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Slave r is all shaved for me, he has been shaving all week in preparation for me to use him. Taking dildo
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Fluffer for Mistress Andrea and her big cocked boyfriend.

“Did My little sissy faggot clean its ass pussy good like I told it to” asked Mistress Andrea? “Yes Mistress” replied sissy faggot Cassie. “Good, now open that prissy faggot mouth and lube up this plug; do it good faggot, dream of it being a big juicy cock that it loves to suck so much” said Mistress Andrea. sissy faggot cassie sucked it as Mistress directed, it does love big cocks so it was easy to comply. “That’s good, now stop, faggot, bend over, and spread those sissy ass cheeks nice and wide so that I can get the plug all the way inside that ass pussy” said Mistress Andrea. Sissy faggot Cassie did as it was told and Mistress teased its ass pussy a little, sliding in only an inch of the plug and turning it. “Hmm does My little faggot want it all” asked Mistress? “Yes Mistress please put it all the way inside sissy, please Mistress please” cried sissy faggot. Mistress Andrea pushed it up inside of Her fag, and it moaned as She did. “Now stand up and hold that plug in tightly with those sissy cheeks as it steps into its girdle” instructed Mistress. “Yes Mistress” replied sissy. Mistress Andrea pulled the girdle up over sissy’s hips and ass and told it to put its clit and earrings in between its legs before She finished pulling the girdle up snuggly. Once She had Mistress pressed on the base of the plug to make sure that it was firmly inside, and checked sissy’s front to make sure that it was nice and smooth looking . “Perfect’ said Mistress ‘now go finish getting ready for work, and make sure that it takes every opportunity to show everyone what a fag it is today”. “Yes Mistress” replied sissy faggot. “Oh one other thing faggot’ said Mistress ‘My boyfriend is coming over tonight. I am going to have faggot wait until he is here to tell us both about its day, then I am going to use its fag mouth as My fluffer toy to get him nice and hard for Me. No off it goes, and be home early from work”.

“When it arrived home sissy faggot walked into the living room hips swaying and both wrists limp and out to the side.  It found Mistress and Her boyfriend there sipping wine while seated on the couch. Mistress’s boyfriend looked up and shook his head laughing as faggot pranced in “what a fucking fag” he said,  and turning to Mistress he continued saying  “how can You stand having a fag around You”?  “Quite the opposite my dear’ said Mistress Andrea, ”I love owning a faggot, it does whatever I say, I do whatever I want to it and with it , it’s like a toy or a pet, and best of all if You stop enjoying using it, You just throw it out and there are plenty of other fags to take it’s place; what’s not to like”. sissy faggot saw that Mistress had placed a kneeling cushion in front of Her boyfriend and expected that it would be required to service him despite his apparent dislike of fags. “So faggot” said Mistress, “before it tells U/us about its day strip down to its girdle for U/us”.  As sissy faggot began to undress Mistress’ boyfriend said “girdle, what is the fag wearing a girdle for”? “Faggot, continuing undressing and tell him why it is wearing a girdle,” instructed Mistress Andrea. “Sir, Mistress Andrea plugged faggot’s ass pussy today  and put it into a girdle so that the plug  would stay snuggly up inside of faggot” replied sissy faggot Cassie. “Hmm, I bet the little faggot just loves that” said Mistress’s boyfriend. “Did faggot go to the mall at lunch time today” asked Mistress? “Yes Mistress Andrea, replied sissy faggot. “Well before it knells and tells us all about that, show U/us how it walked about the mall” directed Mistress Andrea.  Faggot pranced about the room swaying its hips,  and holding one limp wrist down and off to the side, and the other raised higher and somewhat to the front of it. Both Mistress and Her boyfriend laughed loudly and told it, “that’s it, faggot, swish those sissy hips, come on fag more.” When She was satisfied, Mistress Andrea told faggot to kneel on the cushion in front of Her boyfriend.”

“Okay fag, tell him about it’s day,” instructed Mistress Andrea.  “Sir, when faggot was in its car and sitting in the office it rocked back and forth on the plug thinking of Mistress fucking it; or maybe you; and it swished its hips slightly as it walked up and down the halls at work,” said faggot.  Before it could continue he said “And what makes faggot think that I would fuck it”?  Faggot bowed its head and said.  “It is sorry Sir.  it did not mean to imply that you would want to, it was just dreaming that you were.  “Okay, continue faggot.” he said.  “During lunch time faggot drove to the mall and walked as it just showed you,” said sissy faggot cassie.  “As it was walking two college girls smirked as They saw sissy and one said to the other, “look at the fag,” and They both laughed as continued walking.”  “Faggot then swished in and out of some Women’s stores looking for panties and skirts but it could not find any that it thought Mistress Andrea would want it to have.”  “After lunch time it hurried back to work to finish some things so it could come home early as Mistress instructed it to.”  “So fag, did it enjoy showing everyone what a little sissy it is?” he asked.  “Yes Sir,” replied faggot,  “especially since it pleases Mistress to have it do that.”  Mistress’s  boyfriend sat staring at it and sissy faggot bowed its head.  After a moment it heard the zipper of his pants start to slide and sissy’s heart started to flutter.  It had seen his cock once before as he was about to service Mistress, it was very big and thick, and faggot was hoping  that Mistress was going to use Her faggot as a fluffer boy to get him hard for Her.  “Does My little faggot want to suck his cock to get him ready for Me?” asked Mistress.  Sissy kept its head bowed and said “Yes, Mistress please.”  “Well don’t beg Me, it’s his cock faggot wants to suck,  beg him!” said Mistress Andrea. “Sir ,may faggot please suck your cock, please, sir please?” cried faggot.  He laughed and said “Okay fag boy, this one time, but when it is told  to stop, it had better.  I have no intention on filling its little cum bucket mouth, I have a beautiful Woman to please; does it understand?” “Yes Sir” replied faggot.  Mistress then said  “before it starts, go take off its girdle and bring Me its guard and lock. “Oh and faggot, keep those sissy ass cheeks tight,  I want that plug still inside of it.”  Sissy hurried off and when it returned, it knelt in front of Mistress so that She could lock its clitty in its guard.   “Now don’t disappoint Me,” said Mistress.  “Suck him good, I want him nice and hard.”  “If it does a good job, I may allow it to kneel by the bed and watch a real man pleasure a Woman, something a little fag like it can never even dream of doing,” said Mistress.  “One of Us may even fuck the faggot; or I may allow it to clean Us.”   Even soft the boyfriend’s cock was beautiful.  Sissy faggot began by slowly licking the head of his cock,  going around and around it,  then it took the head into it’s faggot mouth and sucked and licked it at the same time.  As the boyfriend’s cock started to grow in faggot’s mouth,  sissy began to lick up and down the long thick shaft.  Then faggot licked his balls.   It went back to the head and began to suck it again,  and then started to take more of the cock into its mouth as it continued to grow long and thick. Faggot sucked hungrily, and didn’t want to stop, but suddenly Mistress grabbed faggot’s hair and pulled it off of the cock.  “That will do just fine, sissy,” said Mistress.  “Crawl behind us, as we go into the bedroom,  I’ll allow faggot to watch”.  Faggot watched jealously as Mistress and her boyfriend made love, and hoped that maybe Mistress would fuck it or allow it to clean them,  once they had satisfied each other, Mistress’s boyfriend then asked Andrea, “So should we let the little faggot have the leftovers, or fuck it?”  Mistress Andrea looked into sissy’s eyes and saw the longing and said “No, I don’t think so. You have to be careful with a fag not to give it too much or you will spoil it; maybe next time, we’ll see.”  Sissy was devastated but knew better than to speak. “Off to bed faggot,  it’s been enough of a day for it,  we have a whole night ahead of us and I’m tired of paying attention to it,” said Mistress.  With that sissy hurried off and went to bed tears welling in its eyes, as it longed to be used by them.

Sissy was lying in bed, sad that It  was excluded from Mistress’s bedroom, and wishing It was in there watching, at least.  sissy heard moans coming from the room next door, only making it more jealous and upset, After about an hour, things seemed to have calmed down, and sissy began to doze off into a foggy daze, stallion guard on It’s faggot dick, and dreaming of Mistress, Suddenly it was awakened and sissy could not believe it’s eyes, a huge dick was swinging in it’s face, and Mistress, with an evil smile, commanded, “faggot, suck his cock and do it good if fit knows what is good for it”, The faggot’s heart leaped, as it’s deepest desire was answered, “On your knee’s now my pet, and quickly or I will take my paddle to your faggot ass.” Moving as fast as It could, on it’s knees beside the bed, Mistress’s “real man” boyfriend, forced his horse cock into sissy’s mouth. sissy, greedily sucking and licking it, wanting  to swallow every drop of his cum as he shot it down its throat. Mistress’ boyfriend now remarked, “Andrea, I have never had my dick sucked so well, no one else can deep throat it like this faggot. Mistress, suddenly pulled the cock from sissy’s mouth, Do not make him cum, I thought I warned you about coveting the cum from this glorious penis. Bend over, and pull your faggot panties down, at which, Mistress, began to paddle It’s cheeks till they were beet red. sissy was trying to stifle the tears, but  Mistress was insistent on the punishment, and IT knew that It had been warned. After beating it Mistress screamed at sissy to get to sleep,  and She and Her still hard boyfriend returned to Her bedroom to continue T/their lovemaking leaving sissy to sob from its beating and from its disappointment of not being allowed to eat Her boyfriend’s  cum.

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