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I am a specialist.  I do what I do best, because I specialize and enjoy it.  I have many slaves and sissies, and cucks, I dominate and take control. Below is an email I have received, could this be you?

Mistress Andrea

I am pleading with you to take me under your training. I am a complete mess
of emotions, desires, doubts, and fears. I am hoping that under your expert
guidance that I would be able to find my proper place in this world.
Its not clear to me why I am asking to be ‘forced’ into faggotry. I really
am not a faggot! I do not go around looking at guys. I do not go around sucking cock. I don’t even spend time looking at guys in porn! I am straight!
Yet, I get an erection whenever I imagine a woman like you, Mistress,
calling me ‘faggot’. Or making me do things that are humiliating and

I want to become your bitch. I want to become your whore! I will pay YOU
out of my own pocket for each customer that uses me as a cumdump, just because I
want you to get the benefit of me whoring myself out for FREE.
I want to be degraded to non-human levels even. I am talking about being
put down to the level of a toilet! I don’t have experience in this field, and
yet I am aroused by the thought of it. DEGRADATION!

But above all else, I want to make you LAUGH. I want to make you happy.
Turn me into anything you please and simply enjoy my misery. That is my purpose
– to be your entertainment.
I am messed up, Mistress. Please help me. Please train me. Please use
me. Please laugh at me.

I will laugh at you loser, and for those of you out there, I will degrade and humiliate you, and enjoy every second of it!
Call Mistress Andrea for your humiliation phone sex at 1-888-745-8716

Sissy bobbie – I own him now – humiliation phone sex with Mistress Andrea 1-888-745-8716

Have to say, I am loving my new sissy  bobbie.  Sissy is a very good cock sucker , tributes me, and serves me, and we did a three way call with my real man boyfriend, and sissy bobbie sucked his cock.  We have done a few calls and I am in the process of making bobbie weaker and more submissive.  She is following my lead, and doing what is necessary to please me.   Sissy bobbie followed Master Darren’s lead, he has a big cock, and sissy was busy getting the whole thing in her mouth. Licking it and worshipping it.  Darren has quite the voice also, adds to the the ambience, of the experience.

I will be training bobbie more in the future and keeping you posted.

I have also requested a report as to some of bobbie’s comings and goings.. here is what she reported to me recently.

Hello Mistress Andrea,

What a rush! To have you IM me while I was playing and being a nasty little freak Ma’am, I felt like I was just caught with my hand in the cookie jar. And then when you asked me what I was doing, my heart felt like it stopped, I didn’t know what to say, I mean I knew I couldn’t lie to you, but I was pretty embarrassed to admit that I was on Yahoo playing in the Gay Chat Rooms. I had three cams open with guys stroking their cocks; my cam was not on at the time.  So, without any further hesitation, I came clean and told you the truth, and I am so glad I did. You made me feel so excited when you told me you wanted me to tell you all about it so you could humiliate me on your blog (thank you Maam).  I had seven guys watching me Maam, but only two really spoke, so I saved their comments. There was one guy who really took control, so I worked his comments into the story, the other guys comments are at the end of the story.

Here goes   …..I was all dressed up in my pink thong panties and matching pink bra with black thigh high stockings on. I even put some red lipstick on as I was feeling especially slutty thinking about the call I had the night before with Mistress Andrea. I read a few stories on Mistress Andrea’s website, and wanted tog et off, but I was really horny, so I thought I would jump online and play with some other men. I was rubbing my cock through my silky panties as I watched a few guys stroking their hard cocks for me. My cam wasn’t on yet, I just wanted to watch a guy playing with his cock when all of the sudden I get an IM from Mistress Andrea. After I am completely humiliated and embarrassed at being caught watching men jerk off, I was instructed to go and play, but report back to Mistress.

I instantly felt so slutty and didn’t care how many men watched me, I wanted to please my Mistress and please as many men as I could. I went into a Top/Bottom chat room and announced to the room :sissy bottom with toys looking to perform for any horny top guys, come and have a laugh, guided the action…”. Instantly I was hit up with 6 men wanting to watch me. Without hesitation, I allowed all of them to watch. I was sitting in my chair, playing with my nipples, rubbing my cock through the panties…


Enough being said, I am available for your cock control:  sissy, cuckold, cbt, domination, and other fetish fantasy phone sex calls..

Mistress Andrea  1-888-745-8716

EST  (you can email for an appointment or try calling, I am available daily on a fairly regular schedule, although I am told I can be hard to reach..

Sissy Erica gets fucked as she sucks cock! Call Mistress Andrea for sissy phone sex at 1-888-745-8716

Loves cock!  I trained her just on a humiliation phone sex .   Suck a cock sucker .  Dressed in pink bra and panties.  She is my sissy, as I get pleasured by a real man, she is being used by my other men with big dicks,

First I dressed her,and feminized her in my panties and bra, pink of course !   Adding a blonde wig, cock sucker red lipstick stockings and heels, she was ready to serve me.

Ass licking then sucking on my strap on!   She is quite the sissy cock sucker !   I had my Mistress friend’s enter the room to watch her be used by us all!

Erica is the sissy slut, ready to eat cum and be used by us, her little clit throbing as I made her my own!

ASSIGNMENT! for my little forced fem sissy  Erica
I want Erica to go buy a weeks worth of panties, and a new girlie magazine with hunks in it, so she can wear panties and stroke all week, looking at sexy guys for Mistress,  No cumming till our next session.

Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

New slut wants to be like Cassie.. Call Mistress Andrea for our sissy cock sucker phone sex at 1-888-745-8716

Had a new slut this week call Me.  This new sissy slut,  had read my entire blog, and wants to be like Cassie.  It has no body hair, has had it removed with a laser, and has a nice higher voice, and wants to be a girl, of course, I only talk to sissy’s, and this new sissy  loves the fact that I have branded MY property. In fact I re-branded Cassie this week, and added a new brand to it’s sissy faggot body.  I added the letters, DEH,  standing for degrading, emasculating, and humiliating, on it’s thigh.  I also had it refresh it’s other brands. I could smell the burning skin over the phone, and hear the sissy sufferings. It was marvelous. Cassie is such a slut!

It loves it’s new brands, and we did a training session, it sure does love sucking the filthy cock after I f**k it’s ass pussy with it. I have it slurp and suck it, it craves and begs for more. It loves to be degraded, and that is it’s job as it is my slut, and needs to be degraded to please me. I love making it do, disgusting things to amuse me, I also love branding it. We have a new slave contract, and I am very pleased that faggot will be serving me. I have already started to further feminize it, maybe I will make it take some hormones, to make some girlie titties!  How sweet.  It already has lots of clothes, and toys, but it does not have tits!  We can start small and go big, I know the cocks it suck, would love to pinch Cassie’s nipples as they pound her faggot throat.

Here is what Cassie wrote in regard to it’s new brands…Dearest Mistress Andrea,Thank you so much for giving faggot its new brand, and for re-branding the other three that You had previously marked it with. The brands are nice and red and wonderful, constant reminders that faggot belongs to You as Your property. Being Your property is something that faggot cherishes very much. Thank you also for fucking faggot’s ass pussy and mouth and allowing it to eat cum last night. Your sissy, faggot, slave & property,

I would push faggot’s head down on this cock and make it beg for air, as gallons of nasty cum are dripping down it’s throat as I laugh.  I would have a throat gang bang for my faggot, since it begs for more cum. I like it when it eats cum muffins, and food with it’s own cum on it, maybe should make some salad dressing next. What do you think faggot?  Or, maybe I would get some pretty she males to come and amuse Us/us.

Cassie sent me a wonderful jacket and I wore it out today in the cold, it kept Mistress nice and warm, also did toes in a pretty shade of burgundy, that faggot sent me, earrings also, from my Cassie, pretty shade of green.. I did buy some shoes today courtesy of Cassie, some beautiful pumps and a bag. Cassie is the best sissy I could hope for, and all you other sissy’s out there, take a lesson from Cassie, who respects me, and does whatever it can to be a good sissy, especially since We/we now have a contract, we have been celebrating our Anniversary, and Cassie’s birthday recently, it is a very festive time of year for Us/us.

On another note… I received an email recently from Allison… here is what she had to say..

Mistress Andrea  Its been along time since I talked to you but this is Allison,  our last session is on your blog so if you don’t remember its still in the blog archives.I just wanted to let you know how its been going.  I have been a very happy cuckold for 6 months.  My wife Amy has brought her lover James home many times and I am put in the corner of the bedroom and made to watch while he fills her pussy with his real man cock.  As James and Amy are having sex they both like to laugh at my little clitty getting hard in my panties, after they are done I get to clean her cream pie  and I also get to clean James cock.  After James leaves I give Amy a complete massage and then its Allison’s turn to get fucked, but she only uses her small 4 inch dildo on me to show me what it feels like to be screwed by suck a little dick like mine. I also serve Amy’s friends when they come over to the house, I have my panties and bra on and I serve them drinks and they all laugh very loudly at my little clitty, After awhile and a few drinks Amy has shown them how much of a little slut I am and she will use her dildo on me in the room while the girls watch, they all love  how my little clitty gets hard.

Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

  Mistress Andrea

Yahoo ID: AndreasPlayful for your humiliation phone sex

Making Cassie a bigger Cock Sucker.. Call Mistress Andrea for your humiliation phone sex at 1-888-745-8716

Faggot sucked some cock  for Me the other night during our session, I enjoyed this of course, By the way, faggot also sent me the nicest gift today, Coconut Soap and Body Wash from the Body Shop and Pink Grapefruit body butter, I love these. Thank you so much.  Before our session here are the instructions I sent to faggot, to prepare for Our/our session..

Sissy Cassie:

I need you to be over the spanking bench tomorrow night, ready for your beating for one on thing.
I want you to have 3 dildos set up to suck also. Some Ice, and some clothespins…You are to wear:Pink rumba panties and bra, pink skirt (pick out one you have not worn recently), your white thigh highs, and pink heels, pink tag, and short brown wig with pink bows, and pink hoop earrings..Makeup should be foundation, pink blush, pink eyeshadows, liner top and bottom, I had always assumed you did the bottom lid, I should have asked, I use mascara top and bottom. Extreme pink lipstick, plumper. Black liner and mascara, sweeping out, beauty mark. Get ready to be beaten and humiliated you cock sucking faggot. Get that faggot ass ready for me to paddle and ** and also, those dicks to suck!  I will make you into a bigger cock sucking fag  tomorrow night. Know it and get ready to obey me!

Mistress Andrea
faggot’s response:
Thank you for faggot’s instructions, it will be prepared to serve You and be used by You. Youare faggot’s Goddess and Owner and it worships You with absolute devotion, Respectfully , faggot

Later that day…
faggot…Mistress is at a loss for room for her pretty things, She has spent the better part of the day, airing out her beautiful sweaters, and putting lilly of the valley paper in the drawers to make them pretty. Pink, White, Black and Beige seem to be all I have they are lined up according to mock turtle, turtle, v, cotton, cashmere, merino wool, and on the shelf too.  Mistress also made a bag for donation. Why is She telling you this? This is your job, and Mistress now is too tired to cut up her daily green salad.  Seems like faggot is in for it tonight!

faggot’s response:
Mistress, this fag understands that You need to beat and  abuse it for what You went through today. Worship YOU

As you can all see, I am taking faggot down the cock sucking road. I sucks lots of dick, and practices doing so for me. I want to pimp it out, for shopping money, I want cocks stuffed in it’s every hole.  It is property ONLY to me, I will use it and humiliate it, as I deem fit. I will make fag a bigger femme whore, because that is WHAT I do!

Mistress Andrea

Mistress Andrea can be reached
toll free at: 1-888-745-8716

Mistress Andrea
Yahoo ID: AndreasPlayful

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