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"sissy phone sex"I am so fortunate to have a following of sissy sluts.  I take immediate control, I am expert in many femdom phone sex areas.   One of the most important areas would be humiliation.  I do sissy humiliation phone sex most of the time.   Femdom or cock control, what ever you want to call it, is what appeals to me.

I take the time to get to know my new subject, it can be a cross dresser, it can be a man who likes to wear panties, or it can be a sissy full blown, and I like to take a look at what is presented to me and proceed from there. I enjoy feminizing a man, I like the idea of putting MY panties on a slut, and having him be submissive to me.

Recently I had a sissy serving me, sissy katrina who begged me to listen to her at a glory hole. I did so only if she took her laptop so that I was able to watch her on webcam, we spent a lot of time preparing for it.  She dressed in panties, and I got to see the penis’s come out of the hole in wall of the booth, it was very amusing.

I liked that she got covered in cum for me that day. Her sissy dress, and her sissy wig all cum covered, I had her in heels, and made her lick cum even off those, as if the dicks she sucked were not cum filled enough for this slut.   I also get requests for SPH – small penis humiliation phone sex,  a lot of sissies really want to be girls. It helps when they are so small.   Panties are usually a must for me for a session for feminization,  I like a sissy to be interested in my panties, and I do enjoy panty worship, (that might be me wearing panties and sitting on YOUR face you slut!)  A sissy slut, can be a sissy whore, and if you are a naughty sissy be prepared for your sissy clitty to be locked up, as I very much enjoy sissy chastity training.

I had another caller that was very taken by me, I used him, my first love of course is domination phone sex,  I do strap on fantasy calls, cock and ball torture, In fact had a slut today, tie a heavy weight on his balls, and slap them for a long time, I enjoyed his suffering.  He enjoyed me being amused.  He shot a bucket of cum, I made him eat it.

Cum eating is also very popular in the circles that surround me. I am all important, be sure you know you will serve me, I may sound very soft and sexy. I will get under your skin, take control and USE YOU!

Call Mistress Andrea, for your domination, feminization, cuckold, small penis humiliation or whatever type of distance training phone sex you are looking for

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Spanking phone sex – domination

"cock sucking phone sex"I am looking for guys to suck cock on the phone with guys for me.  Some gay phone sex.  This should be amusing, Joey will be taking a place on my company site for domination phone sex .   He is going to take calls, so you guys wanting a guy to suck you off, or if you want to fuck him. he will be available soon.  His picture is not up yet, but it will be.  In the meanwhile, if you want some phonesex, and you are submissive or wanting to have a guy on the line, then I will have him call you, you must contact me first.

I have had a lot of sluts, whores and faggots, call me.  I have also been doing some cuckold phone sex , I do love to tell you loser’s out there, how inadequate you are and how my real many boyfriend pleases me. Be sure to ask, I am more then happy to tell you.

Whore Darlene, is back again, donating  money to my trinket fund!   She is a human atm and at times empty’s her account into mine.  I have her sucking this one guy’s cock, and making her pay me to do it!  I  told her she was lucky to have one, for the price! Some of the cock sucker’s  that call me have a hard time finding cock, but since she pays me, it is no problem.  I managed to find her a steady one to suck and it is huge!  Also,  if you could see her, she passes for a girl.  She has taken hormones, and she likes to go out fully dressed, told me she has had a few close calls, when guys find out she is not a woman.  She is hanging now at gay bars, safer for her, and looking for random cock, cause I want her to branch out! .

Sissy Carolyn  has gotten some mighty big  implants, said she wanted D cups, last we spoke, now they appear to have grown to DD’s. She works as a male escort, in a club, she is very talented, she loves to suck cock and get fucked,  I bet all you sissy’s out there would love her new tits, I guess she now passes as a tranny.  Told me her cock is huge!  She looks fabulous and does a great job with her makeup.  She told me she has been sucking off the guy that owns the club!

PayYouALL is going out looking for cock to suck for me.  Came up with an idea, that each time he gets a dick, he has to add more to the tribute, my goodness, I do love those Amazon gift cards, and money orders!

Sharon the sissy maid   has lots of sissy aprons, maid’s outfits, likes to fully dress the maids part. She wears mary jane’s, and likes to wiggle her sissy ass.  I like hearing about all her clothes, and she has a lot of them.    Apparently she is a real life sissy maid for a dominatrix, who told her to call me, and tell me about her duties.. She cleans the kitchen floor with her tongue. She cleans her Mistress’s A** with her tongue as well… keep up the good work!

CockSuckerSame has been going to adult book stores, and sucking a huge amount of dick and eating cum for Mistress Andrea.    Sissy Missy,  has had many sessions with me, and yet she can not master cock sucking, which leads to heavy duty spanking sessions,  If she does not get with it soon, I am afraid she will never be able to sit down.  She did send me a pretty dress, she said, if I buy you something will you please stop spanking me?  I loved that one!  So yes, it worked Missy!

Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

Sissy Phone Sex at 1-888-745-8716

"sissy phone sex"Sissy phone sex, with My Property of course is Cassie, I own him, and he is mine. He has been sending me the most fabulous things. I just received new nail polishes, they are perfect for Spring/Summer.  He has also sent me capri pants, fabulous tropical fish hand towels. A wonderful necklace that I have been receiving so many compliments on. I took out a bunch of sandals Cassie sent me last year, for this summer, I am all set.

I do most of all love training and degrading my faggot cock sucker. It brings me so much pleasure and amusement. I love to use it, and make it my slut.  I am planning on making faggot a bigger whore, and cock sucker then it has been in the past. I enjoy fucking it’s man pussy, and filling it with cock at both ends.

We had a session the other night.  I had it dress in the following:
short brown wig, red ribbon bows, silver dangling with red stones, black velet chocker – Slut, dark red bustier with very small pink
flowers, matching panty bikini cut, black thigh hi stockings, red 5in fuck me pumps – no skirt
foundation, powder, blush, lipstick – cocksucker red, red lip pencil, black eyeliner, sparkle false lashses, eyeshadow – Rose , Poeme

This session started out with a little beating, I put faggot over the spanking bench.  Then i allowed Cassie to unlock it’s clit cage,  I began with some ice up it’s pussy,  then some cock sucking, and because it is such a faggot, i the swatted it’s earrings with a crop, and demanded that it suck the cock faggot!   I put more ice up it’s arse, then another swat, some cock sucking, another swat, and repeated this many times.  I made faggot confess what a cock sucker it is.  Mistress Andrea’s cock sucker.. worships cock.  Cassie truly loves cock and cum.
Then I used  a q tip with alcohol, to torture it’s clit!  Lots of moans which I enjoyed when I did this.  I continued to spank it on it’s sissy ass.  Once again I had it impale itself on the cock, bounce five time, and then get off. Once off of it I had Cassie lick it off. Making it beg to lick it clean. All the more humiliating. Stuffing it full of that cock, mouth is full, I can hear Cassie slurp it clean.

Writing slut across it’s forhead in cheap red lipstick. Faggot is a fag slut!  Double slut has a necklace on that says slut as well.. cleaning ass pussy with toothpaste, now for some weights from it’s earrings.. and swing them. Putting the cock back in it’s mouth. Suck and swing.  What a good faggot… more weight, and more sucking.

Some double ended sucking and fucking. Faggot loves that. Makes Mistress Andrea so happy!  I do more humiliation, if you other sissy’s want to find out what it is, you will have to do a session with me.

Here is a cock sucking session for all of you cock sucker’s to aspire to..

Mistress, faggot slipped out of its pink daily wear panty and put on itsblack silk and lace bra and panty set and a thick coat of cocksucker red lipstick., and got the ten inch cock to suck on.  faggot thought of You taking it to a glory hole and You positioning it on its knees with lips open before the hole waiting for delicious cocks to come through as You stood and watched faggot suck while You  counted the money the men paid for their blowjobs. Mmmmmm so many delicous cocks faggot licked and sucked,  and Mmmmm all of that yummy cum that faggot swallowed for You. Love being Your whore fag cocksucking cunt boi.
Worship You!!!!!!
Your sissy faggot property, cassie

Humiliation phone sex

"cock sucking phone sex"Here is a recap of a recent session had faggot write a summary for Me. ..
“Last night Mistress Andrea allowed Her faggot  to look at gay porn for a whole hour. faggot was allowed to masturbate, but not to cum. faggot watched videos of gay men making out, and going down on each other. faggot got really exciting imagining that it was there. faggot fantasized about being in the center of a circle jerk and sucking cock after cock, with cum dripping down faggot’s face. This got sissy faggot phone sex so hot and made it want to cum so bad that it thought it would explode. faggot did not let itself cum though, because this sissy bitch knows better than to disobey Mistress Andrea.

faggot has been humiliating phone sex  itself and being gay for Mistress Andrea all day, and it hasn’t been allowed to cum once. faggot is so horny and frustrated. It hopes that Mistress Andrea will allow it to cum soon. But faggot knows that it must earn the right to cum by degrading itself, emasculating itself, and being the girliest sissy faggot it can be. faggot is being conditioned to get off to cock only. The only woman that faggot even thinks about anymore is Mistress Andrea. Other than Mistress Andrea, faggot only masturbates to hot guys with throbbing cocks and big manly chests.  I love cuckold phone sex and domination phone sex .

faggot fantasizes about having a boyfriend with a rock hard body holding faggot in his big strong arms while faggot rests it’s head on his big strong chest. faggot cock sucker then looks up adoringly into his eyes and gives him a long passionate kiss on the mouth. faggot then removes his shirt and slowly moves down kissing his chest and then his rock hard abs. faggot makes it’s way to the bulge in her man’s pants and teasingly unzips his zipper to reveal his monstrous throbbing cock. faggot wraps her lips around the tip of the cock and slowly slides down the shaft until faggot gags a little. faggot then tries to pull up, but faggot’s boyfriend grabs faggot by its hair and forces faggot to deep throat all 9 inches. faggot gags and tears begin to drip fro, her eyes causing her mascara to run. faggot’s boyfriend shows faggot no sympathy and passionately face fucks his faggot until he cum hard inside faggot’s mouth. faggot’s boyfriend looks at his faggot and says “Don’t you even think of swallowing it yet, queer boy. I want my sissy faggot to savor the taste of my cum. Swish it around in your mouth and gargle it.”   Humiliation phone sex  with Mistress Andrea is incredible.

“Yes Sir”, faggot says as it swishes the cum around in it’s mouth and gargles it. “Good faggot”, faggot’s boyfriend says. “Now you may swallow it. But not just what’s already in your mouth. I want my fagboy to use it’s tongue to clean off all the cum on the tip of my cock and then lick up all the cum that fell on the floor. When you have a giant cock like mine you make a lot of cum, but that’s not something a tiny little fagboy like you would know.” “Yes Sir”, faggot says, as she cleans of her Master’s cock and floor and swallows it like she was told.

faggot hopes that Mistress Andrea is pleased with it’s faggy fantasy. It makes faggot’s clit hard knowing that Mistress Andrea and anyone else who reads this will laugh at what a pathetic cock sucking faggot it is.
*curtsies”  I am going to write you a cuckold phone sex fantasy next….

New Story! Harsh spanking and sissy caning for a disobiedient sissy! Call Mistress Andrea for your Sissy Phone Sex 1-888-745-8716

Mistress Andrea does sissy phone sex, and  had very strict rules that Sissy Cassie was required to follow. One of her rules was that Sissy was never to give a real man his phone number to call him.  Mistress owned Sissy and he would only be allowed to be used by a real man only at her discretion.  Mistress had gone out for awhile  and came home to find Sissy Cassie  talking on the phone to a real man that he had met at the supermarket, and who was interested in fucking Sissy. Outraged at the conversation she overheard, Mistress yanked the phone from Sissy’s hand slammed it down and then slapped Sissy hard across the face.  “Fucking little whore bitch, how dare you even think about breaking my rules,” Mistress Andrea screamed at him.  “Sissy’s sorry Mistress” whimpered Sissy Cassie. “Sorry, sorry, yes you are about to be very, very sorry,” yelled Mistress as She grabbed Sissy by the hair and repeatedly slapped his face very hard.

Mistress  took the belt from her jeans and began to whip Sissy’s ass with it.  There was no question that Sissy felt Mistress’s anger with each blow.  After thrashing Sissy awhile, Mistress dragged him by the hair to the training room and attached a slave collar around his neck.  She then put Sissy’s arms in an arm binder behind his back. Mistress grabbed sissy by the hair again and lead him to where an eyelet was screwed into the floor.  She attached a short length of chain to the eyelet, and the other to the collar which forced Sissy to bend quite a bit over.  Mistress then attached another chain to the ring on the arm binder and the other end to an eyelet in a beam above.  This forced Sissy’s arm upward from behind and made an already uncomfortable position even more so.

For Mistress, however, it gave her unfettered access to Sissy’s ass.  Mistress roughly pulled down Sissy’s panties, walked to the wall and took a leather paddle and a cane from it.  “Fucking bitch is going to pay and pay dearly for disobeying me,” said Mistress very angrily.  Mistress began to beat Sissy with the paddle, each stroke harder than the one before it, the cracks resonating in the room.  Sissy began to whimper and Mistress just said “whimper now Faggot, shortly you will be screaming as I take the cane to you.”  Mistress continued to beat Sissy with the paddle until it’s ass was crimson red.  Once satisfied she took the cane and practiced a few strokes in the air.  The whooshing sound of the cane made tears come to Sissy’s eyes as he knew all too well what was in store for him.

Mistress took the cane and tapped it across Sissy’s ass as she measured her strokes. She then began to cane Sissy with very quick and non-stop strokes.  As Mistress had said,  Sissy screamed and cried as she was unrelenting when it came to punishment.  When Mistress finally stopped Sissy’s ass was crimson red and filled with welts.  “Faggot will stay in that position for awhile to contemplate what he did; but know this, bitch, when I return you are going to get more of the same.” “Please Mistress Andrea don’t beat Sissy anymore, please Mistress, Sissy will never disobey you again,” pleaded Sissy, tears streaming down his face.  “I believe I’ve heard Sissy say that before, too bad bitch it’s time to pay.  I love administering discipline, it makes me wet when I beat and torture my Faggot.  Hell, I am not even going to wait, Faggot is about to rue its disobedience.  With that Mistress began to severely beat his ass again.

Sissy screamed over and over and Mistress said “Go ahead and scream Faggot, there’s no one here to help a little bitch, but Me and I’m not in the mood.”  When Mistress was finally done Sissy’s ass was full of welts and droplets of blood. She released Sissy from its bondage and he slumped to the floor. “If Faggot hasn’t learned now just let me know and I’ll be happy to further instruct you” said Mistress sternly as she walked out of the room and left Faggot laying there.
Mistress Andrea
Call me for your
sissy spankings!
Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

Domination phone sex – Mistress Andrea at 1-888-745-8716

"cock sucking phone sex"Had a Domination phone sex session with MY Property Cassie, recently, it was very rewarding for me, and degrading for It. I like to spank it, and fuck it with a dildo that I then, make it lick clean, and faggot loves it. I love to beat it’s ass, and further turn it into a cock sucker, it is one of the sweet pleasures in my life. Faggot in the meanwhile, begs me for more degradation. I demand obiedience and respect, faggot loves to be abused, and feminized, I like it in panty’s 24/7, and also like to lock it’s boi clit up, and keep it that way. I do allow it to release, and then lock it again. I think that is more torture then not letting cum at all.

I also want to make it into a bigger faggot cock sucker then it already is.  It is such a sissy, I like to dress it up, and would love to take It in public for all to see. As it is, faggot goes to the mall, wiggles it’s faggot ass for me, and buys makeup, telling clerks, that Mistress sends it there, to amuse her. Faggot has a wonderful wardrobe, and also much fabulous makeup.

On another note, faggot spoils Mistress. As faggot should. I recently received wonderful capri pants, a gorgeous necklace and the other day, a set of, can you imagine, stock pots in PINK! I love all my goodies, there are so many lovely things, Mistress enjoys on a daily basis, Tomorrow for example I will be traveling, faggot bought Mistress, accessories for her GPS, IN PINK! LOVE THEM. Thank you faggot!

I want faggot to have a plug day withing the next week. No excuses!  Or I will beat faggots ass for 15 minutes straight with a harder paddle. I am going to also look for a dildo with a resevoir, so that faggot can have a good cum shoot as it is sucking. I would like a sucking lesson for tomorrow night, I want it dressed in a pretty panty set, and a full report. Faggot had some lessons recently, I have just gotten to posting them here below.. read how faggot likes to suck cock, and be aware, more lessons will follow. Faggot get to it, if you read this tonight, I want a lesson TONIGHT! Otherwise, tomorrow.

Mistress Andrea
“Mistress,  Your faggot girlie boi sucked on the 10 inch dildo as You ordered it to. faggot girlie boi left its pretty flowered panty on and dropped to its knees before the thick, lucious cock. it licked and mouthed the head, then licked its way down to the balls, then took the cock into its faggot mouth hole and sucked. faggot girlie boi thought of sucking Your strap-on as You continued its faggot cocksucking training. At first You had faggot slowly suck the cock, but then You began to pump the cock into its mouth forcing it deeper and deeper, and then You grabbed faggot girlie boi by the back of the head and fucked its faggot face hole hard, making it gag on the cock,  Love being used by You and having to be a cocksucker for You.
Your faggot girlie boi cassie.

Dearest Mistress Andrea,
As You directed, faggot slipped out of the pretty babyblue panty it had been wearing, and slipped into a red bra and panty set, then coated its whore lips with cocksucker red lipstick. faggot then knelt in front of the 8 and 10 inch black dildos, alternating licking and sucking them. faggot then pulled its panty down and mounted its fag ass pussy on the 10 in dildo, moaning in delight as the thick, long cock filled its ass pussy. faggot bounced up and down on it , thinking of You fucking faggot hard with Your strap-on, while taking the 8 in into its mouth, and sucking it while thinking of one of Your beautiful girlfriends joining training Your cockwhore’s fag holes. When it was through fucking and sucking, faggot greedily sucked the ass filth off of the cock that had been up its ass puss. Mmmm, faggot loves how cock feel in its fag holes, how cock tastes in its mouth, and licking up ass filth. If only there had been some cum to eat faggot would have been totally in fag heaven. Thank you for faggot’s lesson Mistress!
sissy faggot slave property cassie

New fag boy called Mistress Andrea for phone sex feminization training.

"sissy phone sex"Sissy phone sex with Cassie is working on some secretarial duties for Mistress.  I am about to send fag boi out to serve a Domme.  Should be amusing. I think some pink panties, and Andrea’s collar around its neck would be appropriate. I do like it to have cum ready to eat for Mistress, thinking faggot could save in a dish, freeze it, every day this week, till it’s session, I will speak to Cassie, about which girl I want to send it to  serve.  Cassie has been tributing Mistress, bought her a pizza the other night, it was delicious! BTW.
Also sent me some expensive running shoes for my jog’s.

Faggot also needs to get back on track. I want to send it out plugged soon!  It will be so busy with my secretarial duties, that I am assigning it. It’s faggot ass will have to wiggle more at the mall for me.

New faggot called Mistress Andrea today.  Gave Mistress a nice gift to a spa locally. Mistress will be spending day pampering herself, as faggot will go out to suck cock
at an adult book store.  Good place for a faggot I would say.  Faggot is a new fag, said it had sucked cock in college, and now that it was divorced he would like to be a gay bitch.  Told him that could be arranged.

Emily is off to the mall to call Mistress tonight to pick out panties. I can’t wait to humiliate her in front of a sales girl. That is a fun time for Mistress.

Slave O set up an appointment which is good as I want another gift card, I am looking at some fall clothes at Macy’s.

Sissy Brenda is so cute. She get’s all dressed up in a cotton sun dress, and then turns on her webcam. I get to watch her suck a dildo, and she uses a large cock to fuck her girlie ass. She likes to be my sissy, I promised her that I would make her suck until she gagged. She is a deep throating faggot.

Sissy Allison, said her wife was getting wise to all her panties missing. I have her steal them, sniff them and stroke with them, I had her stuff a pair up her butt, and then pull it out as she was about to cum. She let out a scream. Maybe they got caught!

Karen is off to the UK, to suck more UK Dick. I am going to watch her on webcam suck a real cock over the weekend. That will be entertaining.

Mistress Andrea
for sissy phone sex
toll free at:  

Mistress Andrea has a Cassie Alert!

Mistress Andrea, what can I say? I have been busy this summer, exercising. Thinking of going to a nude beach, and wow all the real men there, so Cassie, can wiggle it’s sissy ass behind me, as I parade around looking for someone to amuse me, and watching faggot drool at the prospect of sucking and getting big dick ready for ME!   I also have thought it would be very cute, if we had matching pink bicycles.  I love walking and running lately, my clothes are too big and needing other things. Shopping is in the air!

Faggot is being used by me, I have been sending it to serve some Tranny’s. I do enjoy phone sex domination  I like having them use faggot, been making faggot beg them to do things for me.    Here is a reply from faggot about my new fun training with trannies..

Mistress Andrea,
 As you have ordered, sissy faggot has continued searching for pretty SheMales to contact so that it can arrange as You require for sissy faggot to be humiliated by them; and for it to have to beg them to suck their cocks, be fucked by them, and allowed to eat cum. it hopes that the three that it has contacted between yesterday and today will desire to do this so that You will be able to take added pleasure from making sissy faggot suck tranny cocks; and from it having to let them know that You have ordered it to come to them and that You own it. it is Your fag and this is making it into even more of one.
Thank you for owning this faggot Mistress!!!
Your fag property sissy faggot cassie 

Sent Cassie to Macy’s where it bought a bikini, for tanning. Thought the clerk would be more humiliating, maybe send faggot out to get one, and see if I can get lucky, so that I can have a good laugh!   I know faggot will look cute in the bathing suit, in any event.

I also have rewarded faggot with a cock sucking lesson..

Mistress Andrea,
Thank you for giving sissy faggot the wonderful reward of being anal harnessed and allowed a cocksucking practice for its initial contact with SheMale Vivian. She is so pretty and her cock looks just lucious that sissy faggot thought of sucking her off as it practiced with its mouth, and thought of SheMale Tonya taking it’s ass pussy at the same time.
it can’t wait to have to beg Vivian to suck her off and to fuck it, and eat cum for her.
Your adoring and devoted sissy fag property, cassie

I will be using faggot more, and controlling and making it weaker more dependent upon my control, using faggot for my amusement, love shemales using it, and debasing it.  I will degrade as I see fit.  Faggot is MY PROPERTY to do with as I please, and nothing more!  I will send it off, to be used, and it will serve it’s Mistress.

I am available for phone sex with sissy’s, submissive’s seeking domination and control, I am available daily

Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at:   1-888-745-8716



Sissy faggot phone sex with Mistress Andrea 1-888-745-8716

Sissy Melinda is My faggot property, I own and totally dominate this fag. My faggot is denied the privilege of jerking off its sissy clitty and cumming without My express permission. When I do allow My faggot to play with itself and cum I make it lick the cum up and swallow every drop. It amuses Me to no end to humiliate a little sissy cock whore like Cassie so I ordered it to toast an english muffin, jerk off its sissy clitty while thinking of Me pounding its faggot ass pussy with My strap-on, cumming on the muffin, spreading it on the muffin like butter, and eating it. Like the obedient little faggot that it is Cassie hungrily ate every morsel and then thanked Me for the privilege of being allowed to cum and for being made to eat it. Glad you enjoyed it Cassie you fucking little faggot
Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716 
Yahoo ID: AndreasPlayful

Sissy phone sex with Mistress Andrea 1-888-745-8716

"sissy phone sex" Mistress Andrea – sissy phone sex training and I am having my send me a new inventory, so that I can decide better what it should wear for our sessions.  Owning sissy is the most enjoyable thing Mistress has done in ages, giving me so much pleasure, emasculating, degrading and humiliating faggot. In return, faggot serves me. I had found a cute pair of ruffled boy shorts, in a lime green, with turquoise blue stripe, and it had a matching bra, although faggot wanted the bra, I think boobies are too big for it, so it will look  more slutty with titty’s hanging out, that is fine.

Faggot also found some other things in a catalog for girlie bois on line, and asked if it could have them. I love Cassie getting more things to dress up in for me, garters, stockings, and more panties. Since faggot is pantied 24/7 it needs a lot of panties to change in, plus I give it lessons to do, and it dresses for them as well. Panties are a must.  I had given faggot a cock sucking lesson this week.. here is what faggot had to say..

Dearest Mistress, Owner Goddess Andrea,
As You directed, yesterday evening faggot took off its chastity device so that it could get into its anal harness. faggot gave the anal plug a good sucking so its was nice and lubed for its ass pussy. faggot slide the plug into its ass pussy and then sat on it to make sure it was nice and deep inside of it, then it securely attached the leather straps of the harness and locked its sissy clit back into its device. Over the next few hours sissy’s clitty struggled in its chastity device as faggot was in constant delight from feeling the plug up inside of it as it walked and stand rocked on it as it watched TV.

Just before bedtime, faggot slipped into black silk & lace bra and panty , and coated its lips with cocksucker red lipstick. faggot then got the 10 in black dildo and performed a cock sucking lesson as You further ordered. For its lesson faggot fantasized about being picked up in fag bar by a tall, handsome, well built black stud who had been on the prowl for a little white sissy boi. The black stud took faggot out to his car so it could give him a blow job. faggot looked up at him with longing eyes and mouth as it gently unzipped his pants and took his big, thick cock into its hand. faggot gently stroked his cock as it began to lick and mouth the head. As his cock began to grow, faggot licked up and down the shaft. then took the cock into its mouth and sucked passionately on it. faggot loved how the cock felt and tasted in its mouth and began to hungrily suck it as it felt the throbbing just before his cum exploded into faggot’s mouth. faggot savored every drop of his cum, and licked his cock clean of all of it.

When faggot finished its sucking lesson it unstrapped its anal harness and sucked the plug clean of its ass filth as You always require after faggot’s ass pussy has been fucked. The sissy clitty was of course re-caged in its device.

Thank you Mistress for allowing faggot to be anal harnessed and for its cock sucking lesson.

Love being Your little sissy boi faggot and property,
sissy faggot cassie

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Faggot has been spoiling Mistress, I received Vicky Cristina Barcelona video, and Marcus Johnson cd, faggot sends me wonderful music and video’s not to mention many other wonderful things, I use them all. I did my nails in a pretty shade of ruby red, with some iridescence to it last night. I wear many beautiful cashmere sweaters that Cassie has sent me, they feel so good against my soft skin, as faggot also makes sure I have my pink grapefruit body butter, which is so relaxing and makes me super soft.

Tonight we had a session, faggot was wearing…black& pink school girlskirt, pink rhumba panty & lace bra ,black thigh hi stockings with pink bows, pink open toed pump sandals, pinksissy fag collar,pink hoops, plus full makeup, I send it now to the mall, for the makeup girl’s there to humiliate faggot, faggot makes it’s wrist limp, and tells the clerks, that I own it, and that I want it to have certain makeups.. I love hearing the story’s upon it’s return.

My session’s with My Cassie are very enjoyable for me to USE MY PROPERTY for my amusement. Tonight, I degraded it, using it as my toilet, and cum bucket whore. I teased faggot, I did spank it a few times, I think faggot would like a more harsh beating, perhaps I can make it beg for more… I beat it’s balls, and ass, and had it sit and bounce to my amusement on a 10″ black cock dildo, sucking it alternating it with it’s ass pussy. I had faggot locked in chastity for more then a week, since I was not able to play with faggot, I left it locked until tonight.  It will be locked and pantied of course for the following week..
Oh did I mention, for Valentine’s day, faggot sent me a huge bottle of Stella, a gorgeous Sephora lipstick, pink grapefruit body scrub, everything I love. Thank you faggot, for being so special to Mistress. Faggot treats Mistress with respect, which I demand, and is the best sissy I could possibly hope for – bringing me so much pleasure.

Mistress Andrea 1-888-745-8716