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DominationMistress Andrea loves sissy phone sex and has a new slut today, to use!  It was fun, I had and I fucked him over in a big way.  First I made him go into his wife’s panty drawer and put on a pair of brief’s.  Then I instructed him to go into the hamper and find some worn panties.  I had him put a worn pair over his face, crotch over his nose. I had him masturbate like that for a few minutes, each stroke he had to thank me, while I laughed, and told him what a pathetic masturbator he was.  He was whining a lot, so I had him put on some lipstick, and then get his wife’s toy out and suck it. He started crying and moaning. I had to laugh again at what a cock sucking loser  he was being, and how much fun I was having.

He gave me a great idea, he seemed to really react when I mentioned that he had to pay me for all of this. So, I started to charge him one dollar per stroke.  That added up to a hefty amount, as he was getting into this. Me telling him, that I would be getting the money, that his wife was expecting. I enjoyed this very much, he will be calling me back, as I have addicted him to me already.

I also sent a cock sucker to a glory hole.  This cock sucker took his laptop, and I was able to watch him on webcam, as he was used by guy’s this afternoon. It was quite a sight, I could tell that by my watching all this, it was a huge turn on for him.

I like sissy call’s,  Brenda called me, and I have to say, she love’s anal sex. Being a girlie slut, she like’s getting f**d,  I enjoyed her telling me about her new bf, and how he likes to use her pussy!  Also talked to Emily, who love’s shopping, she showed me on webcam her latest dress, Very Pretty Em!    Karen again, is a slut in London, she can not cross dress enough.  I am not sure she has any men’s clothing left at all.   Daniella loves my strap on.  I like gang banging when ever possible, now she can not walk. Poor sissy.
They are all cum eater’s. IF they are not when they start calling me, they are by the time, I get them into my training program.

In the meanwhile, I have been further training MY property Cassie. I had given it a cum eating lesson, here is it’s response to my instruction:
AsYou directed Mistress, last night faggot sucked a butt plug and then shoved it into its sissy boi ass pussy and slid it’s girdle up so that the plug would stay firmly inside of it. it sat and rocked back and forth in the chair , just love how that feels, as it did some more secretarial work for You. Once it completed its assignment, faggot hurriedly wiggled its way downstairs and began to suck on the 10 inch dildo , making sure to lick, mouth and suck, not only the cock but also the balls like the proper cockslut You’ve turned  faggot into. it so does love having cock’s in both of of its fag hole’s and taking every inch of them. After sucking faggot went night night but kept it’s ass pussy plugged all night long. This morning it licked and sucked the flithy plug clean. Thank you for making faggot what it is Your cock sucking faggot slut whore…..sissy faggot cassie

Faggot has been serving me, and amusing me, we had been doing some Tranny call’s. I would send cock sucker off to suck Tranny cock, and  maybe with an assignment, and it would report back to me, all the dirty details.  Faggot also has made Mistress Andrea very happy.  Faggot has gotten me some fabulous Smashbox cosmetic’s.  Honestly I do not know what I did without this makeup.
I have a new foundation, I have been looking and trying many this one is the perfect color. Faggot sent me a try me kit from Smashbox, had some foundation primer in it, I had used the sample under the new foundation, and it has made a HUGE difference in the way it goes on. I think I need faggot to get some for itself, as I require it to wear foundation for me, during our session’s as well as when it goes plugged or off to amuse me with another domme.   Smashbox also has cream eyeliner with a brush, you push the liner into the lash crease, you can control how you want it to look, it is super cool. I love the liner’s, faggot went so far as to send me another kit of liner cream I so love it!  Faggot respect’s me, and treat’s me in the way that I deserve to be treated.

Faggot is a cum eating, cum slut, whore and I allowed it a breakfast treat as well.. Faggot cassie wrote:  Mmmm Mmmm good! faggot just finished the special breakfast You allowed it Mistress.The english muffins were  especially good because faggot produced a very healthy helping of cum to butter them with. faggot so does love to eat cum! Yummy!

 Thank Mistress for its breakfast treat

 …sissy faggot cassieOh yes, also loserpiggy did call me, usually sends me a tribute, I have been lax to post on here, but yes, piggy, I am mentioning you here, although I think it is more fitting for a piggy to be ignored. I expect your tribute this week, and yes, I will up it 10 dollar’s to make it more appealing to me!I will write more to you all soon!

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