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"sissy phone sex"
Had a little sissy slut call me today. Sporting a credit card for a nice long hour call, buying me things at Nordstrom today!   Wearing panties, and begging me to torture it’s sissy balls and clitty.  I had him take a paddle, and spanked its balls, till they were blue.  I then made it beg to be spanked more, I used a clamp on this sissy’s clitty head, and then two clamps on it’s thighs.  Poor thing was whining and begging me to stop.

Not a chance, I spanked it with a ruler, the clitty that is, What you could see of it, what a little dick loser , hardly a clitty at all.  Good thing this sissy jayjay  likes to serve me. because it’s clitty is getting smaller all the time. Could be the hormones I am slipping into her water glass.

I will turn jay into the girl she wants to be.  Nice boobies, and a tiny waist, not to mention, we are working on making her voice sound like a girl.  Humiliation phone sex  with Andrea …   Sissy phone sex, cuckold phone sex….

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