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"sissy phone sex"Sissy phone sex  and orgasm denial, can go hand in had with Me!  Mistress Andrea. I have my new piggy slave serving me.  I plan on using it, humiliating this fucking whore slut and degrading it as it serves ME!  I own it and control it.

Tonight i worked extra hard to please my Mistress, Mistress Andrea rewarded me by allowing me to be the little whore that i am. i dressed up in a thong stockings garter belt heels and a cute tiny mini skirt i put on a thick coat of lipstick and got out my dildo. Mistress Andrea gave me permission to suck on it. So i did i am getting better at deep throating it. i sucked and licked like a slut leaving my dildo all smudged with my lipstick. i was getting really horny like a bitch in heat i begged and pleaded for Mistress Andrea to allow me to ride my dildo. Mistress Andrea took her sweet time answering me. i don’t know if She enjoyed watching me beg or was teasing with me making me wait. When Mistress Andrea was ready She granted my wish. i got a wooden stool and suctioned my dildo to it. The dildo was dried from the saliva i had left behind so i had to spit on it a few times to lube it up. Then i sat on it and pushed down it felt so good it didn’t take long for me to start riding it like i was a cowgirl. i couldn’t help how sexy my legs looked in stocking and heels. i rode my dildo so much i cleaned the smudge lipstick right off. at the same time Mistress Andrea allowed me to play with my clit that’s what i call my little cock because its so tiny. i then begged Mistress Andrea permission to suck the dildo again. This time Mistress Andrea answered right away in a stern voice “clean it you faggot” i knelt down and put it in mouth it was still warm from my ass. I liked and sucked my dildo clean as i played with my clit and i stopped just short of cumming which is a big no no! Mistress has given me a lifetime ban on cumming. My orgasm denial  is a life long order for me. when i was done Mistress Andrea commanded me to write this report and email it to Mistress right away.

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