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"sissy phone sex"Sissy Melinda called me for sissy faggot phone sex today.  She is My faggot property, I own and totally dominate this fag. My faggot is denied the privilege of jerking off its sissy clitty and cumming without My express permission. When I do allow My faggot to play with itself and cum I make it lick the cum up and swallow every drop. It amuses Me to no end to humiliate a little sissy cock whore like Cassie so I ordered it to toast an English muffin, jerk off its sissy clitty while thinking of Me pounding its faggot ass pussy with My strap-on, cumming on the muffin, spreading it on the muffin like butter, and eating it. Like the obedient little faggot that it is Cassie hungrily ate every morsel and then thanked Me for the privilege of being allowed to cum and for being made to eat it. Glad you enjoyed it Cassie you fucking little faggot.

Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716
Yahoo ID: AndreasPlayful

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"sissy phone sex"Mistress Andrea sissy feminization phone sex – had a session the other night with My little sissy faggot  Cassie which I had it dress up as a slut for. Before I get to the particulars of it’s dress up, I want to mention that I had Sissy Faggot order three chocker collars. Each collar is black velvet and has wording spelled out in fake diamonds; one collar spells out Slut; one spells out I Love Cock; and one spells out I Love Cum – the spelling of Love in the last two is actually the shape of a heart. I just love these as they are all so appropriate for Sissy Faggot Cassie. I allowed Sissy Faggot to select one of its new collars to wear with the outfit I picked out for it to wear during O/our session, and Sissy Faggot picked out I Love Cock. Yes you do you fucking faggot! The rest of Cassie’s outfit was black lace panty, lace garter belt and strapless bra;  black thigh hi boots and stockings, and a black skin tight and very short tube dress. I had Sissy Faggot also wear a short blonde wig and silver dangle earrings with fake diamond stones. its makeup included foundation, powder, blush, purple lipstick and eyeshadow, charcoal liner, fake lashes, and Poeme perfume.

I notified Sissy Faggot before the session that it was to kneel in the corner for 5 minutes before its appointed session time with it’s dress hiked up and its panties down. Once W/we began I had Sissy faggot lay over its spanking bench and I paddled its faggot ass good. Once I was satisfied with disciplining it, I had Sissy Faggot put a vibrating butt plug up its ass pusssy and had it suck a big black dildo. After vibrating its ass pussy for awhile I had Sissy Cassie stop sucking on the black dildo, and ordered it to take the plug out of its ass pussy and lick and suck off its ass filth. Sissy Faggot Cassie is such a cockslut   that it eargerly does so without any hesitation. I then stuck the black dildo up its ass pussy and had it suck another at the same time. Had to laugh as the little faggot was begging Me to fuck it while gagging on the cock in its mouth. I stopped Sissy Faggot from sucking just long enough to take the dildo from its ass pussy to clean it with its mouth while at the same time shoving some ice cubes up its ass pussy. Before fucking both holes again, I beat its clitty earrings, balls for you uninformed, with a riding crop; I just love to hear Sissy Faggot’s anguished cries when I do. As Sissy Faggot’s holes were being fucked again it begged and begged “Please Mistress let sissy boi cum, please Mistress, please let sissy cum, please let sissy eat some cum.” I made faggot reapeat this several times before allowing it to cum and then listened as My little cumslut slurped up every drop. Cassie , you are nothing but a fucking little cocksucking cumslut, and since I own your little faggot ass you’ll never be anything else.

Call Me now you little sissy fags, I fuck your holes as well.

Sissy Phone Sex at 1-888-745-8716

"sissy phone sex"Sissy phone sex, with My Property of course is Cassie, I own him, and he is mine. He has been sending me the most fabulous things. I just received new nail polishes, they are perfect for Spring/Summer.  He has also sent me capri pants, fabulous tropical fish hand towels. A wonderful necklace that I have been receiving so many compliments on. I took out a bunch of sandals Cassie sent me last year, for this summer, I am all set.

I do most of all love training and degrading my faggot cock sucker. It brings me so much pleasure and amusement. I love to use it, and make it my slut.  I am planning on making faggot a bigger whore, and cock sucker then it has been in the past. I enjoy fucking it’s man pussy, and filling it with cock at both ends.

We had a session the other night.  I had it dress in the following:
short brown wig, red ribbon bows, silver dangling with red stones, black velet chocker – Slut, dark red bustier with very small pink
flowers, matching panty bikini cut, black thigh hi stockings, red 5in fuck me pumps – no skirt
foundation, powder, blush, lipstick – cocksucker red, red lip pencil, black eyeliner, sparkle false lashses, eyeshadow – Rose , Poeme

This session started out with a little beating, I put faggot over the spanking bench.  Then i allowed Cassie to unlock it’s clit cage,  I began with some ice up it’s pussy,  then some cock sucking, and because it is such a faggot, i the swatted it’s earrings with a crop, and demanded that it suck the cock faggot!   I put more ice up it’s arse, then another swat, some cock sucking, another swat, and repeated this many times.  I made faggot confess what a cock sucker it is.  Mistress Andrea’s cock sucker.. worships cock.  Cassie truly loves cock and cum.
Then I used  a q tip with alcohol, to torture it’s clit!  Lots of moans which I enjoyed when I did this.  I continued to spank it on it’s sissy ass.  Once again I had it impale itself on the cock, bounce five time, and then get off. Once off of it I had Cassie lick it off. Making it beg to lick it clean. All the more humiliating. Stuffing it full of that cock, mouth is full, I can hear Cassie slurp it clean.

Writing slut across it’s forhead in cheap red lipstick. Faggot is a fag slut!  Double slut has a necklace on that says slut as well.. cleaning ass pussy with toothpaste, now for some weights from it’s earrings.. and swing them. Putting the cock back in it’s mouth. Suck and swing.  What a good faggot… more weight, and more sucking.

Some double ended sucking and fucking. Faggot loves that. Makes Mistress Andrea so happy!  I do more humiliation, if you other sissy’s want to find out what it is, you will have to do a session with me.

Here is a cock sucking session for all of you cock sucker’s to aspire to..

Mistress, faggot slipped out of its pink daily wear panty and put on itsblack silk and lace bra and panty set and a thick coat of cocksucker red lipstick., and got the ten inch cock to suck on.  faggot thought of You taking it to a glory hole and You positioning it on its knees with lips open before the hole waiting for delicious cocks to come through as You stood and watched faggot suck while You  counted the money the men paid for their blowjobs. Mmmmmm so many delicous cocks faggot licked and sucked,  and Mmmmm all of that yummy cum that faggot swallowed for You. Love being Your whore fag cocksucking cunt boi.
Worship You!!!!!!
Your sissy faggot property, cassie

Sissy phone sex domination with Mistress Andrea -1-888-745-8716

"sissy phone sex"Sissy phone sex   is good for a slut wanting domination. I had a sissy slave call me today, and she was wearing pink panties, and begging me to torture it’s sissy balls and clitty.  I had him take a paddle, and spanked its balls, till they were blue.  I then made it beg to be spanked more, I used a clamp on this sissy’s clitty head, and then two clamps on it’s thighs.  Poor thing was whining and begging me to stop.

Not a chance, I spanked it with a ruller, the clitty that is, What you could see of it, what a little dick loser, hardly a clitty at all.  Good thing this Sissy slut likes to serve me. because it’s clitty is getting smaller all the time. Could be the hormone’s I am slipping into it’s water glass.

I will turn her into the girl she wants to be.  Nice boobies, and a tiny waist, not to mention, we are working on making her voice sound like a girl.

Sissy phone sex domination with Mistress Andrea -1-888-745-8716

Tranny phone sex

"she male phone sex", "sissy phone sex"If you have been following along lately you will see that I have enjoy a good phone sex session, and tranny phone sex, and tranny fun with my cock sucking faggot, Cassie.  Cassie has to accept all my abuse, as I degrade and humiliate it, as Mistress Andrea is it’s OWNER.  Faggot is no more then property to me.   I make it pay me a slut fee, when I send it to a Tranny to be further humiliated. In fact I am enjoying this so much, I actually become excited in doing so. I love to degrade faggot.

See what faggot wrote in it’s report as to the recent visit with She Male Pandora.

As You directed, faggot called another She Male tonight, the very dominant and beautiful Pandora. faggot dressed in a red slut outfit, with blonde wig and of course make-up.  it told Her that You own this little sissy faggot and that it was to beg Her to suck Her cock and for Her to fuck it. She took great pleasure in all of this and started out by making faggot get on its knees, pull Her panties down and stick its tongue out while at the same time try to beg Her to let faggot lick it. faggot did its best which brought laughter from Her. She then allowed faggot to lick up and down Her luscious 8 inch cock and then She shoved it into its mouth and forced it down faggot’s throat. Next She made faggot beg to be fucked which it did “please fuck the faggot, please fuck it” and She took faggot’s ass pussy, giving it hard to it. When She finished fucking faggot She twisted its nipples through its bra then shoved Her cock in its mouth and had faggot suck it. She made faggot beg to cum and when it was ready to She made it cum in its panties and then take them off and suck up every drop.

Thank you Mistress for continuing to make it more of a faggot and for humiliating it. Your sissy faggot property, cassie”.
Her panties down and stick its tongue out while at the same time try to beg Her to let faggot lick it. faggot did its best which brought laughter from Her.” I LOVE THIS PART!  MAKES ME LAUGH just like I was there!  WTG Pandora. Make that faggot beg for more dick! As a reward, I gave faggot a cum snack!  it wrote…
“As You ordered earlier this evening, faggot pulled its flowered panties down to its knees, unlocked its chastity device sat all the way down on the 10 inch black dildo and fucked its ass pussy hard for ten minutes. As it fucked itself, faggot thought of the SheMale Dommes that You recently sent it to taking turns fucking it. faggot jerked its clitty off onto a plate and then licked and swallowed all of the cum up, again thinking of the She Males pulling their cocks out of its ass pussy just before cumming and shooting their hot loads into its cum slut mouth. So do love being Your fag property, and being so completely dominated and under Your control. Your devoted sissy faggot bitch property, cassie”. When all was said and done.. Cassie called it’s Mistress, and asked to pay it’s slut fee. I am wanting to send faggot out for more she male dick, as it is so amusing, especially for the summer. Faggot loves to suck it, and I love to hear the stories. I will keep you all posted about faggot’s new tranny adventures.. Oh I must tell everyone about the gorgeous white watch faggot sent me, I totally love it, and have been wearing it daily!  Thank you faggot, you belong to me, and I will use you accordingly. Be ready for more humiliation, and degradation!

Mistress Andrea can be reached for domination, sissy, phone sex
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

Sissy phone sex with Mistress Andrea 1-888-745-8716

"sissy phone sex" Mistress Andrea – sissy phone sex training and I am having my send me a new inventory, so that I can decide better what it should wear for our sessions.  Owning sissy is the most enjoyable thing Mistress has done in ages, giving me so much pleasure, emasculating, degrading and humiliating faggot. In return, faggot serves me. I had found a cute pair of ruffled boy shorts, in a lime green, with turquoise blue stripe, and it had a matching bra, although faggot wanted the bra, I think boobies are too big for it, so it will look  more slutty with titty’s hanging out, that is fine.

Faggot also found some other things in a catalog for girlie bois on line, and asked if it could have them. I love Cassie getting more things to dress up in for me, garters, stockings, and more panties. Since faggot is pantied 24/7 it needs a lot of panties to change in, plus I give it lessons to do, and it dresses for them as well. Panties are a must.  I had given faggot a cock sucking lesson this week.. here is what faggot had to say..

Dearest Mistress, Owner Goddess Andrea,
As You directed, yesterday evening faggot took off its chastity device so that it could get into its anal harness. faggot gave the anal plug a good sucking so its was nice and lubed for its ass pussy. faggot slide the plug into its ass pussy and then sat on it to make sure it was nice and deep inside of it, then it securely attached the leather straps of the harness and locked its sissy clit back into its device. Over the next few hours sissy’s clitty struggled in its chastity device as faggot was in constant delight from feeling the plug up inside of it as it walked and stand rocked on it as it watched TV.

Just before bedtime, faggot slipped into black silk & lace bra and panty , and coated its lips with cocksucker red lipstick. faggot then got the 10 in black dildo and performed a cock sucking lesson as You further ordered. For its lesson faggot fantasized about being picked up in fag bar by a tall, handsome, well built black stud who had been on the prowl for a little white sissy boi. The black stud took faggot out to his car so it could give him a blow job. faggot looked up at him with longing eyes and mouth as it gently unzipped his pants and took his big, thick cock into its hand. faggot gently stroked his cock as it began to lick and mouth the head. As his cock began to grow, faggot licked up and down the shaft. then took the cock into its mouth and sucked passionately on it. faggot loved how the cock felt and tasted in its mouth and began to hungrily suck it as it felt the throbbing just before his cum exploded into faggot’s mouth. faggot savored every drop of his cum, and licked his cock clean of all of it.

When faggot finished its sucking lesson it unstrapped its anal harness and sucked the plug clean of its ass filth as You always require after faggot’s ass pussy has been fucked. The sissy clitty was of course re-caged in its device.

Thank you Mistress for allowing faggot to be anal harnessed and for its cock sucking lesson.

Love being Your little sissy boi faggot and property,
sissy faggot cassie

Needless to say, I am pleased that I have turned faggot into a cock sucking whore, and plan on doing more so in the near future, I have instructed faggot to buy a dildo with a reservoir, so I can shoot cum into it’s mouth, also a 12 inch cock, to further stretch and use it’s ass pussy..

Faggot has been spoiling Mistress, I received Vicky Cristina Barcelona video, and Marcus Johnson cd, faggot sends me wonderful music and video’s not to mention many other wonderful things, I use them all. I did my nails in a pretty shade of ruby red, with some iridescence to it last night. I wear many beautiful cashmere sweaters that Cassie has sent me, they feel so good against my soft skin, as faggot also makes sure I have my pink grapefruit body butter, which is so relaxing and makes me super soft.

Tonight we had a session, faggot was wearing…black& pink school girlskirt, pink rhumba panty & lace bra ,black thigh hi stockings with pink bows, pink open toed pump sandals, pinksissy fag collar,pink hoops, plus full makeup, I send it now to the mall, for the makeup girl’s there to humiliate faggot, faggot makes it’s wrist limp, and tells the clerks, that I own it, and that I want it to have certain makeups.. I love hearing the story’s upon it’s return.

My session’s with My Cassie are very enjoyable for me to USE MY PROPERTY for my amusement. Tonight, I degraded it, using it as my toilet, and cum bucket whore. I teased faggot, I did spank it a few times, I think faggot would like a more harsh beating, perhaps I can make it beg for more… I beat it’s balls, and ass, and had it sit and bounce to my amusement on a 10″ black cock dildo, sucking it alternating it with it’s ass pussy. I had faggot locked in chastity for more then a week, since I was not able to play with faggot, I left it locked until tonight.  It will be locked and pantied of course for the following week..
Oh did I mention, for Valentine’s day, faggot sent me a huge bottle of Stella, a gorgeous Sephora lipstick, pink grapefruit body scrub, everything I love. Thank you faggot, for being so special to Mistress. Faggot treats Mistress with respect, which I demand, and is the best sissy I could possibly hope for – bringing me so much pleasure.

Mistress Andrea 1-888-745-8716

New fag boy called Mistress Andrea for phone sex feminization training.

"sissy phone sex"Sissy phone sex with Cassie is working on some secretarial duties for Mistress.  I am about to send fag boi out to serve a Domme.  Should be amusing. I think some pink panties, and Andrea’s collar around it’s neck would be appropriate. I do like it to have cum ready to eat for Mistress, thinking faggot could save in a dish, freeze it, every day this week, till it’s session, I will speak to Cassie, about which girl I want to send it to  serve.  Cassie has been tributing Mistress, bought her a pizza the other night, it was delicious! BTW.
Also sent me some expensive running shoes for my jog’s.

Faggot also needs to get back on track. I want to send it out plugged soon!  It will be so busy with my secretarial duties, that I am assigning it. It’s faggot ass will have to wiggle more at the mall for me.

New faggot called Mistress Andrea today.  Gave Mistress a nice gift to a spa locally. Mistress will be spending day pampering herself, as faggot will go out to suck cock
at an adult book store.  Good place for a faggot I would say.  Faggot is a new fag, said it had sucked cock in college, and now that it was divorced he would like to be a gay bitch.  Told him that could be arranged.

Emily is off to the mall to call Mistress tonight to pick out panties. I can’t wait to humiliate her in front of a sales girl. That is a fun time for Mistress.

Slave O set up an appointment which is good as I want another gift card, I am looking at some fall clothes at Macy’s.

Sissy Brenda is so cute. She get’s all dressed up in a cotton sun dress, and then turns on her webcam. I get to watch her suck a dildo, and she uses a large cock to fuck her girlie ass. She likes to be my sissy, I promised her that I would make her suck until she gagged. She is a deep throating faggot.

Sissy Allison, said her wife was getting wise to all her panties missing. I have her steal them, sniff them and stroke with them, I had her stuff a pair up her butt, and then pull it out as she was about to cum. She let out a scream. Maybe they got caught!

Karen is off to the UK, to suck more UK Dick. I am going to watch her on webcam suck a real cock over the weekend. That will be entertaining.

Mistress Andrea
for sissy phone sex
toll free at:  

Cassie is a bigger faggot then before, more tranny cock sucking, and it love’s it’s cum!

"sissy phone sex"I enjoy sissy phone sex, and Cassie is such a cock sucking faggot. I sent it once again to suck dick, tranny dick that is.  I have so much fun having it do so. I love hearing tranny sucking stories.  They do amuse me.  I like to go to tranny bar’s and see all the makeup and pretty dresses, thinking of taking faggot there to parade around with Mistress!

Had faggot cum in a dish before the session, so it would have lot’s of extra cum to eat.  Here is a report from fag boy.. I had it dress in red, I added a “I love Cum” necklace, false eyelashes, a butt plug prior to calling tranny.  Don’t you love tranny phone sex?  Here is what faggot reported..
Mistress Andrea,As You ordered Your fag property, it sessioned tonight with another SheMale, this time Mistress Bianca. Before the session got underway, faggot explained to Her that You are its Mistress and  Owner and required it to call Her for humiliation and to beg Her to be allowed to suck Her cock and eat cum for Her. She asked faggot how long You have owned it and what You generally do to it. faggot told Her and was then told to tell Her how You had dressed it. faggot described its red slut outfit – silk and lace bra and panty, short tight dress, thigh hi boots, black thigh hi lace top stockings, its wig -long blonde , its make-up  -false eye lashes, blackeye liner, cocksucker red lipstick, rose eyeshadow, foundation, blush, powder, Poeme perfume. it also told Her that  ,  that it had on a black velvet collar that said I Love Cum, and was butt plugged. Mistress Bianca started belittling it for being a sissy and faggot, and made it get to its knees to lick Her balls and rim Her ass hole. She then made it stroke Her cock and lick around the head.  She then forced Her cock into faggot’s mouth and faced fucked faggot. When She said it could cum, it told Her that You had made it cum on a plate before the call so that after it came again there would be a lot of cum for it to eat. She laughed at that and told faggot to stroke fast and cum on theplate. faggot did and then She told  it to lick it up so She could hear faggot doing so. faggot did as it was told and swallowed every drop.
Thank you again Mistress for humiliating this faggot and for making it a cumslut
Your fag property
Mistress loves the part, where the tranny laugh’s that I made Cassie cum on a plate in advance.  Cassie is MY PROPERTY. I own and control it, and by the way, I received a gorgeous silver necklace today from faggot, I have it on now, it is very beautiful, faggot shows Mistress the respect I demand and deserve. I am already thinking of more humiliating things to do to faggot. I am sending it shopping, it will be wearing some makeup, actually full makeup, girlie jeans and no pocket’s. It will be swooshing around the mall, with it’s limp wrist, I can not wait to hear about the shopping trip. I love the shopping stories, Oh it will be plugged and girdled as well!
I will keep all you other sissy’s posted, check back! Mistress Andrea
for sissy phone sex.

Mistress Andrea:

Slave r is back for more cunt mouth fucking domination phone sex with Mistress Andrea 1-888-745-8716

"domination phone sex", "sissy phone sex"Domination phone sex with Mistress Andrea. Once again I am Taking Slave R back into my control. Has a dildo, ice, fork, belt, a marker, and beverages,
Putting him under my evil spell. My bf comes into the room, and decides to face fuck slave r.
He puts his 8 inch cock into slave r’s mouth, and face fucks him. I hear great cock sucking
sounds, how wonderful. Suck that fucking cock. Get his dick nice and hard. Pinching slave r’s
nipples, I am giving him wonderful nipple torture. Pinching them more. Rubbing ice on his
nipples. Making them numb. Sipping his beverage, that he has prepared for me. Work on those
nipples. Using him for my slave. He is My Slave to humiliate and degrade more then ever.
More Ice on nipples. Making my pussy wet, as I torturing his fucking nipples. Using him for
my amusement. I am freezing his nipples. Now ice on his cock and balls. Frozen balls for fucking
cunt mouth. Good boy! I am making him weak and defenseless to do everything I say.

He calls me Mistress and knows he has to obey me. Slap his dick, slap that fucking cock. Bang it
on the phone to make my fucking cunt wet. Going to sit on his face and lick out the cum. I moan
with pleasure as he cleans my pussy. Good boy!

Tell cock sucker to put dildo back in mouth to suck it more. MY boyfriend is face fucking his cunt
mouth. He is such a fucking whore, cock sucker. Write fucking whore on his leg. He is My fucking
whore. Cunt mouth written on cunt mouth leg. He says I call him that all the time, he says that is
what he is. He is a fucking cunt mouth and that is why I call him that. Suck that fucking cock
cunt mouth. Suck it dirty slut. I own and control you. Take the fork drag it up balls and cock and
around nipples. I need to torture him. Using it on nipples, and then more ice on nipples. Now freeze
those nipples you fucking slut. He yells out as it freezes. Now freeze those balls.

Slave r is all shaved for me, he has been shaving all week in preparation for me to use him. Taking dildo
sticking it in saved cum and sucking on it. Sucking my boyfriend’s big cock, as we laugh at cunt mouth
sucking away. Suck it! Suck that cock. New fat dick in slave r’s cunt mouth, as I hear him slurp away.
Bang that prick on phone. That is so hot, his prick his shaved prick sounds so hard and hot. He says
his balls and cock are shaved for me. He needs to shave to honor me. I own and control him, making
him weaker and more pathetic for Me!

I have him write Mistress Andrea’s Slut on his big prick. Cum dumpster on his arm. Ice up his butt.
Usually W/we have anal beads to stuff up cunt mouth’s ass. Tonight only ice. Sucking more cum off
my boyfriend’s dick. I fuck him right in front of Slave r, and then he sucks the cum off my boyfriend’s cock.
He is a fucking cum eater. Pain slut on other arm. Fork on balls, he hopes I don’t freeze his fucking balls
again. I own and control him, I sit on his face again, riding his mouth. Sucking my boyfriend’s cock again.
He is a cock sucking whore. I have him write cunt on his stomach. I want him covered in filthy words.
Writing on his chest, cunt, fuck, suck, asshole. Lick my ass hole you fucking ass licker. Lick away.
Tongue fuck my ass. Ass licker on chest in marker. Covered in dirty words. I own and control him. He is my
ass licker. Cock sucker also.

Banging prick on phone making my fucking cunt wet, he says it’s My fucking cock. He says I can do whatever
I want with it. I own it. Bang it. Sitting on his mouth again as he cleans my fucking pussy. Good ass licker
and cunt cleaner on himself. Fucking bitch is written on his chest. Bang his fucking prick for me. He is making
my fucking cunt so fucking wet. Dirty fucking slave. Suck that dildo again. Suck it. Like a good cock sucker.

Dirty whore sucking that fucking cock. Suck it, I own and control him. He is such a good slave. Dip it in the
cum and lick off the cum. Make him clean my fucking cunt again with his cunt mouth. Lick cum off fucking cock,
cock sucker. Weaker and a bigger cock sucker. Dirty fucking cock sucker. My slave he says! A faggot cum eating
cum dumpster. He can write them somewhere on his faggot whore body that is shaved for me. His owner and Mistress.
He is smooth as silk. He wants to be abused and humiliated by me. Cock sucker is serving me, and clean
my cunt. He is my fucking slut. I own and control him. Now he came, and I make him eat it.

Mistress Andrea for cock sucking phone sex 1-888-745-8716

Mistress Andrea for sissy phone sex training 1-888-745-8716

"sissy phone sex"Mistress Andrea for  sissy phone sex training. Submissive sissy D – dresses up, Sissy Daphne, is wearing a pair of panties and a bra and panty hose. Needs daily panties, wear everyday. Has a few things, all in one, and some toys, a butt plug and a dildo.
has done Role play with a real time Mistresses, such as getting caught scenario, and punished, spanked, strap on, and others, I do love a cross dressing sissy  to play with, as you all must have figured out by now..
Slave D wants to have me take charge and turn Sissy Daphne into a real sissy
I will ….pinch those sissy nipples.. have Daphne on the floor of his girlfriend’s apt. and use my strap on in her sissy ass!