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"domination phone sex", "sissy phone sex"Had a cuckold slut whore call me today.  I immediately made this slut get out a dildo and suck it.  He mentioned that he no long has sex with his wife.  Is that a surprise?   I told him to go send me an Amazon gift card, before he got started complaining about his little dick, and how frustrated he was.  He wanted some little dick humiliation.

He had an interesting story to tell me.  How he can PASS for a woman, and how he picked up some guy at a club, when they went out to the car, they were kissing, and when this guy put his hand between her legs, he found a tiny dick.  At first he was mad, then he laughed, and told this faggot that he was going to beat him to a pulp.

The husband told this guy he tried to pick up, that he was basically a cock sucker, and that he had a beautiful wife. Apparently the guy in the club was HOT!   He was tall, dark and handsome.  He had a huge cock, because this whore, had already had his faggot lips around his dick.

The guy from the club told him he would not beat him, if he could have sex with this wimp’s wife. Guess what?  Off they went, and now his wife really likes being with this guy, and the cuckold slut whore is out in the cold playing with his two incher!   It really turned me on, and I decided to use him more, told him he could buy me something online, since his wife was busy getting it from another man!    We went and looked for a pretty pair of panties for me, and a dildo for him, I decided he could suck it on our next session.  I love it when the guy become’s a cuckold husband!

Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

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Had an interesting cuckold phone sex call today with a guy that is under endowed. Very interesting story. Told me about a beautiful girl he served real time. He was basically her errand boy, chauffeur, and what ever she wanted him to be. She would have sex with the door open, obviously with men that were more equipped then he was. He gave her all his money, she controlled the finances, and he was her doormat.

Lucky little dick loser to have a beautiful girl that was willing to use him!  He craves humiliation.
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Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716


New Cuckold Story for all you Cuckold Lovers out there!


She is a very beautiful woman, a woman men desire, a woman with an insatiable need to be pleasured by them. She married her husband with the full knowledge that she would be constantly having sex with men other than him; tall, handsome, hard bodied men with big, thick cocks. She knew also that she would quickly make her husband a cuckold, his role to make money, and do all of the domestic chores at home that she had no intention of ever doing.  He was the perfect choice for a cuckold; totally mesmerized by her beauty, easily manipulated, and well, his cock, or as she referred to it, his weenie, was nothing more than a worthless little pencil dick. He was never allowed to put his pathetic weenie inside of her, only real men with big, thick, hard cocks had that pleasure, something she reminded him of all of the time. Occasionally, however, she allow her husband to kneel in front of her and stroke his weenie as he looked longingly at her beautiful pussy. This amused her as she enjoyed the control over him that she had.

She had decided that she wanted to find some ways to further control and humiliate her husband and while scanning across some bondage websites came across something that quickly caught her attention. It was a collar, a very special collar that she felt would be just perfect. Rather than fitting around the neck, this collar fit across the mouth and was securely fastened behind the head. What was perfect about the collar was that on the back side of the mouth piece was a penis gag that went into the mouth, and the front side was an 8 inch dildo to be used to pleasure a woman. When the box arrived with the collar she had her husband kneel before her and as she handed the box to him said, “you have been a good boy so I bought you a present.”

His eyes gleamed with delight and he hurriedly opened the box. The gleam quickly turned to bewilderment as he stared at the collar. “Take it out and let’s see how it fits,” she told him.  He hesitated and this time she said in a very stern voice, “I said take it out, I want to see how it fits on you.”  He did as she said and she told him. “Put the small cock in your mouth and hold the large cock until I fasten the strap in the back.”  He hesitated again and this time she slapped him hard across the face, and screamed at him to do what she told him.  She had never hit him before but got a sudden rush of excitement from doing so.

He put the small cock in his mouth and held the large one as she moved behind him and secured the strap tightly behind his head.  She immediately began to laugh as she looked at the large cock pointing out from his face. “Besides being a little weenie boy, now you are a fuck face,” she said mockingly.  “Let’s see if you can be worth anything, fucking a pussy with your face because you are certainly worthless, doing so with that weenie between your legs.”  Her pussy was already wet from humiliating him, and she guided the cock into her to get him started.

He slowly moved his head back and forth, driving the cock attached to his face deeper and deeper inside of her as he knelt before her.  As she felt herself wanting to orgasm she grabbed the sides of his head and pushed him to the floor.  She straddled his face and finished fucking herself, cumming hard as she did. She remained sitting on his face for a few moments, then rose and stood over him and said, “I am still going to fuck as many men as I want, but get used to this as well because you are going to be my little fuck face when they aren’t available. Also, start acquiring a taste for cock while the other end is in your mouth. I am eventually going to bring my lovers home and you are going to suck their cocks to get them hard for me. Get up and take that off then go wash it, if you were a real man I’d let you lick my juice off of it, but you don’t deserve the taste of pussy you cuckold piece of shit.” He did as he was told and pondered what the future was about to bring.

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