Faggot goes shopping dressed like a girl!

Mistress sent Her Cassie to the mall, dressed like a girl.  W/we discussed makeup and attire in advance, I do get a thrill at sending faggot off to shop and be humiliated by stranger’s, that being, sales girl’s.  I particularly like it when one of them buy’s into the situation, ask’s faggot question’s. goes as far as to let it try on thing’s, or offer’s more personal makeup advice and tip’s. Along the way I have had many good laugh’s at faggot’s expense.

Faggot has been serving tranny cock for the past few week’s. I find this very satisfying, this week, faggot will be serving me, dressed as a slut, I have sent it slut instruction’s, let me post my assignment here, maybe you other faggot’s out there would like to try to live up to faggot’s humiliation if so read on..

Faggot is to ….. each night before we have O/our session, I want faggot to get it’s  big black cock out to sit on, and unlock it’s sissy clitty, and stroke it for 5 minutes, then dip it in a cold glass of water, to get it soft, and lock it back up, each night before we have our session.

As you are stroking, it will  suck a dildo, and then it will be allowed to write me a report each night, telling Me how hard it was to keep from coming. Know faggot that I will beat it if you dare have an accident. Accident’s require a cum tax. Just in case you do slip up. If you slip up, also note you are to eat every drop, and report about this as well.

This all being said, faggot reported back about it’s shopping trip…

Mistress Andrea,
Your fag went shopping at the mall this morning and everyone knew it is a faggot. fag boi dressed as You told it to for its excursion – butt plug (sucked it before shoving it into its ass pussy) held in place nice and snug by the girdle, panty hose, skin tight women’s pocketless strech jeans, baby blue tee , woman’s black flats, clear nail polish, foundation, charcoal liner under the lid, mascara, pink eyeshadow and light pink lipstick. fag boi also carried a small case for its keys , phone and money. fag boi swished its hips as it walked, holding its case daintily in one hand while the other hand was also dainty and limp. fag boi looked for make-up, skirts, and panties for daily wear. it hadno luck again with finding skirts, the stores it went had predominately dresses andit didn’t really see any that struck its fancy. fag boi did buy three really pretty floral panties for its daily wear collection, it also bought two new Clinique lipsticks – After Party & Rosette – medium dark pinks. Of course every store fag boi went into it did ask the salesgirl’s for help and that its Mistress wanted it to find some new things to wear; that along with its ‘attire’  brought laughs, snickers, or disgusted looks .
Thank you Mistress for allowing Your fag property to go shopping. Nothing is more wonderful than being YOUR fag!
Worship You
sissy faggot cassie

As you all can see, i enjoy phone sex humiliation  with my property, faggot is Mine to do with as I please, planning on degrading and using it more, making it more feminine, making it a bigger cock sucker, all the good thing’s faggot should be!

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