Cassie is a bigger faggot then before, more tranny cock sucking, and it love’s it’s cum!

"sissy phone sex"I enjoy sissy phone sex, and Cassie is such a cock sucking faggot. I sent it once again to suck dick, tranny dick that is.  I have so much fun having it do so. I love hearing tranny sucking stories.  They do amuse me.  I like to go to tranny bar’s and see all the makeup and pretty dresses, thinking of taking faggot there to parade around with Mistress!

Had faggot cum in a dish before the session, so it would have lot’s of extra cum to eat.  Here is a report from fag boy.. I had it dress in red, I added a “I love Cum” necklace, false eyelashes, a butt plug prior to calling tranny.  Don’t you love tranny phone sex?  Here is what faggot reported..
Mistress Andrea,As You ordered Your fag property, it sessioned tonight with another SheMale, this time Mistress Bianca. Before the session got underway, faggot explained to Her that You are its Mistress and  Owner and required it to call Her for humiliation and to beg Her to be allowed to suck Her cock and eat cum for Her. She asked faggot how long You have owned it and what You generally do to it. faggot told Her and was then told to tell Her how You had dressed it. faggot described its red slut outfit – silk and lace bra and panty, short tight dress, thigh hi boots, black thigh hi lace top stockings, its wig -long blonde , its make-up  -false eye lashes, blackeye liner, cocksucker red lipstick, rose eyeshadow, foundation, blush, powder, Poeme perfume. it also told Her that  ,  that it had on a black velvet collar that said I Love Cum, and was butt plugged. Mistress Bianca started belittling it for being a sissy and faggot, and made it get to its knees to lick Her balls and rim Her ass hole. She then made it stroke Her cock and lick around the head.  She then forced Her cock into faggot’s mouth and faced fucked faggot. When She said it could cum, it told Her that You had made it cum on a plate before the call so that after it came again there would be a lot of cum for it to eat. She laughed at that and told faggot to stroke fast and cum on theplate. faggot did and then She told  it to lick it up so She could hear faggot doing so. faggot did as it was told and swallowed every drop.
Thank you again Mistress for humiliating this faggot and for making it a cumslut
Your fag property
Mistress loves the part, where the tranny laugh’s that I made Cassie cum on a plate in advance.  Cassie is MY PROPERTY. I own and control it, and by the way, I received a gorgeous silver necklace today from faggot, I have it on now, it is very beautiful, faggot shows Mistress the respect I demand and deserve. I am already thinking of more humiliating things to do to faggot. I am sending it shopping, it will be wearing some makeup, actually full makeup, girlie jeans and no pocket’s. It will be swooshing around the mall, with it’s limp wrist, I can not wait to hear about the shopping trip. I love the shopping stories, Oh it will be plugged and girdled as well!
I will keep all you other sissy’s posted, check back! Mistress Andrea
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Mistress Andrea: