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"domination phone sex", "sissy phone sex"Had a cuckold slut whore call me today.  I immediately made this slut get out a dildo and suck it.  He mentioned that he no long has sex with his wife.  Is that a surprise?   I told him to go send me an Amazon gift card, before he got started complaining about his little dick, and how frustrated he was.  He wanted some little dick humiliation.

He had an interesting story to tell me.  How he can PASS for a woman, and how he picked up some guy at a club, when they went out to the car, they were kissing, and when this guy put his hand between her legs, he found a tiny dick.  At first he was mad, then he laughed, and told this faggot that he was going to beat him to a pulp.

The husband told this guy he tried to pick up, that he was basically a cock sucker, and that he had a beautiful wife. Apparently the guy in the club was HOT!   He was tall, dark and handsome.  He had a huge cock, because this whore, had already had his faggot lips around his dick.

The guy from the club told him he would not beat him, if he could have sex with this wimp’s wife. Guess what?  Off they went, and now his wife really likes being with this guy, and the cuckold slut whore is out in the cold playing with his two incher!   It really turned me on, and I decided to use him more, told him he could buy me something online, since his wife was busy getting it from another man!    We went and looked for a pretty pair of panties for me, and a dildo for him, I decided he could suck it on our next session.  I love it when the guy become’s a cuckold husband!

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Extreme training for faggot cassie, making faggot a bigger cum slut then before!

Cassie has been in the midst of my training. I have been using faggot for my amusement, I will post here my instruction’s for one of our sessions. You can see how I am making faggot more of a cum slut, faggot cock sucker.. Read on, and wish it was you. If you want it to be you, know that I can make you into a faggot.

….Let’s do faggot in a black silk and lace bra and panty set, dress black with gold dots, thin strap low cut very short and tight, black thigh highs,  4 in Black heels, AsFB anklette, black stones with small diamond chip earrings, black velvet chocker – I love cock, long blonde wig, with black ribbon’s. Makeup: Smokey eye liner, charcoal, smudge it, top and bottom, light gray eyeshadow on lid, sketch in crease, and impact black mascara, use blue on ends of lashes, red lip pencil, Red, Red, Red lipstick, lip plumper, beauty mark, Poeme,  I need faggot to have ice, and toy’s ready for me, maybe a dish of ice cream or pudding. For O/our session.

 I don’t know what night we will be having our session, but each night before we have the session, I want you to get your big black cock out to sit on, and unlock your clitty, and stroke it for 5 minutes, then dip it in a cold glass of water, to get it soft, and lock it back up, each night before we have our session. As you are stroking, you are to suck a dildo, and then you may write me a report each night, telling me how hard it was to keep from coming.Know faggot that I will beat you if you dare have an accident. Accident’s require a cum tax. Just in case you do slip up. If you slip up, also note you are to eat every drop, and report about this as well.
 Be ready to be humiliated for my amusement, you are no more then property for my amusement to use and degrade.

Email back from sissy cassie:

Mistress Andrea, Thank you for Your humiliation,, for being Your property, and for turning it into such a faggot. Love, need and want what You do to it, and being submissive to You!
You are this bitch’s Mistress, Owner and Goddess! Worshipping You, adoring You and being devoted to You are so natural, it always feels lost without You; it is completely Yours and love that the world knows that it is Your bitch and how You treat it and what You do to it.Respectfully
Your fag bitch property
 —another note back from faggot
Mistress Andrea, As You ordered, Your faggot unleashed its sissy clitty from its device again tonight, pulled its flowered panty down, and took the 10 inch black dildo once again up its ass pussy. faggot rode it hard thinking of sitting on a gorgeous black guy’s lap and rock hard cock.and being fucked good. faggot also sucked another dildo, this time the 8 inch caucasian one. MMMM a little salt and pepper delight for this  sissy fag boi.Your fag stroked its clitty good all the while and wanted to cry when it stuck it into the cold water to keep it from cumming and eatting it all up like You allowed it to do last night. All faggot will be able to do tonight is lick its lips and dream about how yummy the cum was last night. it is YOUR fag and so loves being so
Here is how the session went with my faggot , Sissy Cassie.

Before begining faggot’s training and abuse, I allowed it to remove its chastity device. I had it attach vibrating nipple clamps and turned them all the way up, and then stuck a vibrating butt plug in that faggot ass pussy – the little faggot moaned when that got turned on. Before I paddled faggot’s ass I had it remove the plug and suck its ass filth from it. This faggot is such a whore, it really loves having to do that. faggot’s ass was paddled good and red, and then I gave its worthless sissy balls a good whack with the riding crop. I then decided to torture its sissy clit and balls with qtips dipped in alcohol and 4 lbs of weights attached to the parachute attached to the sissy ball sack.I also shoved some ice cubes up the bitch’s ass and o had it clean its ass pussy with a tooth brush and cininmon toothpaste. Eventualy I fucked faggot’s ass  pussy and made it alternate between sucking that one clean and sucking another dildo as I fucked it.When I allowed faggot to cum I made it do so on top of chocolate pudding and then eat the cum and pudding up. Cassie You are a cum slut fag whore, and will be forever more!

I will use faggot more, be sure to check back … I was going to allow it a cock sucking Tranny session, I have put this on hold.
I must also mention, faggot sent Mistress some wonderful things, not sure what I posted about, but I wore my new silver figaro chain today, it is very expensive and beautiful. I love how it looks, and get many compliments. Not to mention all the wonderful makeup faggot buys me. I must send faggot to clinique soon to be humiliated by one of the girls there. Meanwhile, I have many bottles of nail polish, as I am addicted, faggot sends me OPI, I change colors sometimes daily, sometimes, twice in one day, depending on what I will be wearing. In a perfect world Mistress would send fag to beauty school so it could do my nails, and toes. I will be also putting the new comforter, Nautica, an shams on my Goddess bed soon. Perhaps a real man might have the pleasure of me, and faggot can suck out the cum.

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