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"sissy phone sex"I am so fortunate to have a following of sissy sluts.  I take immediate control, I am expert in many femdom phone sex areas.   One of the most important areas would be humiliation.  I do sissy humiliation phone sex most of the time.   Femdom or cock control, what ever you want to call it, is what appeals to me.

I take the time to get to know my new subject, it can be a cross dresser, it can be a man who likes to wear panties, or it can be a sissy full blown, and I like to take a look at what is presented to me and proceed from there. I enjoy feminizing a man, I like the idea of putting MY panties on a slut, and having him be submissive to me.

Recently I had a sissy serving me, sissy katrina who begged me to listen to her at a glory hole. I did so only if she took her laptop so that I was able to watch her on webcam, we spent a lot of time preparing for it.  She dressed in panties, and I got to see the penis’s come out of the hole in wall of the booth, it was very amusing.

I liked that she got covered in cum for me that day. Her sissy dress, and her sissy wig all cum covered, I had her in heels, and made her lick cum even off those, as if the dicks she sucked were not cum filled enough for this slut.   I also get requests for SPH – small penis humiliation phone sex,  a lot of sissies really want to be girls. It helps when they are so small.   Panties are usually a must for me for a session for feminization,  I like a sissy to be interested in my panties, and I do enjoy panty worship, (that might be me wearing panties and sitting on YOUR face you slut!)  A sissy slut, can be a sissy whore, and if you are a naughty sissy be prepared for your sissy clitty to be locked up, as I very much enjoy sissy chastity training.

I had another caller that was very taken by me, I used him, my first love of course is domination phone sex,  I do strap on fantasy calls, cock and ball torture, In fact had a slut today, tie a heavy weight on his balls, and slap them for a long time, I enjoyed his suffering.  He enjoyed me being amused.  He shot a bucket of cum, I made him eat it.

Cum eating is also very popular in the circles that surround me. I am all important, be sure you know you will serve me, I may sound very soft and sexy. I will get under your skin, take control and USE YOU!

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Domination phone sex – Mistress Andrea 1-888-745-8716

"sissy phone sex"New faggot looking to suck cock on the phone with guys for me.  Some gay phone sex.  This should be amusing, Joey will be taking a place on my company site for domination phone sex .   He is going to take calls, so you guys wanting a guy to suck you off, or if you want to fuck him. he will be available soon.  His picture is not up yet, but it will be.  In the meanwhile, if you want some phonesex, and you are submissive or wanting to have a guy on the line, then I will have him call you, you must contact me first.

I have had a lot of sluts, whores and faggots, call me.  I have also been doing some cuckold phone sex , I do love to tell you loser’s out there, how inadequate you are and how my real many boyfriend pleases me. Be sure to ask, I am more then happy to tell you.

Whore Darlene, is back again, donating  money to my trinket fund!   She is a human atm and at times empty’s her account into mine.  I have her sucking this one guy’s cock, and making her pay me to do it!  I  told her she was lucky to have one, for the price! Some of the cock sucker’s that call me have a hard time finding cock, but since she pays me, it is no problem.  I managed to find her a steady one to suck and it is huge!  Also,  if you could see her, she passes for a girl.  She has taken hormones, and she likes to go out fully dressed, told me she has had a few close calls, when guys find out she is not a woman.  She is hanging now at gay bars, safer for her, and looking for random cock, cause I want her to branch out! .

Sissy Carolyn  has gotten some mighty big  implants, said she wanted D cups, last we spoke, now they appear to have grown to DD’s. She works as a male escort, in a club, she is very talented, she loves to suck cock and get fucked,  I bet all you sissy’s out there would love her new tits, I guess she now passes as a tranny.  Told me her cock is huge!  She looks fabulous and does a great job with her makeup.  She told me she has been sucking off the guy that owns the club!

PayYouALL is going out looking for cock sucking phone sex, to suck for me.  Came up with an idea, that each time he gets a dick, he has to add more to the tribute, my goodness, I do love those Amazon gift cards, and money orders!

Sharon the sissy maid   has lots of sissy aprons, maid’s outfits, likes to fully dress the maids part. She wears mary jane’s, and likes to wiggle her sissy ass.  I like hearing about all her clothes, and she has a lot of them.    Apparently she is a real life sissy maid for a dominatrix, who told her to call me, and tell me about her duties.. She cleans the kitchen floor with her tongue. She cleans her Mistress’s A** with her tongue as well… keep up the good work!

CockSuckerSame has been going to adult book stores, and sucking a huge amount of dick and eating cum for Mistress Andrea.    Sissy Missy,  has had many sessions with me, and yet she can not master cock sucking, which leads to heavy duty spanking phone sex sessions,  If she does not get with it soon, I am afraid she will never be able to sit down.  She did send me a pretty dress, she said, if I buy you something will you please stop spanking me?  I loved that one!  So yes, it worked Missy!

Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

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"domination phone sex", "sissy phone sex"Slave R calling me for humiliation and degradation and domination phone sex, A dildo, wooden spoon, fork and knife, comb, ice, saved cum and clothespins. He is a fucking slut, Start out by sucking his dildo for me.

He is an experienced cock sucker. His cock is hard, and he does not want small talk, straight to the hard core severe humiliation. He is taking it all, it is a 7 inch dildo, deep throating it. He is sucking it with
his cunt mouth, deep throating the dildo. He is a fucking cock sucking cunt mouth. Taking the fork and running it over his nipples. Feels good and hurts. He likes that, pain slut. He is my pain slut, I own and
control him. Running fork up his cock. Take wooden spoon, I order him to spank MY cock. Has a super hard cock for me. Cock banging on phone. Suck out the cum in my cunt. Fucking cunt sucker, with
his cunt mouth. Loves sucking my bf’s big cock. He is MY cock sucker. He says he is.
My cuckold cock sucker slave. Watch me fuck my boyfriend. He will masturbate in the corner, suck his balls while he fucks me, and lick my pussy while he fucks me, he is a fucking cock sucking cunt mouth.
His balls are hitting him in the face, balls up against his mouth. Using him like the dirty slut that he is. Hitting cock with spoon. I make his cock hard. Using fork on nipples, Torturing his nipples as I tie him up
and he is helpless and weak. Putting clothespins on nipples, one on each side.  Says nipples are hard. Clips on nipples three on each side. Clothespins on inside of thighs. Going to use him, degrade and
humiliate him, make him beg for more abuse 3 clips on inside of each thigh.
Going to write Mistress Andrea’s Dick on his cock in marker, Prick on inside of thigh, Cock Sucker on Stomach, Cunt mouth on inside of other thigh, dick face on inside of arm, taking a break, will put some ice
up My slave’s butt. Take clothespins off nipples, and rub ice on nipples. Fucking slut needs to be tortured and used. Nipples are standing hard. Anal ice cubes up his butt. Writing fucking whore on chest. Cuckold
bitch on leg, I like to write filth on him. Piss whore on his stomach next to cock sucker. Using him, as my piss whore. I own and control my fucking slut. Taking off clothespins. Suck away, I hear him sucking
my boyfriends dick, fucking cunt cock sucker. Good boy! Using him like a dirty cunt mouth slut like his is.
More filth, Dick on right arm, Bitch, he is My bitch. Anal slut, Pecker, Pussy, Cum slut, Twat, Asshole, Sperm, Jizz, butt fucker, nutsack, weiner, boner, loading him up with filth. BALLS! Tits. More cock hitting with
wooden spoon. Taking dildo sticking it in cum and sucking on it. Sucking it hard, fucking cunt mouth, using him for my amusement.

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More new’s in faggot land.  Faggot cassie, which is MY property. I own and control this sissy, has been loving my blog post’s.  As you know, faggot has it’s clit in a chastity device, it goes to THIS blog, and read’s about itself, and make’s it’s clit twitch and strain in the cage I have imposed.  It surely is a SISSY FAGGOT.   I have to laugh as I love sissy faggots, sissy faggots  are so much fun to train and play with. I like to tell them story’s about my boyfriend’s.  I love to share submissive boyfriend stories in particular!  I do this during faggot phone sex!

Sissy faggot cocksucker’s brings me to another topic that is very special to Mistress Andrea.  I enjoy making faggot’s into big cock sucker’s.  I have done this with MY cassie.  Faggot is an expert cock sucker, and assures me that it has sucked real cock in real life!
Turn on for me. Knowing faggot loves cocks.Do you enjoy dick sucking sissy stories? SO do I, I would love to hear yours!  Also your cock sucking sissy stories!  I had a hot cuckold caller too!  He is going to get back with his wife, but she has sex with other’s and he LIKES it!  What a loser he is!

Sissy cassie, sent me a gorgeous chain and ankle bracette today. Mistress will look gorgeous with it on~  I will further humiliate faggot, it is having session with a Mistress tonight, as I have sent it to lick ass.  What an ass licking whore it is~

Also have my electric bill adopted by human Atm, he is paying electric, but will switch to my heating bill soon, as that will be the bigger utility.

Mistress Andrea will use and abuse you, call me for your faggot phone sex at Mistress Andrea
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Cuckold and humiliation phone sex

"sissy phone sex"New caller Cuckold Mike. Seems his wife messes around on him, that is a big surprise as he tells me he has a 2″ dick, if you can call it that.  Told me to call it his itsy bitsy?  Sounds a bit femme, don’t you think?  I asked him if he is a little dick loser, and guess what?  Yes, he says he never has sex with his wife. He told me, his wife goes to the bar, and brings home strange men.  She makes Cuckold Mike suck cock any chance she can. Loves to humiliate him.  Says that the more cock he sucks, the happier she is. He said it’s because she can’t stand the thought of him inside her.

Meanwhile, she also likes to have these guys have sex with her, infront of her hubby!  Seems like Mike, is a bit of a loser!

I made Mike, get out his wife’s toy, and put it in his ass, and I made him take it hard and like a little dick loser, he cried!  But then he begged me for more!

Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

Mistress Andrea
Yahoo ID: AndreasPlayful

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"sissy phone sex"Sissy phone sex, with My Property of course is Cassie, I own him, and he is mine. He has been sending me the most fabulous things. I just received new nail polishes, they are perfect for Spring/Summer.  He has also sent me capri pants, fabulous tropical fish hand towels. A wonderful necklace that I have been receiving so many compliments on. I took out a bunch of sandals Cassie sent me last year, for this summer, I am all set.

I do most of all love training and degrading my faggot cock sucker. It brings me so much pleasure and amusement. I love to use it, and make it my slut.  I am planning on making faggot a bigger whore, and cock sucker then it has been in the past. I enjoy fucking it’s man pussy, and filling it with cock at both ends.

We had a session the other night.  I had it dress in the following:
short brown wig, red ribbon bows, silver dangling with red stones, black velet chocker – Slut, dark red bustier with very small pink
flowers, matching panty bikini cut, black thigh hi stockings, red 5in fuck me pumps – no skirt
foundation, powder, blush, lipstick – cocksucker red, red lip pencil, black eyeliner, sparkle false lashses, eyeshadow – Rose , Poeme

This session started out with a little beating, I put faggot over the spanking bench.  Then i allowed Cassie to unlock it’s clit cage,  I began with some ice up it’s pussy,  then some cock sucking, and because it is such a faggot, i the swatted it’s earrings with a crop, and demanded that it suck the cock faggot!   I put more ice up it’s arse, then another swat, some cock sucking, another swat, and repeated this many times.  I made faggot confess what a cock sucker it is.  Mistress Andrea’s cock sucker.. worships cock.  Cassie truly loves cock and cum.
Then I used  a q tip with alcohol, to torture it’s clit!  Lots of moans which I enjoyed when I did this.  I continued to spank it on it’s sissy ass.  Once again I had it impale itself on the cock, bounce five time, and then get off. Once off of it I had Cassie lick it off. Making it beg to lick it clean. All the more humiliating. Stuffing it full of that cock, mouth is full, I can hear Cassie slurp it clean.

Writing slut across it’s forhead in cheap red lipstick. Faggot is a fag slut!  Double slut has a necklace on that says slut as well.. cleaning ass pussy with toothpaste, now for some weights from it’s earrings.. and swing them. Putting the cock back in it’s mouth. Suck and swing.  What a good faggot… more weight, and more sucking.

Some double ended sucking and fucking. Faggot loves that. Makes Mistress Andrea so happy!  I do more humiliation, if you other sissy’s want to find out what it is, you will have to do a session with me.

Here is a cock sucking session for all of you cock sucker’s to aspire to..

Mistress, faggot slipped out of its pink daily wear panty and put on itsblack silk and lace bra and panty set and a thick coat of cocksucker red lipstick., and got the ten inch cock to suck on.  faggot thought of You taking it to a glory hole and You positioning it on its knees with lips open before the hole waiting for delicious cocks to come through as You stood and watched faggot suck while You  counted the money the men paid for their blowjobs. Mmmmmm so many delicous cocks faggot licked and sucked,  and Mmmmm all of that yummy cum that faggot swallowed for You. Love being Your whore fag cocksucking cunt boi.
Worship You!!!!!!
Your sissy faggot property, cassie

Cuckold loser – Mistress Andrea for humiliation phone sex 1-888-745-8716

Had an interesting cuckold phone sex call today with a guy that is under endowed. Very interesting story. Told me about a beautiful girl he served real time. He was basically her errand boy, chauffeur, and what ever she wanted him to be. She would have sex with the door open, obviously with men that were more equipped then he was. He gave her all his money, she controlled the finances, and he was her doormat.

Lucky little dick loser to have a beautiful girl that was willing to use him!  He craves humiliation.
"humiliation phone sex"

Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716


Mistress Andrea Updates – Domination phone sex with Mistress Andrea 1-888-745-8716

Mistress Andrea is way behind on her updates for you sissy’s, cock suckers, and faggots that have been calling me, I will try to catch up here now.

Mona has been at it again. She found out that she loves cock up her butt, and can not get enough of it. We have done some training sessions, and she has learned to relax, when we put the cock in her ass. She loves it, screams and makes so much noise, I hope she lives out in the country.  She has a local woman, who likes to use a strap on on her. Sounds like the two of them are in L-o-v-e, or asslove at least..

Karen is back again, sucking this one guy’s cock, told her she was lucky to have one that is steady, as most of the cock sucker’s  that call me have a hard time finding one, much less a steady one, but if you could see her, she passes for a girl.  She has taken hormones, and she likes to go out fully dressed, told me she has had a few close calls, when guys find out she is not a woman.
She is hanging now at gay bars, safer for her, and looking for random cock, cause I want her to branch out!  She sent me a gift card from Target, so that I could go shopping. Thank you Karen.

Sissy Brenda, or Sissy Boobda, got her implants, said she wanted D cups, last we spoke, now they appear to have grown to DD’s. She works in the adult world, in a club, she is very talented, she sings, and did sing a few bars for me, has a lovely sweet voice. Would love to see her perform. I bet all you sissy’s out there would as well.  She looks fabulous and does a great job with her makeup.  She told me she has been sucking off the guy that owns the club!  I guess she has job security now!  Or maybe it is the big tits!

Emily is going out looking for sissy maid work.  She has lots of aprons, maids outfits, pinafores, she likes to fully dress the maids part. She wears mary jane’s, and likes to wiggle her sissy ass.  I like hearing about all her clothes, and she has a lot of them. 
Apparently she is a real life sissy maid for a dominatrix, who told her to call me, and tell me about her duties.. She cleans the kitchen floor with her tongue. She cleans her Mistress’s A** with her tongue as well… Good job Emily, keep up the house cleaning.

Suzanne has been seeing a woman, and serving her, found her on line, she is older and heavy set, Suzanne likes this, and she does all her chores, and this woman dominates her.   Suzanne has been getting spanked a lot, showed me her butt on webcam, it was very red!  Sounds like she is getting what she deserves!

Darlene has had many sessions with me, and yet she can not master cock sucking, which leads to heavy duty spanking sessions, Do you think she is sucking poorly just so I should spank her?   I decided to spank her for 15 minutes straight,  then as if by magic she appeared to suck cock better. Let’s see what happens next time…

Foot Bob yes, he is still going and finding girls to let him smell their feet.  He likes foot jobs, and he has a girl who will let him suck her toes, and then she rubs her feet all over his cock.  He came all over her toes, and then he licked it off. I had him stroke into a shoe, and suck it out, almost the same thing! 

Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

Mistress Andrea
Yahoo ID: AndreasPlayful

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"sissy phone sex"Mistress Andrea for your sissy phone sex. I have been training sissy Cassie as always. It is a passion I have, to own and dominate sissy Cassie, as I love doing so. It amuses me to know end. I enjoy humiliating it for my pleasure, making it into a cock sucking faggot  of course. Dressing it, giving it makeup lessons, making it a cum whore.  I can not dish out enough humiliation for faggot.  I dream of sending it to glory holes, and making it get paid to suck, to further advance my petty cash fund. Having my girlfriend’s see how pretty I have made Cassie. I have been having it buy lot’s of pretty things lately, new spring outfits, garters, stockings, bra’s panties… and such. I have Cassie wearing false eyelash’s now, I think I will give it lesson’s, on flirting, with lashes. One need’s to know how to bat one’s eyelashes, in order to be a good slut.

Mistress also has received some pretty pillow shams for her pretty bedroom. I will be changing my comforter, to a pretty white one, that faggot sent me last year, it is summer weight, and now have a white sham and will be needing another white sham for the back of the bed, where the pillow’s are. Faggot also sent me a beautiful Tiffany lamp, I will be using it in my bedroom, once I change the comforter, it will go nicely with the artwork behind my bed.

Mistress also has started a new exercise program, and is now needing music to walk with, not sure what type of device one uses for this, much less how I will get the music in it.  I think music to walk with will be very relaxing as I was out today in the 60 degree weather it was quite theraputic.  Mistress also needs these cute little walking sneakers, that are Not bulky, not sure what brand that might be. Went online and became overwhelmed, when I did not see them right away, I had seen them but at that time I had not been into walking. Will be walking daily from now till the falls.

Here is the result’s of last night’s lesson with My faggot:
Dearest Mistress. Goddess and Owner Andrea,

As You directed, last night Your little sissy fag boi lubed its butt plug with its mouth and shoved it up its ass pussy, then slipped into the new green/blue bra and panty You had it buy, and put on a thick layer of cocksucker red lipstick in preparation of its cocksucking lesson. Once ready, sissy fag boi got on its kness before the 10in black dildo and fantasized about fluffing that gorgeous cock to get it ready for You. sissy fag boi started by gently stroking the cock as it licked and mouthed its delicious head, then started licking up and down the shaft, and then took the cock into its fag mouth and started to suck more and more of it. Hmm, sissy fag boi loved who that cock felt in its mouth and how it tasted; loved how that big cock filled its mouth and made sissy fag boi gag as it sucked deep on it. sissy fag boi thought of its unfulfilled hunger for Your hunk’s cum as You made it stop sucking once the cock was hard to Your satisfaction.Hmm sissy fag boi loves to eat and swallow cum! You then sent it crawling on all fours to its bed to sleep and dream about sucking and fucking that gorgeous cock all night, and having its fag holes being filled with his yummy cum. When sissy fag boi woke this morning it took the butt plug from its ass pussy and sucked its ass filth from it as You always require this sissy fag booi to do.

Thank you Mistress for allowing sissy fag boi a cocksucking lesson and a plug night! Worship and Adore You!!

Your little sissy fag boi slave property,
sissy faggot cassie

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Feminization phone sex, training, sissy slaves… Call Mistress Andrea for your humiliation phone sex at 1-888-745-8716

I have been doing my share of humliation phone sex .  I will take you and mold you into the worthless whore you long to be. On you knees with me using you, ordering you around. Making you do degrading things that you dream about.

I have been having slaves tribute me this week, and serve me. Piggy boy is one of them.  I am using him, and he is making me happy.

I am available this week, eastern standard time, to take your calls, from morning around 10 until late.. Starting Monday afternoon.
I think it will benefit your little dick to call me. I will laugh and train you, maybe turn you into a sissy as well.

call Mistress Andrea for your cuckold, humiliation or sissy phone sex at: 1-888-745-8716