Mistress Andrea has a Cassie Alert!

Mistress Andrea, what can I say? I have been busy this summer, exercising. Thinking of going to a nude beach, and wow all the real men there, so Cassie, can wiggle it’s sissy ass behind me, as I parade around looking for someone to amuse me, and watching faggot drool at the prospect of sucking and getting big dick ready for ME!   I also have thought it would be very cute, if we had matching pink bicycles.  I love walking and running lately, my clothes are too big and needing other things. Shopping is in the air!

Faggot is being used by me, I have been sending it to serve some Tranny’s. I do enjoy phone sex domination  I like having them use faggot, been making faggot beg them to do things for me.    Here is a reply from faggot about my new fun training with trannies..

Mistress Andrea,
 As you have ordered, sissy faggot has continued searching for pretty SheMales to contact so that it can arrange as You require for sissy faggot to be humiliated by them; and for it to have to beg them to suck their cocks, be fucked by them, and allowed to eat cum. it hopes that the three that it has contacted between yesterday and today will desire to do this so that You will be able to take added pleasure from making sissy faggot suck tranny cocks; and from it having to let them know that You have ordered it to come to them and that You own it. it is Your fag and this is making it into even more of one.
Thank you for owning this faggot Mistress!!!
Your fag property sissy faggot cassie 

Sent Cassie to Macy’s where it bought a bikini, for tanning. Thought the clerk would be more humiliating, maybe send faggot out to get one, and see if I can get lucky, so that I can have a good laugh!   I know faggot will look cute in the bathing suit, in any event.

I also have rewarded faggot with a cock sucking lesson..

Mistress Andrea,
Thank you for giving sissy faggot the wonderful reward of being anal harnessed and allowed a cocksucking practice for its initial contact with SheMale Vivian. She is so pretty and her cock looks just lucious that sissy faggot thought of sucking her off as it practiced with its mouth, and thought of SheMale Tonya taking it’s ass pussy at the same time.
it can’t wait to have to beg Vivian to suck her off and to fuck it, and eat cum for her.
Your adoring and devoted sissy fag property, cassie

I will be using faggot more, and controlling and making it weaker more dependent upon my control, using faggot for my amusement, love shemales using it, and debasing it.  I will degrade as I see fit.  Faggot is MY PROPERTY to do with as I please, and nothing more!  I will send it off, to be used, and it will serve it’s Mistress.

I am available for phone sex with sissy’s, submissive’s seeking domination and control, I am available daily

Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at:   1-888-745-8716



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