in the last two is actually the shape of a heart. I just love these as they are all so appropriate for Sissy Faggot Cassie. I allowed Sissy Faggot to select one of its new collars to wear with the outfit I picked out for it to wear during O/our session, and Sissy Faggot picked out I Love Cock. Yes you do you fucking faggot! The rest of Cassie’s outfit was black lace panty, lace garter belt and strapless bra;  black thigh hi boots and stockings, and a black skin tight and very short tube dress. I had Sissy Faggot also wear a short blonde wig and silver dangle earrings with fake diamond stones. its makeup included foundation, powder, blush, purple lipstick and eyeshadow, charcoal liner, fake lashes, and Poeme perfume.

I notified Sissy Faggot before the session that it was to kneel in the corner for 5 minutes before its appointed session time with it’s dress hiked up and its panties down. Once W/we began I had Sissy faggot lay over its spanking bench and I paddled its faggot ass good. Once I was satisfied with disciplining it, I had Sissy Faggot put a vibrating butt plug up its ass pusssy and had it suck a big black dildo. After vibrating its ass pussy for awhile I had Sissy Cassie stop sucking on the black dildo, and ordered it to take the plug out of its ass pussy and lick and suck off its ass filth. Sissy Faggot Cassie is such a cockslut   that it eargerly does so without any hesitation. I then stuck the black dildo up its ass pussy and had it suck another at the same time. Had to laugh as the little faggot was begging Me to fuck it while gagging on the cock in its mouth. I stopped Sissy Faggot from sucking just long enough to take the dildo from its ass pussy to clean it with its mouth while at the same time shoving some ice cubes up its ass pussy. Before fucking both holes again, I beat its clitty earrings, balls for you uninformed, with a riding crop; I just love to hear Sissy Faggot’s anguished cries when I do. As Sissy Faggot’s holes were being fucked again it begged and begged “Please Mistress let sissy boi cum, please Mistress, please let sissy cum, please let sissy eat some cum.” I made faggot reapeat this several times before allowing it to cum and then listened as My little cumslut slurped up every drop. Cassie , you are nothing but a fucking little cocksucking cumslut, and since I own your little faggot ass you’ll never be anything else.

Call Me now you little sissy fags, I fuck your holes as well.

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"domination phone sex", "sissy phone sex"Domination phone sex with Mistress Andrea. Once again I am Taking Slave R back into my control. Has a dildo, ice, fork, belt, a marker, and beverages,
Putting him under my evil spell. My bf comes into the room, and decides to face fuck slave r.
He puts his 8 inch cock into slave r’s mouth, and face fucks him. I hear great cock sucking
sounds, how wonderful. Suck that fucking cock. Get his dick nice and hard. Pinching slave r’s
nipples, I am giving him wonderful nipple torture. Pinching them more. Rubbing ice on his
nipples. Making them numb. Sipping his beverage, that he has prepared for me. Work on those
nipples. Using him for my slave. He is My Slave to humiliate and degrade more then ever.
More Ice on nipples. Making my pussy wet, as I torturing his fucking nipples. Using him for
my amusement. I am freezing his nipples. Now ice on his cock and balls. Frozen balls for fucking
cunt mouth. Good boy! I am making him weak and defenseless to do everything I say.

He calls me Mistress and knows he has to obey me. Slap his dick, slap that fucking cock. Bang it
on the phone to make my fucking cunt wet. Going to sit on his face and lick out the cum. I moan
with pleasure as he cleans my pussy. Good boy!

Tell cock sucker to put dildo back in mouth to suck it more. MY boyfriend is face fucking his cunt
mouth. He is such a fucking whore, cock sucker. Write fucking whore on his leg. He is My fucking
whore. Cunt mouth written on cunt mouth leg. He says I call him that all the time, he says that is
what he is. He is a fucking cunt mouth and that is why I call him that. Suck that fucking cock
cunt mouth. Suck it dirty slut. I own and control you. Take the fork drag it up balls and cock and
around nipples. I need to torture him. Using it on nipples, and then more ice on nipples. Now freeze
those nipples you fucking slut. He yells out as it freezes. Now freeze those balls.

Slave r is all shaved for me, he has been shaving all week in preparation for me to use him. Taking dildo
sticking it in saved cum and sucking on it. Sucking my boyfriend’s big cock, as we laugh at cunt mouth
sucking away. Suck it! Suck that cock. New fat dick in slave r’s cunt mouth, as I hear him slurp away.
Bang that prick on phone. That is so hot, his prick his shaved prick sounds so hard and hot. He says
his balls and cock are shaved for me. He needs to shave to honor me. I own and control him, making
him weaker and more pathetic for Me!

I have him write Mistress Andrea’s Slut on his big prick. Cum dumpster on his arm. Ice up his butt.
Usually W/we have anal beads to stuff up cunt mouth’s ass. Tonight only ice. Sucking more cum off
my boyfriend’s dick. I fuck him right in front of Slave r, and then he sucks the cum off my boyfriend’s cock.
He is a fucking cum eater. Pain slut on other arm. Fork on balls, he hopes I don’t freeze his fucking balls
again. I own and control him, I sit on his face again, riding his mouth. Sucking my boyfriend’s cock again.
He is a cock sucking whore. I have him write cunt on his stomach. I want him covered in filthy words.
Writing on his chest, cunt, fuck, suck, asshole. Lick my ass hole you fucking ass licker. Lick away.
Tongue fuck my ass. Ass licker on chest in marker. Covered in dirty words. I own and control him. He is my
ass licker. Cock sucker also.

Banging prick on phone making my fucking cunt wet, he says it’s My fucking cock. He says I can do whatever
I want with it. I own it. Bang it. Sitting on his mouth again as he cleans my fucking pussy. Good ass licker
and cunt cleaner on himself. Fucking bitch is written on his chest. Bang his fucking prick for me. He is making
my fucking cunt so fucking wet. Dirty fucking slave. Suck that dildo again. Suck it. Like a good cock sucker.

Dirty whore sucking that fucking cock. Suck it, I own and control him. He is such a good slave. Dip it in the
cum and lick off the cum. Make him clean my fucking cunt again with his cunt mouth. Lick cum off fucking cock,
cock sucker. Weaker and a bigger cock sucker. Dirty fucking cock sucker. My slave he says! A faggot cum eating
cum dumpster. He can write them somewhere on his faggot whore body that is shaved for me. His owner and Mistress.
He is smooth as silk. He wants to be abused and humiliated by me. Cock sucker is serving me, and clean
my cunt. He is my fucking slut. I own and control him. Now he came, and I make him eat it.

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Feminization and domination phone sex with Mistress Andrea!

Had a fun domination phone sex session with my faggot Cassie, and the Princess. We had a lot of laughs at the faggot’s expense. It amused us, as we used it. I wanted Princess to see how obedient my faggot is!  I own and control my faggot, and had it dress in a pink skirt with ruffles, and also pink silk bra and panty set, I take great pride in knowing that my faggot has a complete wardrobe to dress in, just to amuse Me.

We dominated it’s sissy ass, and balls, and had a wonderful time humiliating my faggot.  First we tied it’s balls up to the door with some string. Made it move back and stroke it’s clitty for us, while we laughed. We spanked it, and we laughed a lot at the pain we were inflicting. Used a crop on it’s balls, which we call earrings.  Princess used her strapon on the Faggot’s ass pussy, and I put my big cock (strap on of course) in the faggot’s mouth. It was so much fun, and I was very pleased that faggot was able to show the Princess what a good cock sucker it has become.

I have been feminizing and training faggot, Sissy Cassie has makeup and I teach it makeup tips and beauty tips, and send her shopping to add to faggot’s wardrobe. I forgot to mention that It had on a wig, and ribbons in it’s hair, makeup, thigh highs, and heels.

Faggot is a my personal property to use as I see fit, I like to spank it’s faggot ass, have it suck cock, we have regular cock sucking training sessions, and do things to amuse me. I am sure you will be hearing a lot more about my training it!  Cassie is a great cock sucking faggot for Mistress Andrea.

Check back on my blog for more details.

Mistress Andrea                      "sissy phone sex"

 can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

Yahoo ID: AndreasPlayful
Minimum 10 Minute Session $20.00
$2.00 for each additional Minute

Submissive tonight needed training..domination phone sex with Mistress Andrea 1-888-745-8716

New submissive  caller tonight, needed my training and guidance..   we talked about his needs, basically I told him that I do distance training ,  and would be very amused at the prospect of using him.   We did not get very far into training, instead I changed over to a fantasy.

I had him worship me and my feet.  I do enjoy some foot worship .  I had him suck my strap on and I used him for a while, I had my Mistress Girlfriends join me,  we alternated using his mouth and ass.  Eventually, we had him jerk off into his own mouth!

We had quite an involved role play fantasy phone sex  call, if you would like one too,
I suggest you call me for a session at 1-888-745-8716

Is this you? Cock sucking degrading humiliation phone sex | Mistress Andrea 1-888-745-8716

I am a specialist.  I do what I do best, because I specialize and enjoy it.  I have many slaves and sissies, and cucks, I dominate and take control. Below is an email I have received, could this be you?

Mistress Andrea

I am pleading with you to take me under your training. I am a complete mess
of emotions, desires, doubts, and fears. I am hoping that under your expert
guidance that I would be able to find my proper place in this world.
Its not clear to me why I am asking to be ‘forced’ into faggotry. I really
am not a faggot! I do not go around looking at guys. I do not go around sucking cock. I don’t even spend time looking at guys in porn! I am straight!
Yet, I get an erection whenever I imagine a woman like you, Mistress,
calling me ‘faggot’. Or making me do things that are humiliating and

I want to become your bitch. I want to become your whore! I will pay YOU
out of my own pocket for each customer that uses me as a cumdump, just because I
want you to get the benefit of me whoring myself out for FREE.
I want to be degraded to non-human levels even. I am talking about being
put down to the level of a toilet! I don’t have experience in this field, and
yet I am aroused by the thought of it. DEGRADATION!

But above all else, I want to make you LAUGH. I want to make you happy.
Turn me into anything you please and simply enjoy my misery. That is my purpose
– to be your entertainment.
I am messed up, Mistress. Please help me. Please train me. Please use
me. Please laugh at me.

I will laugh at you loser, and for those of you out there, I will degrade and humiliate you, and enjoy every second of it!
Call Mistress Andrea for your humiliation phone sex at 1-888-745-8716

Domination phone sex – Mistress Andrea 1-888-745-8716

"sissy phone sex"New faggot looking to suck cock on the phone with guys for me.  Some gay phone sex.  This should be amusing, Joey will be taking a place on my company site for domination phone sex .   He is going to take calls, so you guys wanting a guy to suck you off, or if you want to fuck him. he will be available soon.  His picture is not up yet, but it will be.  In the meanwhile, if you want some phonesex, and you are submissive or wanting to have a guy on the line, then I will have him call you, you must contact me first.

I have had a lot of sluts, whores and faggots, call me.  I have also been doing some cuckold phone sex , I do love to tell you loser’s out there, how inadequate you are and how my real many boyfriend pleases me. Be sure to ask, I am more then happy to tell you.

Whore Darlene, is back again, donating  money to my trinket fund!   She is a human atm and at times empty’s her account into mine.  I have her sucking this one guy’s cock, and making her pay me to do it!  I  told her she was lucky to have one, for the price! Some of the cock sucker’s that call me have a hard time finding cock, but since she pays me, it is no problem.  I managed to find her a steady one to suck and it is huge!  Also,  if you could see her, she passes for a girl.  She has taken hormones, and she likes to go out fully dressed, told me she has had a few close calls, when guys find out she is not a woman.  She is hanging now at gay bars, safer for her, and looking for random cock, cause I want her to branch out! .

Sissy Carolyn  has gotten some mighty big  implants, said she wanted D cups, last we spoke, now they appear to have grown to DD’s. She works as a male escort, in a club, she is very talented, she loves to suck cock and get fucked,  I bet all you sissy’s out there would love her new tits, I guess she now passes as a tranny.  Told me her cock is huge!  She looks fabulous and does a great job with her makeup.  She told me she has been sucking off the guy that owns the club!

PayYouALL is going out looking for cock sucking phone sex, to suck for me.  Came up with an idea, that each time he gets a dick, he has to add more to the tribute, my goodness, I do love those Amazon gift cards, and money orders!

Sharon the sissy maid   has lots of sissy aprons, maid’s outfits, likes to fully dress the maids part. She wears mary jane’s, and likes to wiggle her sissy ass.  I like hearing about all her clothes, and she has a lot of them.    Apparently she is a real life sissy maid for a dominatrix, who told her to call me, and tell me about her duties.. She cleans the kitchen floor with her tongue. She cleans her Mistress’s A** with her tongue as well… keep up the good work!

CockSuckerSame has been going to adult book stores, and sucking a huge amount of dick and eating cum for Mistress Andrea.    Sissy Missy,  has had many sessions with me, and yet she can not master cock sucking, which leads to heavy duty spanking phone sex sessions,  If she does not get with it soon, I am afraid she will never be able to sit down.  She did send me a pretty dress, she said, if I buy you something will you please stop spanking me?  I loved that one!  So yes, it worked Missy!

Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

Dressing my faggot up, and a loser called as well! Mistress Andrea – phone sex – 1-888-745-8716

"sissy phone sex"Loser Bob, called today and sent me an Amazon gift card, because I would not speak to him until he did, he is such a little dick loser.   He claims that he was a cuckold.  But the woman dumped him.  Of course she would dump him, after all, once you get used to big cock, what good is his little cock, right loser bob?   He send me a gift card, because he knows that I am SUPERIOR to him in every way.  I mentioned that I would ruin him.  He begged for more!

Sissy Sara called me also, wanted to be put in chastity, sending me the KEY!  haha on on Sara, I will never let her out!   I don’t care if she never cums.  I had her in her maid’s outfit, all pink and ruffles like a doll.  She looked so sweet on webcam, cleaning up the living room as I ordered her around.

Sissy Cassie is going to serve me this weekend.  I am dressing the faggot cock whore up!

I gave faggot some training this week, when I finally allowed it to cum, here is what it wrote back…

Mistress, faggot did as You instructed last night,it slipped out of its baby blue panties and into  pink ones. faggot knelt in front of the 8 inch dildo and sucked it like the hungry little whore that it is. Once faggot got it nice and wet, it pulled its panties down to its knees and sat its sissy ass down on the cock. Your fag moaned with pleasure as the cock filled its ass  pussy, and faggot fucked itself deep and hard.Mmmmm, faggot loves cock inside of it! After fucking itself, the dirty little whore that faggot is quickly got back on its knees and licked and sucked its ass filth off the cock until it was completely clean. Thank you Mistress for its training last night, and for making it and allowing it to be Your fag whore property

faggot cassie

I am going to use faggot for my amusement this weekend, faggot has been sending me gifts, some great music, Black Eyed Peas, Pink, and Lady Gaga, I think I will dress faggot up like Gaga, she is super hot, and I love her makeup, don’t you?

Faggot is a good cock whore, going to use it, and degrade it this weekend. I love making it beg!

This is what I will have faggot wear:

dark red bustier with very small pink flower’s, matching panty bikini cut, red mini skirt pleated very short ,  red 5 in with platform’s and stiletto heel;  black thigh hi lace top stockings, brown medium lenght wig, red ribbon bows, I love cock black velet choker

Red, Red, Red, lipstick, with red lipliner, foundation, powder, blush, black liner, black false lashes, blue, light,medium and dark shadow , red nail polish,silver dangle earrings with red stone’s

I like faggot will look very femme and slutty.  I am planning on making it suck cock, and lick my ass.  Faggot is only property for me to use and degrade.  I will pimp it out, make it go with tranny’s, walk the street’s if I say so!

Faggot I own you!  I control faggot’s lips and ass pussy!   Get that butt hole ready for some major cock!
Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

Gift from my faggot. Call Mistress Andrea for Sissy Training Phone Sex 1-888-745-8716

I received a lovely gift today from my faggot Sissy Cassie. It was some makeup that I wanted, blush and a pretty foundation, and a wonderful bottle of scented tropical body lotion.  Cassie pays homage to Mistress this way.
I also have looked at a few little slut lingerie’s for my faggot. It, has gotten a luscious pair of sexy red leather thigh high boots, and we are looking for the proper things to be worn with it. Especially since, faggot is getting so good at sucking cock, I think it would look good sucking it in the red outfit with the boots?

Don’t you think so too?


If any of you faggot’s out there are looking for feminization and humiliation phone sex, sissy training, cock sucking and more humiliation then you can dream about Call Mistress Andrea at…  1-888-745-8716
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New sissy brenda for Mistress Andrea – femdom phone sex 1-888-745-8716

"cock sucking phone sex"I do enjoy when I get new sissy’s and new sluts to feminize. I specialize in sissy feminization phone sex and humiliation phone sex,   I recently had the pleasure of a new sissy for Mistress Andrea.   I named her sissy brenda, She called me wearing a pair of slutty
red panties bra with red lipstick, I found out only too soon that she is a naughty slut. Sissy brenda is going to get
new panties. I have her model her slutty crotchless panties in front of everyone that I invite into the room. I put on my 8 inch black strap on, get her on her sissy knees and have her lick my
strap on. She is not without some toys,  she comes equipped with a  dildo, and some nipple clamps…

Did not take too long before she was sucking the dildo for me. I know she is going to serve her new Mistress Andrea.  She is a sissy
faggot cock slut
.  She is a cock sucker.  I will send her to a glory hole.. Circle jerking, I have a group right now, jerking off on brenda..

I will be around this weekend to take your calls… 1-888-745-8716  EST time

I like to talk about sissy’s, cuckold phone sex, humiliation, glory holes, dressing up, transformation, chastity, cock control, little dicks and more…