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"domination phone sex", "sissy phone sex"A good cuckold phone sex fantasy is what you need.  Mistress Andrea has been enjoying herself with some new slut’s a new human ATM, and a new cuckolder a few minute’s ago. Let me post while it is fresh in my mind.  I had this new wannabee cucky suck my old boyfriend’s cock.  I had him get on his knee’s while I got my Real Man’s Cock out, and rubbed it all over his face. Forcing it into my cucky’s mouth.  (New cucky is the boyfriend, being humiliated by my Old boyfriend).    I then had sex with my BF and had my cucky lick me and lick me clean, oh he ate lot’s of cum during our session. I do love cum slut’s!

Sissy Cassie is being busy as a sissy secretary.  Doing many chore’s and serving Mistress Andrea.  I will keep you posted on it’s progress, thinking it may need a new dress for the fall, some shopping and humiliation, I love making the faggot go to the mall, with a plug up it’s ass, and wiggle and act faggy. I have feminized and made it love cock and cum!  I feel like degrading it more, it will be going to a Mistress, to lick her ass for me, I can hardly wait. Maybe I should send faggot for some panties, fagboi did recently get me pretty one’s from VS. I love them!  It serve’s me, I degrade it, as it is my property, I use it for my amusement!

My human ATM sent me a money gift in the mail, I received it today!  Mistress will enjoy it for shopping and such. Oh meant to mention faggot has been sending me nail polishes, I just did my nail’s in a fabulous fall color, thank you Cassie!

Mistress Andrea
for humiliation and domination phone sex
toll free at:  

Domination phone sex

DominationHave been training My cassie during domination phone sex sessions, My Property as I own and control faggot.  This week I have decided not to send faggot out for tranny cock sucking, but to stay in and play with it’s Mistress. I am allowing it special treat’s as you will see as you read on..

I am dressing my cock sucker in black, for O/our Wed. night session, full makeup and am having it train prior to the session.  This is what I instructed my faggot to do:

I want you to get your big black cock out to sit on, and unlock your clitty, and stroke it for 5 minutes, then dip it in a cold glass of water, to get it soft, and lock it back up, each night before we have our session. As you are stroking, you are to suck a dildo, and then you may write me a report each night, telling me how hard it was to keep from coming.Know faggot that I will beat you if you dare have an accident. Accident’s require a cum tax. Just in case you do slip up. If you slip up, also note you are to eat every drop, and report about this as well.

#1 report from my Faggot Cassie:
Mistress Andrea, faggot was alone this afternoon so it went ahead with Your pre- session  directionPer Your direction, faggot pulled its pink sissy panty down, unlocked its clitty from the chastityy device, and placed a cup of very cold water nearby. faggot then lubed the 10 inch black dildo with its fag whore mouth, then  pulled its sissy ass cheeks apart and sat down on that huge cock. faggot forced all 10 inches inside of it and then rode it like the slut that it is. faggot also took an 8 inch black dildo into its mouth and hungrily sucked as it stroked its clitty. faggot’s clitty grew from the pleasure of being ass and mouth fucked, and as soon as it felt that there might be some pre-cum getting ready to ooze out it stuck its clitty into the cold , cold water to prevent any orgasm, as You told it that it could not cum. faggot desparately wanted to cum so that it could eat it, it loves to lick up and swallow cum. faggot put its clitty back in its cage and pulled its panty back up before it sucked its ass filth off of the cock that had been in its ass pussy; it knew that if its clitty wasn’t in its cage that it would get hard again and maybe cum as it sucked.Thank you for faggot’s practice session, and for owning this faggot!
Your sissy faggot slut property cassie


Mistress Andrea,Per Your direction, faggot fucked itself again tonight with the 10 inch dildo, and sucked the 8inch one. it stroked its clitty while thinking of being faggot trained by You and another Mistress. faggot did stick its clitty in very cold water as soon as it felt an orgasm coming on so that it could not, since You did not allow it. Like the day before faggot really wished that it could have been allowed to cum so that it could have eaten it. faggot so loves eating cum, it is painful to be so close to cumming and then being denied. faggot’s clitty is back in its device and locked in so that it can not stroke it any more or even get a taste of pre-cum.

Your faggot property, cassie
Mistress Andrea,As You required, Your faggot fucked and sucked the big black dildos again tonight while stroking its un-caged clitty and thinking of some gorgeous black studs taking turns using its mouth and ass pussy fag holes. faggot was dying to cum, but shoved its clitty into the cold water as You told it had better not. faggot thinks that the denial upon stroking may be even worse than having to be in chastity 24/7. With chastity it knows that it is unable to even touch itself; this though ,stroking and  being so close to  having some cum to eat, but denied it is simply too much to bear! You have made this fag into a true cum loving slut, just the thought of it makes faggot salivate
Your faggot cumslut property, cassie. As you can see, faggot is becoming weaker, and more cum craving as the session’s progress, maybe Mistress will not give it cum, faggot already bought pudding in anticipation of some cum eating, will Mistress allow or not? Mistress is wanting to degrade and humiliate faggot, as only She can!  I feel a beating or some more denial, or some more ass fucking… who knows what mood, faggot’s Mistress will be in.  Keep posted for more Sissy training with My Faggot Cassie!

New cuckold story!

“So Ashley, I am dying to hear all about your new lover!” exclaimed Bridgett as she and Ashley’s other girlfriends sipped some wine in the living room.  “Well, his name is Zack, he’s black and simply gorgeous; tall, and very well built!   And his cock, oh my gosh, it is huge!  gushed Ashley adding, “I had cuck boy over there measure it; it is 12 inches long and  6 inches around. Mmmm, he knows how to fuck a woman!. Don’t you agree cuckold?”

Lawrence didn’t respond he kneeled with his head bowed, too embarrassed to answer. “Oh, Ashley’s little hubby is too embarrassed to answer,” said Bridgett mockingly.  “What’s the matter cuckold, is your wife’s lover’s cock so much bigger than yours?”  All of the woman laughed. They had all been made aware sometime ago, that Ashley had cuckolded him.

“Come and tell the girl’s if Zach’s cock is much bigger than yours,” said Ashley.  Lawrence kept his head bowed, and whispered yes. “We couldn’t hear you cuck boy. Now, speak up and tell us,” Ashley demanded.  “Yes it is,” responded Lawrence. “Does Lawrence have a teenie weenie cock?” asked Bridgett, adding  “tell us Lawrence how tiny is your cock?”

The Women again broke out into laughter as his face flushed again in embarrassment. “Better yet cuckold, stand up and pull down those pink panties and show everyone,  the girls have never seen it before,” instructed his wife.  “Please no! he whimpered, but Ashley responded  ” now do as I say and stand up and pull those panties down and show them you cuckold.”

Lawrence stood up and pulled his panties down to his knees, and took his cock out from between his legs. This brought immediate laughter. Bridgett then said mockingly, “what the fuck is that supposed to be?  I can’t. Imagine that undersized excuse for a cock is even big enough to stroke with your thumb and fore finger.  Talk about having a small cock, shit Lawrence one could say you don’t even have a cock.”

With all of them laughing Ashley said. “show them how you stroke it, and show them how big it gets,” ordered Ashley.  Lawrence could only stroke it with his thumb and fore finger. He started to and after several strokes, he stopped.   “That’s it, that is fucking it!  exclaimed Bridgett adding “what is it maybe 2 inches?  You have got to be fucking kidding me!”  The women’s laughter was now more like howls.  “What in the world Ashley, made you marry this fuck?”  asked Bridgett.

“I like a to fuck a lot of different men, and cuck boy over here has a really great paying job, so while I fuck, he works, and I control all of the money. It is a perfect set-up!”

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New sissy’s for Mistress Andrea – domination phone sex 1-888-745-8716

I have been having a lot of new sissies and strokers calling lately for my special brand of domination, I do enjoy what comes with the submissive male.  My website is devoted to feminizing and transformation, and using the submissive side of a male for my amusement. I like to take control and use a man when I have the opportunity arises. I like to be respected and tributed, I do have many new pairs of shoes as shoewhore has been spoiling me. I indulge whore in allowing him to buy me expensive shoes, he also sends me gift cards to my favorite shops, I will be buying summer clothes soon.  I also need new workout clothes, I have been getting massages at Blue Mercury, and while I am there, makeupslut, sends me gift certificates for me to enjoy.  I get a massage and new products at Blue Mercury.  Did I mention I will be going to Macy’s.  I have a real man taking me out to dinner Saturday night, I will be getting a dress on one of my slut’s Macy’s card that he sent me, AN EXPENSIVE DRESS!

Enough of that.. some sluts for you to enjoy that have called me….. here they are, read them and wish it was you!

Sissy ashley called has a  3″ clitty she needed some phone sex humiliation. I am going to be her new Mistress. She was wearing a baby
blue women’s jogging suit, white panties and a white bra, (she tucks her clitty under to look like a sissy girl,) suntan
pantyhose, women’s keds, she left her pants bottom up a bit, to show her
pantyhose to all who could see what a sissy girlie she is.
Sissy ashley wears her panty’s and pantyhose to work every day. And
also has a nice wardrobe consisting of some dresses in black, gold and
red. She has a white blouse with gold braid, very Palm Beach, and ballet
flats to go with her dresses in black, gold and red also.
kind of sissy would she be with out lingerie?  She has lots of  bras
and panties, and half and full slips, nightgowns, nylon – Vanity fair,
made out of nylon lace, and also floor length night gowns.

Would you be interested in a transformation session ? Had been happening for a while, I had been feeding tommie some hormones daily without his knowledge. He is a
slight young man, very nice, with longish hair, and somewhat feminine
ways. Tommie wanted a
session, not knowing that I would make him more femme, and would be wearing my
panties in no time. I told him/her how I had been
giving him/her hormones, which was why his breasts hurt, and why his dick
had become no more then a girlie clit. He sighed and seemed resign to my
control, I asked him if he would like a girlie name, and he nodded, I
told him I would call him maureen, he liked that, He was becoming a she. We
started to practice on tommie’s voice, trying to make it high, and then
of course we spent the day, shaving off all the hair, and looking for
bra’s and panties, after all… why waste time..Maureen put on a
pair of my high heels, and then I brought her out to get her nails done,
and to show her to my friends, I had her pull up her skirt, and show
the girls her clit, which only was about 1 1/2″, the girls all laughed,
and asked if maureen might play with her clitty for all in the salon.  She did so blushing with anticipation, then my boyfriend walked in. That is when the real girl came out! And so did some real cock.

Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

Is this you? Cock sucking degrading humiliation phone sex | Mistress Andrea 1-888-745-8716

I am a specialist.  I do what I do best, because I specialize and enjoy it.  I have many slaves and sissies, and cucks, I dominate and take control. Below is an email I have received, could this be you?

Mistress Andrea

I am pleading with you to take me under your training. I am a complete mess
of emotions, desires, doubts, and fears. I am hoping that under your expert
guidance that I would be able to find my proper place in this world.
Its not clear to me why I am asking to be ‘forced’ into faggotry. I really
am not a faggot! I do not go around looking at guys. I do not go around sucking cock. I don’t even spend time looking at guys in porn! I am straight!
Yet, I get an erection whenever I imagine a woman like you, Mistress,
calling me ‘faggot’. Or making me do things that are humiliating and

I want to become your bitch. I want to become your whore! I will pay YOU
out of my own pocket for each customer that uses me as a cumdump, just because I
want you to get the benefit of me whoring myself out for FREE.
I want to be degraded to non-human levels even. I am talking about being
put down to the level of a toilet! I don’t have experience in this field, and
yet I am aroused by the thought of it. DEGRADATION!

But above all else, I want to make you LAUGH. I want to make you happy.
Turn me into anything you please and simply enjoy my misery. That is my purpose
– to be your entertainment.
I am messed up, Mistress. Please help me. Please train me. Please use
me. Please laugh at me.

I will laugh at you loser, and for those of you out there, I will degrade and humiliate you, and enjoy every second of it!
Call Mistress Andrea for your humiliation phone sex at 1-888-745-8716

Sissy phone sex domination with Mistress Andrea -1-888-745-8716

"sissy phone sex"Sissy phone sex   is good for a slut wanting domination. I had a sissy slave call me today, and she was wearing pink panties, and begging me to torture it’s sissy balls and clitty.  I had him take a paddle, and spanked its balls, till they were blue.  I then made it beg to be spanked more, I used a clamp on this sissy’s clitty head, and then two clamps on it’s thighs.  Poor thing was whining and begging me to stop.

Not a chance, I spanked it with a ruller, the clitty that is, What you could see of it, what a little dick loser, hardly a clitty at all.  Good thing this Sissy slut likes to serve me. because it’s clitty is getting smaller all the time. Could be the hormone’s I am slipping into it’s water glass.

I will turn her into the girl she wants to be.  Nice boobies, and a tiny waist, not to mention, we are working on making her voice sound like a girl.

Sissy phone sex domination with Mistress Andrea -1-888-745-8716

Cassie is a bigger faggot then before, more tranny cock sucking, and it love’s it’s cum!

"sissy phone sex"I enjoy sissy phone sex, and Cassie is such a cock sucking faggot. I sent it once again to suck dick, tranny dick that is.  I have so much fun having it do so. I love hearing tranny sucking stories.  They do amuse me.  I like to go to tranny bar’s and see all the makeup and pretty dresses, thinking of taking faggot there to parade around with Mistress!

Had faggot cum in a dish before the session, so it would have lot’s of extra cum to eat.  Here is a report from fag boy.. I had it dress in red, I added a “I love Cum” necklace, false eyelashes, a butt plug prior to calling tranny.  Don’t you love tranny phone sex?  Here is what faggot reported..
Mistress Andrea,As You ordered Your fag property, it sessioned tonight with another SheMale, this time Mistress Bianca. Before the session got underway, faggot explained to Her that You are its Mistress and  Owner and required it to call Her for humiliation and to beg Her to be allowed to suck Her cock and eat cum for Her. She asked faggot how long You have owned it and what You generally do to it. faggot told Her and was then told to tell Her how You had dressed it. faggot described its red slut outfit – silk and lace bra and panty, short tight dress, thigh hi boots, black thigh hi lace top stockings, its wig -long blonde , its make-up  -false eye lashes, blackeye liner, cocksucker red lipstick, rose eyeshadow, foundation, blush, powder, Poeme perfume. it also told Her that  ,  that it had on a black velvet collar that said I Love Cum, and was butt plugged. Mistress Bianca started belittling it for being a sissy and faggot, and made it get to its knees to lick Her balls and rim Her ass hole. She then made it stroke Her cock and lick around the head.  She then forced Her cock into faggot’s mouth and faced fucked faggot. When She said it could cum, it told Her that You had made it cum on a plate before the call so that after it came again there would be a lot of cum for it to eat. She laughed at that and told faggot to stroke fast and cum on theplate. faggot did and then She told  it to lick it up so She could hear faggot doing so. faggot did as it was told and swallowed every drop.
Thank you again Mistress for humiliating this faggot and for making it a cumslut
Your fag property
Mistress loves the part, where the tranny laugh’s that I made Cassie cum on a plate in advance.  Cassie is MY PROPERTY. I own and control it, and by the way, I received a gorgeous silver necklace today from faggot, I have it on now, it is very beautiful, faggot shows Mistress the respect I demand and deserve. I am already thinking of more humiliating things to do to faggot. I am sending it shopping, it will be wearing some makeup, actually full makeup, girlie jeans and no pocket’s. It will be swooshing around the mall, with it’s limp wrist, I can not wait to hear about the shopping trip. I love the shopping stories, Oh it will be plugged and girdled as well!
I will keep all you other sissy’s posted, check back! Mistress Andrea
for sissy phone sex.

Mistress Andrea:

Tranny phone sex

"she male phone sex", "sissy phone sex"If you have been following along lately you will see that I have enjoy a good phone sex session, and tranny phone sex, and tranny fun with my cock sucking faggot, Cassie.  Cassie has to accept all my abuse, as I degrade and humiliate it, as Mistress Andrea is it’s OWNER.  Faggot is no more then property to me.   I make it pay me a slut fee, when I send it to a Tranny to be further humiliated. In fact I am enjoying this so much, I actually become excited in doing so. I love to degrade faggot.

See what faggot wrote in it’s report as to the recent visit with She Male Pandora.

As You directed, faggot called another She Male tonight, the very dominant and beautiful Pandora. faggot dressed in a red slut outfit, with blonde wig and of course make-up.  it told Her that You own this little sissy faggot and that it was to beg Her to suck Her cock and for Her to fuck it. She took great pleasure in all of this and started out by making faggot get on its knees, pull Her panties down and stick its tongue out while at the same time try to beg Her to let faggot lick it. faggot did its best which brought laughter from Her. She then allowed faggot to lick up and down Her luscious 8 inch cock and then She shoved it into its mouth and forced it down faggot’s throat. Next She made faggot beg to be fucked which it did “please fuck the faggot, please fuck it” and She took faggot’s ass pussy, giving it hard to it. When She finished fucking faggot She twisted its nipples through its bra then shoved Her cock in its mouth and had faggot suck it. She made faggot beg to cum and when it was ready to She made it cum in its panties and then take them off and suck up every drop.

Thank you Mistress for continuing to make it more of a faggot and for humiliating it. Your sissy faggot property, cassie”.
Her panties down and stick its tongue out while at the same time try to beg Her to let faggot lick it. faggot did its best which brought laughter from Her.” I LOVE THIS PART!  MAKES ME LAUGH just like I was there!  WTG Pandora. Make that faggot beg for more dick! As a reward, I gave faggot a cum snack!  it wrote…
“As You ordered earlier this evening, faggot pulled its flowered panties down to its knees, unlocked its chastity device sat all the way down on the 10 inch black dildo and fucked its ass pussy hard for ten minutes. As it fucked itself, faggot thought of the SheMale Dommes that You recently sent it to taking turns fucking it. faggot jerked its clitty off onto a plate and then licked and swallowed all of the cum up, again thinking of the She Males pulling their cocks out of its ass pussy just before cumming and shooting their hot loads into its cum slut mouth. So do love being Your fag property, and being so completely dominated and under Your control. Your devoted sissy faggot bitch property, cassie”. When all was said and done.. Cassie called it’s Mistress, and asked to pay it’s slut fee. I am wanting to send faggot out for more she male dick, as it is so amusing, especially for the summer. Faggot loves to suck it, and I love to hear the stories. I will keep you all posted about faggot’s new tranny adventures.. Oh I must tell everyone about the gorgeous white watch faggot sent me, I totally love it, and have been wearing it daily!  Thank you faggot, you belong to me, and I will use you accordingly. Be ready for more humiliation, and degradation!

Mistress Andrea can be reached for domination, sissy, phone sex
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

Sissy faggot phone sex with Mistress Andrea 1-888-745-8716

Sissy Melinda is My faggot property, I own and totally dominate this fag. My faggot is denied the privilege of jerking off its sissy clitty and cumming without My express permission. When I do allow My faggot to play with itself and cum I make it lick the cum up and swallow every drop. It amuses Me to no end to humiliate a little sissy cock whore like Cassie so I ordered it to toast an english muffin, jerk off its sissy clitty while thinking of Me pounding its faggot ass pussy with My strap-on, cumming on the muffin, spreading it on the muffin like butter, and eating it. Like the obedient little faggot that it is Cassie hungrily ate every morsel and then thanked Me for the privilege of being allowed to cum and for being made to eat it. Glad you enjoyed it Cassie you fucking little faggot
Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716 
Yahoo ID: AndreasPlayful

Sissy phone sex with Mistress Andrea 1-888-745-8716

"sissy phone sex" Mistress Andrea – sissy phone sex training and I am having my send me a new inventory, so that I can decide better what it should wear for our sessions.  Owning sissy is the most enjoyable thing Mistress has done in ages, giving me so much pleasure, emasculating, degrading and humiliating faggot. In return, faggot serves me. I had found a cute pair of ruffled boy shorts, in a lime green, with turquoise blue stripe, and it had a matching bra, although faggot wanted the bra, I think boobies are too big for it, so it will look  more slutty with titty’s hanging out, that is fine.

Faggot also found some other things in a catalog for girlie bois on line, and asked if it could have them. I love Cassie getting more things to dress up in for me, garters, stockings, and more panties. Since faggot is pantied 24/7 it needs a lot of panties to change in, plus I give it lessons to do, and it dresses for them as well. Panties are a must.  I had given faggot a cock sucking lesson this week.. here is what faggot had to say..

Dearest Mistress, Owner Goddess Andrea,
As You directed, yesterday evening faggot took off its chastity device so that it could get into its anal harness. faggot gave the anal plug a good sucking so its was nice and lubed for its ass pussy. faggot slide the plug into its ass pussy and then sat on it to make sure it was nice and deep inside of it, then it securely attached the leather straps of the harness and locked its sissy clit back into its device. Over the next few hours sissy’s clitty struggled in its chastity device as faggot was in constant delight from feeling the plug up inside of it as it walked and stand rocked on it as it watched TV.

Just before bedtime, faggot slipped into black silk & lace bra and panty , and coated its lips with cocksucker red lipstick. faggot then got the 10 in black dildo and performed a cock sucking lesson as You further ordered. For its lesson faggot fantasized about being picked up in fag bar by a tall, handsome, well built black stud who had been on the prowl for a little white sissy boi. The black stud took faggot out to his car so it could give him a blow job. faggot looked up at him with longing eyes and mouth as it gently unzipped his pants and took his big, thick cock into its hand. faggot gently stroked his cock as it began to lick and mouth the head. As his cock began to grow, faggot licked up and down the shaft. then took the cock into its mouth and sucked passionately on it. faggot loved how the cock felt and tasted in its mouth and began to hungrily suck it as it felt the throbbing just before his cum exploded into faggot’s mouth. faggot savored every drop of his cum, and licked his cock clean of all of it.

When faggot finished its sucking lesson it unstrapped its anal harness and sucked the plug clean of its ass filth as You always require after faggot’s ass pussy has been fucked. The sissy clitty was of course re-caged in its device.

Thank you Mistress for allowing faggot to be anal harnessed and for its cock sucking lesson.

Love being Your little sissy boi faggot and property,
sissy faggot cassie

Needless to say, I am pleased that I have turned faggot into a cock sucking whore, and plan on doing more so in the near future, I have instructed faggot to buy a dildo with a reservoir, so I can shoot cum into it’s mouth, also a 12 inch cock, to further stretch and use it’s ass pussy..

Faggot has been spoiling Mistress, I received Vicky Cristina Barcelona video, and Marcus Johnson cd, faggot sends me wonderful music and video’s not to mention many other wonderful things, I use them all. I did my nails in a pretty shade of ruby red, with some iridescence to it last night. I wear many beautiful cashmere sweaters that Cassie has sent me, they feel so good against my soft skin, as faggot also makes sure I have my pink grapefruit body butter, which is so relaxing and makes me super soft.

Tonight we had a session, faggot was wearing…black& pink school girlskirt, pink rhumba panty & lace bra ,black thigh hi stockings with pink bows, pink open toed pump sandals, pinksissy fag collar,pink hoops, plus full makeup, I send it now to the mall, for the makeup girl’s there to humiliate faggot, faggot makes it’s wrist limp, and tells the clerks, that I own it, and that I want it to have certain makeups.. I love hearing the story’s upon it’s return.

My session’s with My Cassie are very enjoyable for me to USE MY PROPERTY for my amusement. Tonight, I degraded it, using it as my toilet, and cum bucket whore. I teased faggot, I did spank it a few times, I think faggot would like a more harsh beating, perhaps I can make it beg for more… I beat it’s balls, and ass, and had it sit and bounce to my amusement on a 10″ black cock dildo, sucking it alternating it with it’s ass pussy. I had faggot locked in chastity for more then a week, since I was not able to play with faggot, I left it locked until tonight.  It will be locked and pantied of course for the following week..
Oh did I mention, for Valentine’s day, faggot sent me a huge bottle of Stella, a gorgeous Sephora lipstick, pink grapefruit body scrub, everything I love. Thank you faggot, for being so special to Mistress. Faggot treats Mistress with respect, which I demand, and is the best sissy I could possibly hope for – bringing me so much pleasure.

Mistress Andrea 1-888-745-8716