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"sissy phone sex"Mistress Andrea for your sissy phone sex training and a Fabulous new Sissy Cassie story.. see how Mistress Andrea pimps out sissy Cassie.. more cum then you can imagine..read on and enjoy!

It had been several months since Mistress Andrea had heard from the bartender at the fag bar that She had taken Sissy Faggot Cassie to the night that She had his mouth and ass pussy fucked by real cocks for the first time. The bartender called Her to ask if he could rent Sissy for the night as he was throwing a special party for ten friends to celebrate the bar’s 5th anniversary. After agreeing on the price and Sissy’s attire, the bartender asked Mistress Andrea to have Sissy ready by 7pm and told Her that he would send a car to pick Sissy up.

Sissy Faggot Cassie was on his knees cleaning Mistress Andrea’s bathroom floor when he heard Mistress walk in. Sissy immediately stopped his work and bowed his head as She approached him. “The bartender from the fag bar I took you to for your faggot christening just called, he is having a special celebration tonight at the bar with about 10 friends and has purchased you for the night.” said Mistress Andrea. Sissy didn’t react, he kept his head bowed and listened as this was not the first time that Mistress Andrea had pimped him out. “He wants Sissy ready by 7pm and will send a car to get you. I want your chores finished properly but quickly so Sissy has time to take a nap; I want you are ready perform as I expect no matter how much they use you.”

After finishing his chores Sissy Faggot Cassie knelt in the corner of the living room as Mistress Andrea inspected his work. “Good job sissy boi, now go shower, get into your teddy and take a two hour nap.” Mistress Andrea instructed, and added “Sissy will take another shower and wash his hair when you wake; I want you nice and refreshed for tonight. He  wants you dressed like a little sissy so I will decide what outfit you will wear as you nap.”

Upon waking, Sissy Faggot Cassie did as he had been instructed and showered again and washed his hair. Sissy was putting his chastity device back on when Mistress Andrea entered his bathroom. “Finish putting that on, put the towel around you like a Woman would, and meet Me in Sissy’s bedroom.” ordered Mistress. Sissy Faggot Cassie quickly inserted his sissy clit into the shaft of the device and locked the device in place. Sissy then wrapped his pink bath towel around him to cover him from his sissy boi breasts to his ass, and hurried into his bedroom. “Sit at the makeup table Sissy so I can do your hair and put your makeup on. You’re going to look like such a sweet little prissy sissy for them that their cocks will be swelling just at the sight of you.” said Mistress Andrea. Mistress put pink blush, eye shadow and lipstick on Sissy and did his eyelashes in blue mascara. She decided to put his hair in pony tails and with pink ribbon bows. “Sissy, put on the pink lace bra, ruffle panty and lace top anklet socks that are on the bed as I get your dress.” ordered Mistress Andrea. Sissy did as he was told first slipping on his new ruffle panty which felt so delicious, then putting on his bra, then his anklets. Sissy looked himself over in the mirror to make sure his bra, panty and anklet’s were perfect. Mistress Andrea walked up behind him with a pink sissy dress that had several layers below the waist with lace edging, and the back of the dress had a big bow. Sissy put his dress on and then Mistress Andrea had him slip into pink Mary Jane’s. “Let Me see you Sissy, turn slowly.” instructed Mistress. “Aren’t you the perfect little sissy!” exclaimed  Mistress Andrea. “I think the men are just going to love fucking My little sissy fag!”

Mistress Andrea lead Sissy Faggot Cassie to the front door and said “The car will be here momentarily so let’s make sure that Sissy understands My expectations.” said Mistress Andrea in a stern tone. “I am sure that your sissy ass pussy and faggot mouth are in for a lot of fucking; little sissy faggots like you should never expect anything else. That said, My reputation as a Mistress is at stake whenever I pimp you out so sissy boi had better perform well or I’ll whip and cane your faggot ass severely when you get back. I don’t care how many times they want to fuck you, where and how they want to fuck you, whether or not they spank you as they fuck you; whatever they want to do to you is up to them, they have bought Sissy for the night and you will submit accordingly. Also, Sissy had better swallow every drop of cum that spurts into your mouth. You are to lick up every drop that drips out of your faggot ass hole, that drips on the floor , that is left on their cocks, every bit of it; Sissy is not to waste one drop of cum. Does Sissy understand everything that I have said?” ‘Yes Mistress.” replied Sissy Faggot Cassie. “Good! Did Sissy put extra lipstick in his purse?” She asked. “Yes Mistress.” replied Sissy. “Make sure that you freshen your lipstick after each time you suck a few cocks.” instructed Mistress Andrea. “Now off Sissy goes, the car is waiting.”

Sissy Faggot Cassie wiggled out to the car and the man opened the door for him, breaking out into laughter as he did. As they drove off the man looked in the rear view mirror and said “I love to fuck little sissy bois and can’t wait to fuck you faggot.” Sissy Faggot Cassie didn’t say anything, he smiled ever so slightly as he began to get nervous. Mistress Andrea had pimped him our before making him work truck stops or the street where other faggots did, and occasionally overnights but with no more than two men present. She had never left sissy alone with so many men which now caused sissy some anxiousness as he knew that She would not be there to protect him if things got out of control. Sissy Faggot Cassie knew though that he had to quell this feeling before they got to the bar as he needed to be totally compliant with the directions of the men or face Mistress Andrea’s wrath when he got back home.

When they arrived at the bar the man opened the car door for Sissy Faggot Cassie and said to sissy “Its party time faggot and you’re the party favor. We’re going to fuck your ass good.” As they entered the bar all of the other men were standing at the bar having drinks and talking. Their attention turned when the door shut, and Sissy Faggot Cassie was greeted with a mixture of laughter, blown kisses and whistles. The bartender said “Don’t be shy sissy come over to the bar so we can see our little party girl.” Sissy Faggot Cassie did as he was told and his heart began to race as he heard the door being locked behind him. “Be a good little sissy and turn so we can see your pretty outfit.” said the bartender. Sissy Faggot Cassie turned slowly and listened to some ridicule and laughter as he did. One of the men moved close to Sissy and placed his hand under Sissy’s dress and moved it up Sissy’s leg and then around to his ass. The man rubbed his hand all over Sissy’s ass and whispered in Sissy’s ear “I’m going to fuck sissy’s ass hard.” “Sissy” the bartender said “it is time to start the party, take off your pretty dress so it doesn’t get ruined.” Sissy Faggot Cassie took his pretty dress off slowly and the bartender took it from him and placed it off to the side. “Well guys since Bill went to the trouble to pick the fag up I think that he should have first shot at his boi pussy.” said the bartender. “Agreed”? he asked. The men agreed and Bill walked up behind Sissy Faggot Cassie, wrapped his arms around Sissy’s waist and pressed himself against Sissy’s ass. Sissy Faggot Cassie could feel Bill’s cock start to swell. “Move closer to the bar and lean forward faggot.” ordered Bill. Sissy Faggot Cassie did as he was told and Bill pulled Sissy’s panties down and forced his cock into Sissy’s ass. Bill put his hands on Sissy’s hips and fucked Sissy hard. As Sissy Faggot Cassie felt Bill’s cock start to throb he began to move his hips in unison with Bill to urge on his orgasm. As Bill began to cum he pulled Sissy’s head to the side and tongue kissed him. When Bill pulled out of Sissy, Sissy knelt and cleaned his cock of oozing cum and his own ass filth.

As Sissy Faggot Cassie was still knelling anoth
er man approached. Sissy unzipped his pants, gently took his cock out and began to stroke it. While continuing to stroke the cock, Sissy licked his balls, and then licked and sucked the head of his cock. As the cock began to grow Sissy took more and more of it into his mouth, sucking hungrily on it loving the taste and feel of the cock in his mouth. With his cock throbbing and ready to cum the man grabbed the back of Sissy’s head and held it as he fucked Sissy’s face and forced his cock down his throat as he came. Sissy swallowed the cum and then licked the man’s cock clean.

The next man grabbed Sissy’s pony tails, yanking him up from the floor, and with his pony tails still in hand dragged Sissy over to a table and order Sissy to lay on his back. The man roughly pulled Sissy’s panties off, spit on his cock and forced himself into Sissy’s ass. As the man roughly fucked Sissy, another man got on the table and stuck his cock in Sissy’s mouth and face fucked him. Both men fucked Sissy’s holes hard pumping feverishly and pressing as deep inside of Sissy as they could when they came.

The fucking of Sissy went on all night with the men taking him in various positions and filling his mouth and ass pussy with their cum. During short breaks Sissy refreshed his lipstick, and if he felt any cum begin to drip from his ass pussy he placed a hand there to catch the drippings and then licked the cum up. As it was approaching day break the bartender announced “Last call boys.” “Faggot, take your pretty bra off and lay on the floor.” he ordered. Sissy Faggot Cassie did as he was told and the men circled around him and began to jerk off. One after the other they came on Sissy’s face and chest, and after they were all done the bartender took some pictures of Sissy laying there as a cum pad, and then as he was wiping off and licking up the cum. Once done the bartender instructed Sissy to get dressed, gave him Mistress’ fee for the use of him and had Bill drive him back home.

When they arrived at the house Bill let Sissy out of the car and said “I am going to contact your Mistress and buy some time with you all by myself faggot. You little sissy bitches are my favorite fuck and you were good tonight faggot.” Sissy Faggot Cassie said a polite goodbye and went into the house, leaving Mistress’s fee by Her favorite chair in the living room. He then went to his bathroom and after taking off his clothes douched his ass pussy and took a shower. As he came out of he shower Mistress Andrea was standing there. “Sissy is sorry Mistress if he woke You.” said Sissy in a worried tone. “You didn’t disturb Me Sissy, I asked the bartender to call Me when they were through with you so I’d know you were on your way.” responded Mistress. “I understand that the men enjoyed using My sissy bitch and that you were a very good little sissy whore. Get yourself into a nightie, but before I let you sleep make Me some coffee and breakfast.” Sissy Faggot Cassie did as Mistress instructed and then was allowed by Mistress Andrea to sleep for a few hours before getting to his chores.

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Mistress Andrea likes sissy training phone sex"sissy phone sex", and with that she has been enjoying herself with some new slut’s a new human ATM, and a new cuckolder a few minute’s ago. Let me post while it is fresh in my mind.  I had this new wannabee cucky suck my old boyfriend’s cock.  I had him get on his knee’s while I got my Real Man’s Cock out, and rubbed it all over his face. Forcing it into my cucky’s mouth.  (New cucky is the boyfriend, being humiliated by my Old boyfriend).  A good cuckold phone sex fantasy!   I then had sex with my BF and had my cucky lick me and lick me clean, oh he ate lot’s of cum during our session. I do love cum slut’s!

Sissy Cassie is being busy as a sissy secretary.  Doing many chore’s and serving Mistress Andrea.  I will keep you posted on it’s progress, thinking it may need a new dress for the fall, some shopping and humiliation, I love making the faggot go to the mall, with a plug up it’s ass, and wiggle and act faggy. I have feminized and made it love cock and cum!  I feel like degrading it more, it will be going to a Mistress, to lick her ass for me, I can hardly wait. Maybe I should send faggot for some panties, fagboi did recently get me pretty one’s from VS. I love them!  It serve’s me, I degrade it, as it is my property, I use it for my amusement!

My human ATM sent me a money gift in the mail, I received it today!  Mistress will enjoy it for shopping and such. Oh meant to mention faggot has been sending me nail polishes, I just did my nail’s in a fabulous fall color, thank you Cassie!

Mistress Andrea
for humiliation and domination phone sex toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

Mistress Andrea owns and uses her sluts!

Mistress Andrea a new slut today, to use!  It was fun, I had and I fucked him over in a big way.  First I made him go into his wife’s panty drawer and put on a pair of brief’s.  Then I instructed him to go into the hamper and find some worn panties.  I had him put a worn pair over his face, crotch over his nose. I had him masturbate like that for a few minutes, each stroke he had to thank me, while I laughed, and told him what a pathetic masturbator he was.  He was whining a lot, so I had him put on some lipstick, and then get his wife’s toy out and suck it. He started crying and moaning. I had to laugh again at what a cock sucking loser  he was being, and how much fun I was having.

He gave me a great idea, he seemed to really react when I mentioned that he had to pay me for all of this. So, I started to charge him one dollar per stroke.  That added up to a hefty amount, as he was getting into this. Me telling him, that I would be getting the money, that his wife was expecting. I enjoyed this very much, he will be calling me back, as I have addicted him to me already.

I also sent a cock sucker to a glory hole.  This cock sucker took his laptop, and I was able to watch him on webcam, as he was used by guy’s this afternoon. It was quite a sight, I could tell that by my watching all this, it was a huge turn on for him.

I like sissy call’s,  Brenda called me, and I have to say, she love’s anal sex. Being a girlie slut, she like’s getting f**d,  I enjoyed her telling me about her new bf, and how he likes to use her pussy!  Also talked to Emily, who love’s shopping, she showed me on webcam her latest dress, Very Pretty Em!    Karen again, is a slut in London, she can not cross dress enough.  I am not sure she has any men’s clothing left at all.   Daniella loves my strap on.  I like gang banging when ever possible, now she can not walk. Poor sissy.
They are all cum eater’s. IF they are not when they start calling me, they are by the time, I get them into my training program.

In the meanwhile, I have been further training MY property Cassie. I had given it a cum eating lesson, here is it’s response to my instruction:
AsYou directed Mistress, last night faggot sucked a butt plug and then shoved it into its sissy boi ass pussy and slid it’s girdle up so that the plug would stay firmly inside of it. it sat and rocked back and forth in the chair , just love how that feels, as it did some more secretarial work for You. Once it completed its assignment, faggot hurriedly wiggled its way downstairs and began to suck on the 10 inch dildo , making sure to lick, mouth and suck, not only the cock but also the balls like the proper cockslut You’ve turned  faggot into. it so does love having cock’s in both of of its fag hole’s and taking every inch of them. After sucking faggot went night night but kept it’s ass pussy plugged all night long. This morning it licked and sucked the filthy plug clean. Thank you for making faggot what it is Your cock sucking faggot slut whore…..sissy faggot cassie

Faggot has been serving me, and amusing me, we had been doing some Tranny call’s. I would send cock sucker off to suck Tranny cock, and  maybe with an assignment, and it would report back to me, all the dirty details.  Faggot also has made Mistress Andrea very happy.  Faggot has gotten me some fabulous Smashbox cosmetic’s.  Honestly I do not know what I did without this makeup.
I have a new foundation, I have been looking and trying many this one is the perfect color. Faggot sent me a try me kit from Smashbox, had some foundation primer in it, I had used the sample under the new foundation, and it has made a HUGE difference in the way it goes on. I think I need faggot to get some for itself, as I require it to wear foundation for me, during our session’s as well as when it goes plugged or off to amuse me with another domme.   Smashbox also has cream eyeliner with a brush, you push the liner into the lash crease, you can control how you want it to look, it is super cool. I love the liner’s, faggot went so far as to send me another kit of liner cream I so love it!  Faggot respect’s me, and treat’s me in the way that I deserve to be treated.

Faggot is a cum eating, cum slut, whore and I allowed it a breakfast treat as well.. Faggot cassie wrote:  Mmmm Mmmm good! faggot just finished the special breakfast You allowed it Mistress.The English muffins were  especially good because faggot produced a very healthy helping of cum to butter them with. faggot so does love to eat cum! Yummy!

 Thank Mistress for its breakfast treat

 …sissy faggot cassie Oh yes, also loser piggy did call me, usually sends me a tribute, I have been lax to post on here, but yes, piggy, I am mentioning you here, although I think it is more fitting for a piggy to be ignored. I expect your tribute this week, and yes, I will up it 10 dollar’s to make it more appealing to me!

I will write more to you all soon!

Mistress Andrea
for sissy phone sex
toll free at:  

Don’t you wish you were me?

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"cock sucking phone sex"Here is a recap of a recent session had faggot write a summary for Me. ..
“Last night Mistress Andrea allowed Her faggot  to look at gay porn for a whole hour. faggot was allowed to masturbate, but not to cum. faggot watched videos of gay men making out, and going down on each other. faggot got really exciting imagining that it was there. faggot fantasized about being in the center of a circle jerk and sucking cock after cock, with cum dripping down faggot’s face. This got sissy faggot phone sex so hot and made it want to cum so bad that it thought it would explode. faggot did not let itself cum though, because this sissy bitch knows better than to disobey Mistress Andrea.

faggot has been humiliating phone sex  itself and being gay for Mistress Andrea all day, and it hasn’t been allowed to cum once. faggot is so horny and frustrated. It hopes that Mistress Andrea will allow it to cum soon. But faggot knows that it must earn the right to cum by degrading itself, emasculating itself, and being the girliest sissy faggot it can be. faggot is being conditioned to get off to cock only. The only woman that faggot even thinks about anymore is Mistress Andrea. Other than Mistress Andrea, faggot only masturbates to hot guys with throbbing cocks and big manly chests.  I love cuckold phone sex and domination phone sex .

faggot fantasizes about having a boyfriend with a rock hard body holding faggot in his big strong arms while faggot rests it’s head on his big strong chest. faggot cock sucker then looks up adoringly into his eyes and gives him a long passionate kiss on the mouth. faggot then removes his shirt and slowly moves down kissing his chest and then his rock hard abs. faggot makes it’s way to the bulge in her man’s pants and teasingly unzips his zipper to reveal his monstrous throbbing cock. faggot wraps her lips around the tip of the cock and slowly slides down the shaft until faggot gags a little. faggot then tries to pull up, but faggot’s boyfriend grabs faggot by its hair and forces faggot to deep throat all 9 inches. faggot gags and tears begin to drip fro, her eyes causing her mascara to run. faggot’s boyfriend shows faggot no sympathy and passionately face fucks his faggot until he cum hard inside faggot’s mouth. faggot’s boyfriend looks at his faggot and says “Don’t you even think of swallowing it yet, queer boy. I want my sissy faggot to savor the taste of my cum. Swish it around in your mouth and gargle it.”   Humiliation phone sex  with Mistress Andrea is incredible.

“Yes Sir”, faggot says as it swishes the cum around in it’s mouth and gargles it. “Good faggot”, faggot’s boyfriend says. “Now you may swallow it. But not just what’s already in your mouth. I want my fagboy to use it’s tongue to clean off all the cum on the tip of my cock and then lick up all the cum that fell on the floor. When you have a giant cock like mine you make a lot of cum, but that’s not something a tiny little fagboy like you would know.” “Yes Sir”, faggot says, as she cleans of her Master’s cock and floor and swallows it like she was told.

faggot hopes that Mistress Andrea is pleased with it’s faggy fantasy. It makes faggot’s clit hard knowing that Mistress Andrea and anyone else who reads this will laugh at what a pathetic cock sucking faggot it is.
*curtsies”  I am going to write you a cuckold phone sex fantasy next….

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"sissy phone sex"I am so fortunate to have a following of sissy sluts.  I take immediate control, I am expert in many femdom phone sex areas.   One of the most important areas would be humiliation.  I do sissy humiliation phone sex most of the time.   Femdom or cock control, what ever you want to call it, is what appeals to me.

I take the time to get to know my new subject, it can be a cross dresser, it can be a man who likes to wear panties, or it can be a sissy full blown, and I like to take a look at what is presented to me and proceed from there. I enjoy feminizing a man, I like the idea of putting MY panties on a slut, and having him be submissive to me.

Recently I had a sissy serving me, sissy katrina who begged me to listen to her at a glory hole. I did so only if she took her laptop so that I was able to watch her on webcam, we spent a lot of time preparing for it.  She dressed in panties, and I got to see the penis’s come out of the hole in wall of the booth, it was very amusing.

I liked that she got covered in cum for me that day. Her sissy dress, and her sissy wig all cum covered, I had her in heels, and made her lick cum even off those, as if the dicks she sucked were not cum filled enough for this slut.   I also get requests for SPH – small penis humiliation phone sex,  a lot of sissies really want to be girls. It helps when they are so small.   Panties are usually a must for me for a session for feminization,  I like a sissy to be interested in my panties, and I do enjoy panty worship, (that might be me wearing panties and sitting on YOUR face you slut!)  A sissy slut, can be a sissy whore, and if you are a naughty sissy be prepared for your sissy clitty to be locked up, as I very much enjoy sissy chastity training.

I had another caller that was very taken by me, I used him, my first love of course is domination phone sex,  I do strap on fantasy calls, cock and ball torture, In fact had a slut today, tie a heavy weight on his balls, and slap them for a long time, I enjoyed his suffering.  He enjoyed me being amused.  He shot a bucket of cum, I made him eat it.

Cum eating is also very popular in the circles that surround me. I am all important, be sure you know you will serve me, I may sound very soft and sexy. I will get under your skin, take control and USE YOU!

Call Mistress Andrea, for your domination, feminization, cuckold, small penis humiliation or whatever type of distance training phone sex you are looking for

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"domination phone sex", "sissy phone sex"Slave R calling me for humiliation and degradation and domination phone sex, A dildo, wooden spoon, fork and knife, comb, ice, saved cum and clothespins. He is a fucking slut, Start out by sucking his dildo for me.

He is an experienced cock sucker. His cock is hard, and he does not want small talk, straight to the hard core severe humiliation. He is taking it all, it is a 7 inch dildo, deep throating it. He is sucking it with
his cunt mouth, deep throating the dildo. He is a fucking cock sucking cunt mouth. Taking the fork and running it over his nipples. Feels good and hurts. He likes that, pain slut. He is my pain slut, I own and
control him. Running fork up his cock. Take wooden spoon, I order him to spank MY cock. Has a super hard cock for me. Cock banging on phone. Suck out the cum in my cunt. Fucking cunt sucker, with
his cunt mouth. Loves sucking my bf’s big cock. He is MY cock sucker. He says he is.
My cuckold cock sucker slave. Watch me fuck my boyfriend. He will masturbate in the corner, suck his balls while he fucks me, and lick my pussy while he fucks me, he is a fucking cock sucking cunt mouth.
His balls are hitting him in the face, balls up against his mouth. Using him like the dirty slut that he is. Hitting cock with spoon. I make his cock hard. Using fork on nipples, Torturing his nipples as I tie him up
and he is helpless and weak. Putting clothespins on nipples, one on each side.  Says nipples are hard. Clips on nipples three on each side. Clothespins on inside of thighs. Going to use him, degrade and
humiliate him, make him beg for more abuse 3 clips on inside of each thigh.
Going to write Mistress Andrea’s Dick on his cock in marker, Prick on inside of thigh, Cock Sucker on Stomach, Cunt mouth on inside of other thigh, dick face on inside of arm, taking a break, will put some ice
up My slave’s butt. Take clothespins off nipples, and rub ice on nipples. Fucking slut needs to be tortured and used. Nipples are standing hard. Anal ice cubes up his butt. Writing fucking whore on chest. Cuckold
bitch on leg, I like to write filth on him. Piss whore on his stomach next to cock sucker. Using him, as my piss whore. I own and control my fucking slut. Taking off clothespins. Suck away, I hear him sucking
my boyfriends dick, fucking cunt cock sucker. Good boy! Using him like a dirty cunt mouth slut like his is.
More filth, Dick on right arm, Bitch, he is My bitch. Anal slut, Pecker, Pussy, Cum slut, Twat, Asshole, Sperm, Jizz, butt fucker, nutsack, weiner, boner, loading him up with filth. BALLS! Tits. More cock hitting with
wooden spoon. Taking dildo sticking it in cum and sucking on it. Sucking it hard, fucking cunt mouth, using him for my amusement.

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"sissy phone sex"Sissy phone sex, with My Property of course is Cassie, I own him, and he is mine. He has been sending me the most fabulous things. I just received new nail polishes, they are perfect for Spring/Summer.  He has also sent me capri pants, fabulous tropical fish hand towels. A wonderful necklace that I have been receiving so many compliments on. I took out a bunch of sandals Cassie sent me last year, for this summer, I am all set.

I do most of all love training and degrading my faggot cock sucker. It brings me so much pleasure and amusement. I love to use it, and make it my slut.  I am planning on making faggot a bigger whore, and cock sucker then it has been in the past. I enjoy fucking it’s man pussy, and filling it with cock at both ends.

We had a session the other night.  I had it dress in the following:
short brown wig, red ribbon bows, silver dangling with red stones, black velet chocker – Slut, dark red bustier with very small pink
flowers, matching panty bikini cut, black thigh hi stockings, red 5in fuck me pumps – no skirt
foundation, powder, blush, lipstick – cocksucker red, red lip pencil, black eyeliner, sparkle false lashses, eyeshadow – Rose , Poeme

This session started out with a little beating, I put faggot over the spanking bench.  Then i allowed Cassie to unlock it’s clit cage,  I began with some ice up it’s pussy,  then some cock sucking, and because it is such a faggot, i the swatted it’s earrings with a crop, and demanded that it suck the cock faggot!   I put more ice up it’s arse, then another swat, some cock sucking, another swat, and repeated this many times.  I made faggot confess what a cock sucker it is.  Mistress Andrea’s cock sucker.. worships cock.  Cassie truly loves cock and cum.
Then I used  a q tip with alcohol, to torture it’s clit!  Lots of moans which I enjoyed when I did this.  I continued to spank it on it’s sissy ass.  Once again I had it impale itself on the cock, bounce five time, and then get off. Once off of it I had Cassie lick it off. Making it beg to lick it clean. All the more humiliating. Stuffing it full of that cock, mouth is full, I can hear Cassie slurp it clean.

Writing slut across it’s forhead in cheap red lipstick. Faggot is a fag slut!  Double slut has a necklace on that says slut as well.. cleaning ass pussy with toothpaste, now for some weights from it’s earrings.. and swing them. Putting the cock back in it’s mouth. Suck and swing.  What a good faggot… more weight, and more sucking.

Some double ended sucking and fucking. Faggot loves that. Makes Mistress Andrea so happy!  I do more humiliation, if you other sissy’s want to find out what it is, you will have to do a session with me.

Here is a cock sucking session for all of you cock sucker’s to aspire to..

Mistress, faggot slipped out of its pink daily wear panty and put on itsblack silk and lace bra and panty set and a thick coat of cocksucker red lipstick., and got the ten inch cock to suck on.  faggot thought of You taking it to a glory hole and You positioning it on its knees with lips open before the hole waiting for delicious cocks to come through as You stood and watched faggot suck while You  counted the money the men paid for their blowjobs. Mmmmmm so many delicous cocks faggot licked and sucked,  and Mmmmm all of that yummy cum that faggot swallowed for You. Love being Your whore fag cocksucking cunt boi.
Worship You!!!!!!
Your sissy faggot property, cassie

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Had a little sissy slut call me today. Sporting a credit card for a nice long hour call, buying me things at Nordstrom today!   Wearing panties, and begging me to torture it’s sissy balls and clitty.  I had him take a paddle, and spanked its balls, till they were blue.  I then made it beg to be spanked more, I used a clamp on this sissy’s clitty head, and then two clamps on it’s thighs.  Poor thing was whining and begging me to stop.

Not a chance, I spanked it with a ruler, the clitty that is, What you could see of it, what a little dick loser , hardly a clitty at all.  Good thing this sissy jayjay  likes to serve me. because it’s clitty is getting smaller all the time. Could be the hormones I am slipping into her water glass.

I will turn jay into the girl she wants to be.  Nice boobies, and a tiny waist, not to mention, we are working on making her voice sound like a girl.  Humiliation phone sex  with Andrea …   Sissy phone sex, cuckold phone sex….

Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

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"she male phone sex", "sissy phone sex"If you have been following along lately you will see that I have enjoy a good phone sex session, and tranny phone sex, and tranny fun with my cock sucking faggot, Cassie.  Cassie has to accept all my abuse, as I degrade and humiliate it, as Mistress Andrea is it’s OWNER.  Faggot is no more then property to me.   I make it pay me a slut fee, when I send it to a Tranny to be further humiliated. In fact I am enjoying this so much, I actually become excited in doing so. I love to degrade faggot.

See what faggot wrote in it’s report as to the recent visit with She Male Pandora.

As You directed, faggot called another She Male tonight, the very dominant and beautiful Pandora. faggot dressed in a red slut outfit, with blonde wig and of course make-up.  it told Her that You own this little sissy faggot and that it was to beg Her to suck Her cock and for Her to fuck it. She took great pleasure in all of this and started out by making faggot get on its knees, pull Her panties down and stick its tongue out while at the same time try to beg Her to let faggot lick it. faggot did its best which brought laughter from Her. She then allowed faggot to lick up and down Her luscious 8 inch cock and then She shoved it into its mouth and forced it down faggot’s throat. Next She made faggot beg to be fucked which it did “please fuck the faggot, please fuck it” and She took faggot’s ass pussy, giving it hard to it. When She finished fucking faggot She twisted its nipples through its bra then shoved Her cock in its mouth and had faggot suck it. She made faggot beg to cum and when it was ready to She made it cum in its panties and then take them off and suck up every drop.

Thank you Mistress for continuing to make it more of a faggot and for humiliating it. Your sissy faggot property, cassie”.
Her panties down and stick its tongue out while at the same time try to beg Her to let faggot lick it. faggot did its best which brought laughter from Her.” I LOVE THIS PART!  MAKES ME LAUGH just like I was there!  WTG Pandora. Make that faggot beg for more dick! As a reward, I gave faggot a cum snack!  it wrote…
“As You ordered earlier this evening, faggot pulled its flowered panties down to its knees, unlocked its chastity device sat all the way down on the 10 inch black dildo and fucked its ass pussy hard for ten minutes. As it fucked itself, faggot thought of the SheMale Dommes that You recently sent it to taking turns fucking it. faggot jerked its clitty off onto a plate and then licked and swallowed all of the cum up, again thinking of the She Males pulling their cocks out of its ass pussy just before cumming and shooting their hot loads into its cum slut mouth. So do love being Your fag property, and being so completely dominated and under Your control. Your devoted sissy faggot bitch property, cassie”. When all was said and done.. Cassie called it’s Mistress, and asked to pay it’s slut fee. I am wanting to send faggot out for more she male dick, as it is so amusing, especially for the summer. Faggot loves to suck it, and I love to hear the stories. I will keep you all posted about faggot’s new tranny adventures.. Oh I must tell everyone about the gorgeous white watch faggot sent me, I totally love it, and have been wearing it daily!  Thank you faggot, you belong to me, and I will use you accordingly. Be ready for more humiliation, and degradation!

Mistress Andrea can be reached for domination, sissy, phone sex
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

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More new’s in faggot land.  Faggot cassie, which is MY property. I own and control this sissy, has been loving my blog post’s.  As you know, faggot has it’s clit in a chastity device, it goes to THIS blog, and read’s about itself, and make’s it’s clit twitch and strain in the cage I have imposed.  It surely is a SISSY FAGGOT.   I have to laugh as I love sissy faggots, sissy faggots  are so much fun to train and play with. I like to tell them story’s about my boyfriend’s.  I love to share submissive boyfriend stories in particular!  I do this during faggot phone sex!

Sissy faggot cocksucker’s brings me to another topic that is very special to Mistress Andrea.  I enjoy making faggot’s into big cock sucker’s.  I have done this with MY cassie.  Faggot is an expert cock sucker, and assures me that it has sucked real cock in real life!
Turn on for me. Knowing faggot loves cocks.Do you enjoy dick sucking sissy stories? SO do I, I would love to hear yours!  Also your cock sucking sissy stories!  I had a hot cuckold caller too!  He is going to get back with his wife, but she has sex with other’s and he LIKES it!  What a loser he is!

Sissy cassie, sent me a gorgeous chain and ankle bracette today. Mistress will look gorgeous with it on~  I will further humiliate faggot, it is having session with a Mistress tonight, as I have sent it to lick ass.  What an ass licking whore it is~

Also have my electric bill adopted by human Atm, he is paying electric, but will switch to my heating bill soon, as that will be the bigger utility.

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