Posting some of Cassie’s feelings about being confined to a chastity device….

Have to mention, faggot Cassie sent me FABULOUS thongs today, I wear them all the time, he knows I love them, he sent me many pairs of summer thongs and I have been enjoying them with my pretty painted toes.. BTW, also sent me pretty toe nail polish, my toes are always done up, and I like to change the colors frequently to match my sandals and thongs, thank you Cassie, for my pretty presents… On another note….

For all you sissy’s, faggot’s, cock suckers, and cross dresser’s, panty sluts, some of you have mentioned how you love all the things I post about my faggot, he is my number one faggot and property, so all of you should aspire to be as good a sissy cocksucking faggot like MY Cassie. Read about all the cool things I do to my faggot, of course the newest venture is the strict Chastity device I have forced my faggot to wear now, we did a session last week, and I did not let him cum, if you read further down the blog, you will see the sessions, I used a lot of cock an ball torture, spanking it’s balls, and ass, till he was very red and sore, amusing me, as I was doing so…. Cassie as you know, is my property, he has gotten a chastity device, as I feel he needs to be denied, and now is totally under my supervision and control. I totally own my faggot, this is further proof, he has been expressing some of his faggot submissive feelings, haha, they are so pathetic seeing as he has no choice, but I do enjoy his submission all the more.. here are some of his comments…

Sent me this when he received the device… (7/26)The chastity device arrived. faggot lubed its clitty with baby oil, selected the right size ring which fits behind the earrings and clitty to ensurea secure fit, slid the clitty into the shaft part, inserted the pins that hold the ring and shaft together and locked Your fag’s clitty away. While it has only been a short while that faggot has had the device on, what a wonderful feeling of complete submission! There is no way to move or sit without feeling the device, and although faggot is a proper sissy and sits when it pees at all times, there is no way to pee but sitting with this on unless the slave wants to make a mess. This will be another constant reminder that You are faggot’s owner. faggot loves being totally controlled and dominated by You, its most beautiful Goddess.

Next Update ….
(7/27)On the one hand faggot loves the emotion that it brings of further submission and surrender to You, of You having even more control. On the other hand there the feeling of helplessness as clitty can’t get excited anymore by itself when faggot thinks about what You do it, and when it thinks about cock; the device will not allow it to grow. In the end thedevice is faggot’s new constant reminder that You are its Owner and it isYour property.

I have also instituted cock sucking lessons (#1)every night with a report from my faggot, here is the first report…

(7/29)As You instructed, faggot performed its first cocksucking lesson for the week last night. faggot thought about crawling under the desk of a gorgeous guy at work, unzipping his pannts, and gently taking his cock out. Hmm, faggot began by licking, kisssing and mouthing the head of it, then licked up and down the shaft, and mouthed the head again as faggot stroked the cock. As faggot thought of the guys cock growing it started to suck, bobbing its head up and down on it, hungrily taking more and more of the big, delicious cock into its whore mouth. Hmm, faggot dreamt of the guy exploding his cum juice down faggot’s throat and faggot licked and sucked his cock dry of every ozzing drop. Love sucking cock and eating cum! I also sent Faggot out for a new dress… I love to keep it’s wardrobe pretty, I dress it up like a cute little girlie boy, so that I can have oh so much fun humiliating it, as it serves his Mistress.

Here is what Cassie had to say about it’s shopping trip, btw, I do plug up it’s ass pussy for these adventures….

(7/29)Oh Mistress Faggot was able to get its new dress today! it took its hip swishing, lip wristed, butt plugged sissy ass to the mall at lunch time and made sure that everyone it passed knew that it is a sissy faggot. When Faggot walked into the store it excitedly told the sales girl that it wanted to see the plum colored tube dress that was in the window. She brought faggot to the rack and asked what size she wore. Well, Faggot stuck its limp wrist high in front of it and told her the dress was for it, what size it wears, and that it would like to try the dress on. The sales girl laughed in Faggot’s face but allowed it to try the dress on. After doing so Faggot swished up to the counter and paid her, dantily handing her the bills. Thank you Mistress for allowing Your Faggot to buy a new dress. it is going to wait until just before bed to take the butt plug out of its ass pussy, and when it does Faggot will suck it clean like You have taught it to do.

Cock sucking lesson #2 for the week….

(7/30) Faggot performed its second cockucking lesson for the week last night. Before doing so Faggot put on a thick coat of cocksucker red lipstick. As Faggot sucked the cock it fantasized about Your having bound it on the spanking bench before a party and that theguysin attendance were told that Faggot’s mouth was there for their use. One guy after another made Faggot lick his balls and then shoved his cock in Faggot’s whore mouth to suck. Each time the guy was ready to cum he grabbed the back of Faggot’s head and fucked its mouth pussy hard until his cum juice exploded into Faggot’s mouth. Faggot swallowed every drop of the delicious cum.

Cock sucking lesson #3 for the week…. Mistress Andrea, Faggot performed its thrid cocksucking lesson of the week tonight. Faggot put on somepink lip plumper and changed into a pair of flowered panties as it imagined You takingit behind the bushes in the park to suck off a guy who had his big dick already hanging out of his pants waiting for Faggot’smouth. Faggot took the cock in its hand and gently pulled it upwards so that it couldlick his balls. Faggot then licked its way up the shaft until it reached the head and then licked and sucked it. Faggot then took more and more of the delicious cock into its fag whore mouth until it gagged, and then sucked and sucked it until it thought about him shooting his load down Faggot’s throat. His cum was so yummy that Faggot sucked every ozzing drop he had.

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