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I am a specialist.  I do what I do best, because I specialize and enjoy it.  I have many slaves and sissies, and cucks, I dominate and take control. Below is an email I have received, could this be you?

Mistress Andrea

I am pleading with you to take me under your training. I am a complete mess
of emotions, desires, doubts, and fears. I am hoping that under your expert
guidance that I would be able to find my proper place in this world.
Its not clear to me why I am asking to be ‘forced’ into faggotry. I really
am not a faggot! I do not go around looking at guys. I do not go around sucking cock. I don’t even spend time looking at guys in porn! I am straight!
Yet, I get an erection whenever I imagine a woman like you, Mistress,
calling me ‘faggot’. Or making me do things that are humiliating and

I want to become your bitch. I want to become your whore! I will pay YOU
out of my own pocket for each customer that uses me as a cumdump, just because I
want you to get the benefit of me whoring myself out for FREE.
I want to be degraded to non-human levels even. I am talking about being
put down to the level of a toilet! I don’t have experience in this field, and
yet I am aroused by the thought of it. DEGRADATION!

But above all else, I want to make you LAUGH. I want to make you happy.
Turn me into anything you please and simply enjoy my misery. That is my purpose
– to be your entertainment.
I am messed up, Mistress. Please help me. Please train me. Please use
me. Please laugh at me.

I will laugh at you loser, and for those of you out there, I will degrade and humiliate you, and enjoy every second of it!
Call Mistress Andrea for your humiliation phone sex at 1-888-745-8716

Dressing my faggot up, and a loser called as well! Mistress Andrea – phone sex – 1-888-745-8716

"sissy phone sex"Loser Bob, called today and sent me an Amazon gift card, because I would not speak to him until he did, he is such a little dick loser.   He claims that he was a cuckold.  But the woman dumped him.  Of course she would dump him, after all, once you get used to big cock, what good is his little cock, right loser bob?   He send me a gift card, because he knows that I am SUPERIOR to him in every way.  I mentioned that I would ruin him.  He begged for more!

Sissy Sara called me also, wanted to be put in chastity, sending me the KEY!  haha on on Sara, I will never let her out!   I don’t care if she never cums.  I had her in her maid’s outfit, all pink and ruffles like a doll.  She looked so sweet on webcam, cleaning up the living room as I ordered her around.

Sissy Cassie is going to serve me this weekend.  I am dressing the faggot cock whore up!

I gave faggot some training this week, when I finally allowed it to cum, here is what it wrote back…

Mistress, faggot did as You instructed last night,it slipped out of its baby blue panties and into  pink ones. faggot knelt in front of the 8 inch dildo and sucked it like the hungry little whore that it is. Once faggot got it nice and wet, it pulled its panties down to its knees and sat its sissy ass down on the cock. Your fag moaned with pleasure as the cock filled its ass  pussy, and faggot fucked itself deep and hard.Mmmmm, faggot loves cock inside of it! After fucking itself, the dirty little whore that faggot is quickly got back on its knees and licked and sucked its ass filth off the cock until it was completely clean. Thank you Mistress for its training last night, and for making it and allowing it to be Your fag whore property

faggot cassie

I am going to use faggot for my amusement this weekend, faggot has been sending me gifts, some great music, Black Eyed Peas, Pink, and Lady Gaga, I think I will dress faggot up like Gaga, she is super hot, and I love her makeup, don’t you?

Faggot is a good cock whore, going to use it, and degrade it this weekend. I love making it beg!

This is what I will have faggot wear:

dark red bustier with very small pink flower’s, matching panty bikini cut, red mini skirt pleated very short ,  red 5 in with platform’s and stiletto heel;  black thigh hi lace top stockings, brown medium lenght wig, red ribbon bows, I love cock black velet choker

Red, Red, Red, lipstick, with red lipliner, foundation, powder, blush, black liner, black false lashes, blue, light,medium and dark shadow , red nail polish,silver dangle earrings with red stone’s

I like faggot will look very femme and slutty.  I am planning on making it suck cock, and lick my ass.  Faggot is only property for me to use and degrade.  I will pimp it out, make it go with tranny’s, walk the street’s if I say so!

Faggot I own you!  I control faggot’s lips and ass pussy!   Get that butt hole ready for some major cock!
Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

Mistress Andrea has a Cassie Alert!

"cock sucking phone sex"Mistress Andrea, what can I say? I have been busy this summer, exercising. Thinking of going to a nude beach, and wow all the real men there, so Cassie, can wiggle it’s sissy ass behind me, as I parade around looking for someone to amuse me, and watching faggot drool at the prospect of sucking and getting big dick ready for ME!   I also have thought it would be very cute, if we had matching pink bicycles.  I love walking and running lately, my clothes are too big and needing other things. Shopping is in the air!

Faggot is being used by me, I have been sending it to serve some Tranny’s. I do enjoy phone sex domination  I like having them use faggot, been making faggot beg them to do things for me.    Here is a reply from faggot about my new fun training with trannies..

Mistress Andrea,
 As you have ordered, sissy faggot has continued searching for pretty SheMales to contact so that it can arrange as You require for sissy faggot to be humiliated by them; and for it to have to beg them to suck their cocks, be fucked by them, and allowed to eat cum. it hopes that the three that it has contacted between yesterday and today will desire to do this so that You will be able to take added pleasure from making sissy faggot suck tranny cocks; and from it having to let them know that You have ordered it to come to them and that You own it. it is Your fag and this is making it into even more of one.
Thank you for owning this faggot Mistress!!!
Your fag property sissy faggot cassie 

Sent Cassie to Macy’s where it bought a bikini, for tanning. Thought the clerk would be more humiliating, maybe send faggot out to get one, and see if I can get lucky, so that I can have a good laugh!   I know faggot will look cute in the bathing suit, in any event.

I also have rewarded faggot with a cock sucking lesson..

Mistress Andrea,
Thank you for giving sissy faggot the wonderful reward of being anal harnessed and allowed a cocksucking practice for its initial contact with SheMale Vivian. She is so pretty and her cock looks just lucious that sissy faggot thought of sucking her off as it practiced with its mouth, and thought of SheMale Tonya taking it’s ass pussy at the same time.
it can’t wait to have to beg Vivian to suck her off and to fuck it, and eat cum for her.
Your adoring and devoted sissy fag property, cassie

I will be using faggot more, and controlling and making it weaker more dependent upon my control, using faggot for my amusement, love shemales using it, and debasing it.  I will degrade as I see fit.  Faggot is MY PROPERTY to do with as I please, and nothing more!  I will send it off, to be used, and it will serve it’s Mistress.

I am available for phone sex with sissy’s, submissive’s seeking domination and control, I am available daily

Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at:   1-888-745-8716

Cuckold and humiliation phone sex

"sissy phone sex"New caller Cuckold Mike. Seems his wife messes around on him, that is a big surprise as he tells me he has a 2″ dick, if you can call it that.  Told me to call it his itsy bitsy?  Sounds a bit femme, don’t you think?  I asked him if he is a little dick loser, and guess what?  Yes, he says he never has sex with his wife. He told me, his wife goes to the bar, and brings home strange men.  She makes Cuckold Mike suck cock any chance she can. Loves to humiliate him.  Says that the more cock he sucks, the happier she is. He said it’s because she can’t stand the thought of him inside her.

Meanwhile, she also likes to have these guys have sex with her, infront of her hubby!  Seems like Mike, is a bit of a loser!

I made Mike, get out his wife’s toy, and put it in his ass, and I made him take it hard and like a little dick loser, he cried!  But then he begged me for more!

Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

Mistress Andrea
Yahoo ID: AndreasPlayful

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Domination phone sex – Mistress Andrea 1-888-745-8716

"sissy phone sex"New faggot looking to suck cock on the phone with guys for me.  Some gay phone sex.  This should be amusing, Joey will be taking a place on my company site for domination phone sex .   He is going to take calls, so you guys wanting a guy to suck you off, or if you want to fuck him. he will be available soon.  His picture is not up yet, but it will be.  In the meanwhile, if you want some phonesex, and you are submissive or wanting to have a guy on the line, then I will have him call you, you must contact me first.

I have had a lot of sluts, whores and faggots, call me.  I have also been doing some cuckold phone sex , I do love to tell you loser’s out there, how inadequate you are and how my real many boyfriend pleases me. Be sure to ask, I am more then happy to tell you.

Whore Darlene, is back again, donating  money to my trinket fund!   She is a human atm and at times empty’s her account into mine.  I have her sucking this one guy’s cock, and making her pay me to do it!  I  told her she was lucky to have one, for the price! Some of the cock sucker’s that call me have a hard time finding cock, but since she pays me, it is no problem.  I managed to find her a steady one to suck and it is huge!  Also,  if you could see her, she passes for a girl.  She has taken hormones, and she likes to go out fully dressed, told me she has had a few close calls, when guys find out she is not a woman.  She is hanging now at gay bars, safer for her, and looking for random cock, cause I want her to branch out! .

Sissy Carolyn  has gotten some mighty big  implants, said she wanted D cups, last we spoke, now they appear to have grown to DD’s. She works as a male escort, in a club, she is very talented, she loves to suck cock and get fucked,  I bet all you sissy’s out there would love her new tits, I guess she now passes as a tranny.  Told me her cock is huge!  She looks fabulous and does a great job with her makeup.  She told me she has been sucking off the guy that owns the club!

PayYouALL is going out looking for cock sucking phone sex, to suck for me.  Came up with an idea, that each time he gets a dick, he has to add more to the tribute, my goodness, I do love those Amazon gift cards, and money orders!

Sharon the sissy maid   has lots of sissy aprons, maid’s outfits, likes to fully dress the maids part. She wears mary jane’s, and likes to wiggle her sissy ass.  I like hearing about all her clothes, and she has a lot of them.    Apparently she is a real life sissy maid for a dominatrix, who told her to call me, and tell me about her duties.. She cleans the kitchen floor with her tongue. She cleans her Mistress’s A** with her tongue as well… keep up the good work!

CockSuckerSame has been going to adult book stores, and sucking a huge amount of dick and eating cum for Mistress Andrea.    Sissy Missy,  has had many sessions with me, and yet she can not master cock sucking, which leads to heavy duty spanking phone sex sessions,  If she does not get with it soon, I am afraid she will never be able to sit down.  She did send me a pretty dress, she said, if I buy you something will you please stop spanking me?  I loved that one!  So yes, it worked Missy!

Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

Slave r cock banging domination phone sex with Mistress Andrea 1-888-745-8716

"domination phone sex", "sissy phone sex"Slave R calling me for humiliation and degradation and domination phone sex, A dildo, wooden spoon, fork and knife, comb, ice, saved cum and clothespins. He is a fucking slut, Start out by sucking his dildo for me.

He is an experienced cock sucker. His cock is hard, and he does not want small talk, straight to the hard core severe humiliation. He is taking it all, it is a 7 inch dildo, deep throating it. He is sucking it with
his cunt mouth, deep throating the dildo. He is a fucking cock sucking cunt mouth. Taking the fork and running it over his nipples. Feels good and hurts. He likes that, pain slut. He is my pain slut, I own and
control him. Running fork up his cock. Take wooden spoon, I order him to spank MY cock. Has a super hard cock for me. Cock banging on phone. Suck out the cum in my cunt. Fucking cunt sucker, with
his cunt mouth. Loves sucking my bf’s big cock. He is MY cock sucker. He says he is.
My cuckold cock sucker slave. Watch me fuck my boyfriend. He will masturbate in the corner, suck his balls while he fucks me, and lick my pussy while he fucks me, he is a fucking cock sucking cunt mouth.
His balls are hitting him in the face, balls up against his mouth. Using him like the dirty slut that he is. Hitting cock with spoon. I make his cock hard. Using fork on nipples, Torturing his nipples as I tie him up
and he is helpless and weak. Putting clothespins on nipples, one on each side.  Says nipples are hard. Clips on nipples three on each side. Clothespins on inside of thighs. Going to use him, degrade and
humiliate him, make him beg for more abuse 3 clips on inside of each thigh.
Going to write Mistress Andrea’s Dick on his cock in marker, Prick on inside of thigh, Cock Sucker on Stomach, Cunt mouth on inside of other thigh, dick face on inside of arm, taking a break, will put some ice
up My slave’s butt. Take clothespins off nipples, and rub ice on nipples. Fucking slut needs to be tortured and used. Nipples are standing hard. Anal ice cubes up his butt. Writing fucking whore on chest. Cuckold
bitch on leg, I like to write filth on him. Piss whore on his stomach next to cock sucker. Using him, as my piss whore. I own and control my fucking slut. Taking off clothespins. Suck away, I hear him sucking
my boyfriends dick, fucking cunt cock sucker. Good boy! Using him like a dirty cunt mouth slut like his is.
More filth, Dick on right arm, Bitch, he is My bitch. Anal slut, Pecker, Pussy, Cum slut, Twat, Asshole, Sperm, Jizz, butt fucker, nutsack, weiner, boner, loading him up with filth. BALLS! Tits. More cock hitting with
wooden spoon. Taking dildo sticking it in cum and sucking on it. Sucking it hard, fucking cunt mouth, using him for my amusement.

Sissy phone sex – Mistress Andrea 1-888-745-8716

"sissy faggot phone sex", "femdom mistress", "sissy" "cuckold"
Feminization with Mistress andrea

Let’s do some sissy phone sex today.  What is sissy phone sex?  It is when I take you and make you more of a sissy, or even start you on the road to being a sissy. There is more new’s in faggot land.  Faggot cassie is back, she is MY property, and glad that  I own and control her, I welcomed her back recently and this sissy, has been loving my blog post’s.  As you know, I do enjoy putting a faggot in a chastity device.  Cassie  goes to my blog, and read’s about all her pathetic attempts at being a girl. I do make her  clit twitch and strain in the cage I have imposed.  Cassie surely is my SISSY FAGGOT.   I have to laugh as I love sissy faggots and that is because  sissy faggots  are so much fun to train and play with. I like to tell my sissy’s,  story’s about my real men boyfriend’s.  I love to share submissive boyfriend stories in particular!  I do this during faggot phone sex!

Sissy faggot cocksucker’s brings me to another topic that is very special to myself, Mistress Andrea.  I enjoy making faggot’s into big cock sucker’s.  I have done this with MY sissy cassie.  Faggot cassie, is an expert cock sucker, and assures me that it has sucked real cock in real life!
This is a big turn on for me, knowing faggot loves cocks. Do you enjoy dick sucking sissy stories? SO do I, I would love to hear yours!  Also your cock sucking sissy stories!  I had a hot cuckold caller too!  He is going to get back with his wife, but she has sex with other’s and he LIKES it!  What a loser he is!

Sissy cassie, sent me a gorgeous chain and ankle bracette today. Mistress will look gorgeous with it on~  I will further humiliate faggot, it is having session with a Mistress tonight, as I have sent it to lick ass.  What an ass licking whore it is~

Also have my electric bill adopted by human Atm, he is paying electric, but will switch to my heating bill soon, as that will be the bigger utility.

Mistress Andrea will use and abuse you, call me for your faggot phone sex :
toll free at:   1-888-745-8716


Sissy Annette wants to play with me and Cassie! Call Mistress Andrea for your sissy phone sex at 1-888-745-8716

"femdom mistress" "sissy" "cuckold" "phone sex"
Feminization with Mistress Andrea

Sissy Annette is wearing pink panties and is going to entertain me. Wants to play with Mistress and Sissy Cassie.  I am going dress Annette, she has thigh highs in black, and some black with 3 inch high heels, cock sucker red lipstick. Little black dress with silver spagetti straps. Looks like a little sissy slut. She has a dildo, and is going to suck it for me.

I am going to control Annette, and have her and Cassie serve me. I put my strap on and put it in her pussy, and take her. Make her masturbate for me, and lick it up!
good girl Sissy Annette!Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at:  

Sissy training phone sex with Mistress Andrea at 1-888-745-8716

Mistress Andrea likes sissy training phone sex"sissy phone sex", and with that she has been enjoying herself with some new slut’s a new human ATM, and a new cuckolder a few minute’s ago. Let me post while it is fresh in my mind.  I had this new wannabee cucky suck my old boyfriend’s cock.  I had him get on his knee’s while I got my Real Man’s Cock out, and rubbed it all over his face. Forcing it into my cucky’s mouth.  (New cucky is the boyfriend, being humiliated by my Old boyfriend).  A good cuckold phone sex fantasy!   I then had sex with my BF and had my cucky lick me and lick me clean, oh he ate lot’s of cum during our session. I do love cum slut’s!

Sissy Cassie is being busy as a sissy secretary.  Doing many chore’s and serving Mistress Andrea.  I will keep you posted on it’s progress, thinking it may need a new dress for the fall, some shopping and humiliation, I love making the faggot go to the mall, with a plug up it’s ass, and wiggle and act faggy. I have feminized and made it love cock and cum!  I feel like degrading it more, it will be going to a Mistress, to lick her ass for me, I can hardly wait. Maybe I should send faggot for some panties, fagboi did recently get me pretty one’s from VS. I love them!  It serve’s me, I degrade it, as it is my property, I use it for my amusement!

My human ATM sent me a money gift in the mail, I received it today!  Mistress will enjoy it for shopping and such. Oh meant to mention faggot has been sending me nail polishes, I just did my nail’s in a fabulous fall color, thank you Cassie!

Mistress Andrea
for humiliation and domination phone sex toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

Domination and sissy training phone sex – Mistress Andrea 1-888-745-8716

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"sissy phone sex"

Fluffer for Mistress Andrea and her big cocked boyfriend.

“Did My little sissy faggot clean its ass pussy good like I told it to” asked Mistress Andrea? “Yes Mistress” replied sissy faggot Cassie. “Good, now open that prissy faggot mouth and lube up this plug; do it good faggot, dream of it being a big juicy cock that it loves to suck so much” said Mistress Andrea. sissy faggot cassie sucked it as Mistress directed, it does love big cocks so it was easy to comply. “That’s good, now stop, faggot, bend over, and spread those sissy ass cheeks nice and wide so that I can get the plug all the way inside that ass pussy” said Mistress Andrea. Sissy faggot Cassie did as it was told and Mistress teased its ass pussy a little, sliding in only an inch of the plug and turning it. “Hmm does My little faggot want it all” asked Mistress? “Yes Mistress please put it all the way inside sissy, please Mistress please” cried sissy faggot. Mistress Andrea pushed it up inside of Her fag, and it moaned as She did. “Now stand up and hold that plug in tightly with those sissy cheeks as it steps into its girdle” instructed Mistress. “Yes Mistress” replied sissy. Mistress Andrea pulled the girdle up over sissy’s hips and ass and told it to put its clit and earrings in between its legs before She finished pulling the girdle up snuggly. Once She had Mistress pressed on the base of the plug to make sure that it was firmly inside, and checked sissy’s front to make sure that it was nice and smooth looking . “Perfect’ said Mistress ‘now go finish getting ready for work, and make sure that it takes every opportunity to show everyone what a fag it is today”. “Yes Mistress” replied sissy faggot. “Oh one other thing faggot’ said Mistress ‘My boyfriend is coming over tonight. I am going to have faggot wait until he is here to tell us both about its day, then I am going to use its fag mouth as My fluffer toy to get him nice and hard for Me. No off it goes, and be home early from work”.

“When it arrived home sissy faggot walked into the living room hips swaying and both wrists limp and out to the side.  It found Mistress and Her boyfriend there sipping wine while seated on the couch. Mistress’s boyfriend looked up and shook his head laughing as faggot pranced in “what a fucking fag” he said,  and turning to Mistress he continued saying  “how can You stand having a fag around You”?  “Quite the opposite my dear’ said Mistress Andrea, ”I love owning a faggot, it does whatever I say, I do whatever I want to it and with it , it’s like a toy or a pet, and best of all if You stop enjoying using it, You just throw it out and there are plenty of other fags to take it’s place; what’s not to like”. sissy faggot saw that Mistress had placed a kneeling cushion in front of Her boyfriend and expected that it would be required to service him despite his apparent dislike of fags. “So faggot” said Mistress, “before it tells U/us about its day strip down to its girdle for U/us”.  As sissy faggot began to undress Mistress’ boyfriend said “girdle, what is the fag wearing a girdle for”? “Faggot, continuing undressing and tell him why it is wearing a girdle,” instructed Mistress Andrea. “Sir, Mistress Andrea plugged faggot’s ass pussy today  and put it into a girdle so that the plug  would stay snuggly up inside of faggot” replied sissy faggot Cassie. “Hmm, I bet the little faggot just loves that” said Mistress’s boyfriend. “Did faggot go to the mall at lunch time today” asked Mistress? “Yes Mistress Andrea, replied sissy faggot. “Well before it knells and tells us all about that, show U/us how it walked about the mall” directed Mistress Andrea.  Faggot pranced about the room swaying its hips,  and holding one limp wrist down and off to the side, and the other raised higher and somewhat to the front of it. Both Mistress and Her boyfriend laughed loudly and told it, “that’s it, faggot, swish those sissy hips, come on fag more.” When She was satisfied, Mistress Andrea told faggot to kneel on the cushion in front of Her boyfriend.”

“Okay fag, tell him about it’s day,” instructed Mistress Andrea.  “Sir, when faggot was in its car and sitting in the office it rocked back and forth on the plug thinking of Mistress fucking it; or maybe you; and it swished its hips slightly as it walked up and down the halls at work,” said faggot.  Before it could continue he said “And what makes faggot think that I would fuck it”?  Faggot bowed its head and said.  “It is sorry Sir.  it did not mean to imply that you would want to, it was just dreaming that you were.  “Okay, continue faggot.” he said.  “During lunch time faggot drove to the mall and walked as it just showed you,” said sissy faggot cassie.  “As it was walking two college girls smirked as They saw sissy and one said to the other, “look at the fag,” and They both laughed as continued walking.”  “Faggot then swished in and out of some Women’s stores looking for panties and skirts but it could not find any that it thought Mistress Andrea would want it to have.”  “After lunch time it hurried back to work to finish some things so it could come home early as Mistress instructed it to.”  “So fag, did it enjoy showing everyone what a little sissy it is?” he asked.  “Yes Sir,” replied faggot,  “especially since it pleases Mistress to have it do that.”  Mistress’s  boyfriend sat staring at it and sissy faggot bowed its head.  After a moment it heard the zipper of his pants start to slide and sissy’s heart started to flutter.  It had seen his cock once before as he was about to service Mistress, it was very big and thick, and faggot was hoping  that Mistress was going to use Her faggot as a fluffer boy to get him hard for Her.  “Does My little faggot want to suck his cock to get him ready for Me?” asked Mistress.  Sissy kept its head bowed and said “Yes, Mistress please.”  “Well don’t beg Me, it’s his cock faggot wants to suck,  beg him!” said Mistress Andrea. “Sir ,may faggot please suck your cock, please, sir please?” cried faggot.  He laughed and said “Okay fag boy, this one time, but when it is told  to stop, it had better.  I have no intention on filling its little cum bucket mouth, I have a beautiful Woman to please; does it understand?” “Yes Sir” replied faggot.  Mistress then said  “before it starts, go take off its girdle and bring Me its guard and lock. “Oh and faggot, keep those sissy ass cheeks tight,  I want that plug still inside of it.”  Sissy hurried off and when it returned, it knelt in front of Mistress so that She could lock its clitty in its guard.   “Now don’t disappoint Me,” said Mistress.  “Suck him good, I want him nice and hard.”  “If it does a good job, I may allow it to kneel by the bed and watch a real man pleasure a Woman, something a little fag like it can never even dream of doing,” said Mistress.  “One of Us may even fuck the faggot; or I may allow it to clean Us.”   Even soft the boyfriend’s cock was beautiful.  Sissy faggot began by slowly licking the head of his cock,  going around and around it,  then it took the head into it’s faggot mouth and sucked and licked it at the same time.  As the boyfriend’s cock started to grow in faggot’s mouth,  sissy began to lick up and down the long thick shaft.  Then faggot licked his balls.   It went back to the head and began to suck it again,  and then started to take more of the cock into its mouth as it continued to grow long and thick. Faggot sucked hungrily, and didn’t want to stop, but suddenly Mistress grabbed faggot’s hair and pulled it off of the cock.  “That will do just fine, sissy,” said Mistress.  “Crawl behind us, as we go into the bedroom,  I’ll allow faggot to watch”.  Faggot watched jealously as Mistress and her boyfriend made love, and hoped that maybe Mistress would fuck it or allow it to clean them,  once they had satisfied each other, Mistress’s boyfriend then asked Andrea, “So should we let the little faggot have the leftovers, or fuck it?”  Mistress Andrea looked into sissy’s eyes and saw the longing and said “No, I don’t think so. You have to be careful with a fag not to give it too much or you will spoil it; maybe next time, we’ll see.”  Sissy was devastated but knew better than to speak. “Off to bed faggot,  it’s been enough of a day for it,  we have a whole night ahead of us and I’m tired of paying attention to it,” said Mistress.  With that sissy hurried off and went to bed tears welling in its eyes, as it longed to be used by them.

Sissy was lying in bed, sad that It  was excluded from Mistress’s bedroom, and wishing It was in there watching, at least.  sissy heard moans coming from the room next door, only making it more jealous and upset, After about an hour, things seemed to have calmed down, and sissy began to doze off into a foggy daze, stallion guard on It’s faggot dick, and dreaming of Mistress, Suddenly it was awakened and sissy could not believe it’s eyes, a huge dick was swinging in it’s face, and Mistress, with an evil smile, commanded, “faggot, suck his cock and do it good if fit knows what is good for it”, The faggot’s heart leaped, as it’s deepest desire was answered, “On your knee’s now my pet, and quickly or I will take my paddle to your faggot ass.” Moving as fast as It could, on it’s knees beside the bed, Mistress’s “real man” boyfriend, forced his horse cock into sissy’s mouth. sissy, greedily sucking and licking it, wanting  to swallow every drop of his cum as he shot it down its throat. Mistress’ boyfriend now remarked, “Andrea, I have never had my dick sucked so well, no one else can deep throat it like this faggot. Mistress, suddenly pulled the cock from sissy’s mouth, Do not make him cum, I thought I warned you about coveting the cum from this glorious penis. Bend over, and pull your faggot panties down, at which, Mistress, began to paddle It’s cheeks till they were beet red. sissy was trying to stifle the tears, but  Mistress was insistent on the punishment, and IT knew that It had been warned. After beating it Mistress screamed at sissy to get to sleep,  and She and Her still hard boyfriend returned to Her bedroom to continue T/their lovemaking leaving sissy to sob from its beating and from its disappointment of not being allowed to eat Her boyfriend’s  cum.

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