Karen from the UK wants to be a transexual. Mistress Andrea for transformation phone sex

"sissy phone sex"Karen is a delightful girlie who is longing to transform into a real woman.  Currently on hormones and therapy to adjust to total female life, she is a great candidate for this transformation.  We worked on her voice today!  All you girlie-bois know how important sounding feminine is. We practiced girlie answers, and she really sounds very femme.  Karen is a tall shapely female to be.  Long legs, and new boobs, she has been taking hormones and has a shapely waist. Pretty skin, she has been having electrolysis all over her body. No hairy face or legs for Karen from the UK.  She is quite the looker. Her hair is already long. It won’t be long before she is totally femme.

Mistress Andrea
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